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SCP-3220 - Intergalactic Isolation

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An approximate diagram of a Kerr black hole's structure. The rotation of the black hole causes it to stretch into an oblate spheroid shape, along with changing the gravitational singularity from a point to a ring shape. Click to enlarge.


A simulation of a particle in orbit around a Kerr-Newman black hole, generated by the YUKTEREZ Bot. Click to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-3220

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Autonomous Orbital Station Riemann-002 will monitor SCP-3220 from its orbit around SCP-3220-A. AOS R-002 will send all obtained data to Area-33 for analysis by the SCP-3220 research team, the Extrasolar Activities Division, the Physics Department, and the Esoteric Physics Department. AOS R-002's Transportation Gate may be used to send research probes and devices into SCP-3220-A orbit, following approval by the SCP-3220 Research Committee. All devices sent this way will be in communication with AOS R-002. Approval by the Committee to add a habitation module to AOS R-002 is pending.

Due to SCP-3220's location, it is not expected to be discovered by civilian or governmental organizations. Standard amnestic and disinformation protocols will be performed in the event of discovery.

Description: SCP-3220 is the collective designation for SCP-3220-A, SCP-3220-B, and SCP-3220-C.

SCP-3220-A is a Kerr-Newman black hole1 possessing a radius of 21 R (solar radius) and a mass of 9 M (solar mass), located 13 megaparsecs from the central region of the Local Void2. SCP-3220-B1 through B13 are a set of Kerr black holes3 possessing 1 R radii and masses of 0.01 M, which are in orbit around SCP-3220-A. The properties of the black holes, primarily the unusually low masses, are not consistent with those dictated by the Kerr and Kerr-Newman metrics, which predict different properties based on mass, radius, etc. Further details on the properties and location of the anomaly are available in Document 3220-PROPS.

SCP-3220-C are oblate spheroidal objects moving at speeds of 2c. The objects are suspected to move by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it, creating a region of spatial distortion to achieve superluminal speeds.4 The composition and properties of SCP-3220-C are unknown, due to the superluminal speeds and gravitational bending around them preventing full analysis. Sizes including the region of distortion are a length of ~6km and a maximum width of ~20km.

SCP-3220-A and SCP-3220-B experience 3220-TRYPA Events, which lasts 42 seconds and repeat immediately following its conclusion. A timeline is shown below:

  • 0-10 seconds: SCP-3220-A releases electromagnetic radiation moving at 1.5c (hereafter referred to as tachyons), which enter an SCP-3220-B instance.
  • 10-21 seconds: Tachyon emissions end. SCP-3220-C will exit SCP-3220-A and enter SCP-3220-B instances.
  • 21-31 seconds: Tachyon emissions originating from SCP-3220-B instances enter SCP-3220-A.
  • 31-42 seconds: SCP-3220-C will exit SCP-3220-B instances and enter SCP-3220-A.

Note that the number of SCP-3220-C that manifest and the time interval between instances varies for each event, though the same amount enter every SCP-3220-B instance. No major alterations between events have been observed.

Discovery: SCP-3220 was accidentally discovered during Operation ZODIACAL CELESTE. [REDACTED - LEVEL 4/HEIMDALL CLEARANCE REQUIRED]. When AOS R-002 reached a distance of 0.5 parsecs from HIP 24186 the probe's Lang Thaumic Drive spontaneously accelerated to speeds of █,███,███.█c. The probe engaged deceleration procedures following the return of drive control, reaching a speed of 1c after five years. Researchers determined that it had exited the Local Group and was now near the border of the Local Void, and an analysis showed that the LDD and repair systems had malfunctioned, preventing proper deceleration and limiting the probe to speeds of 10c or lower.

It was deemed that LTD repair was unfeasible, and control of AOS R-002 was transferred to the Extrasolar Activities Division for exploration of the Local Void. SCP-3220 was discovered after tachyon emissions and unusual spatial phenomena were detected on 9-July-2025, and the probe entered a stable orbit around SCP-3220-A the day after. Since then it has been outfitted for full analysis of the anomaly.


Date: 2-September-2025

Analysis of data retrieved from AES Y-009 shows that the probe has entered another region of the observable universe, located within the Pegasus Void. The central black hole has the same size, rotation speed, and electrical charge as SCP-3220-A, and the orbiting black holes are identical to SCP-3220-B instances. The central black hole has a previously undiscovered Type-O hypergiant star (designated FDS 12741) in orbit around it. All black holes have been observed to undergo 3220-TRYPA Events, and SCP-3220-C instances are produced by the central one.

SCP-3220-A has been redesignated to SCP-3220-A1 and the new instance has been classified as SCP-3220-A2.


Date: 18-September-2025

Following the outfitting of AES Y-009 with a Transportation Gate (currently used to transport satellites into SCP-3220-A orbits) on 6-September-2025, the probe has discovered thirty SCP-3220-A via SCP-3220-B exploration. As it has been determined that superluminal speed is a safe method to navigate SCP-3220-B instances, the travel time between SCP-3220-A has been drastically decreased.

Analysis has shown that all SCP-3220-A possess the same number of SCP-3220-B and experience 3220-TRYPA Events. All SCP-3220-A and SCP-3220-B have identical properties. Astronomical data gathered has shown that each instance is located in a cosmic void, commonly near the centers of them. All voids are within the expanded observable universe. Full details are in Document YAU-009-EXP.

Exploration is ongoing.

Date: 23-September-2025

Analysis of tachyon emissions from the SCP-3220-C instances during Exploration SCP-3220-B2 (A61) show similarities with standard SCP-3220-A emissions, though with only two prime numbers. Creation of a grid and the usage of binary points displays a sentence composed of multiple unknown languages and proto-nordic runes, multiple of which are unknown. Until the Exo-Linguistics Department can determine the unknown languages, translation will not be possible.


Date: 2-October-2025

Five minutes after AES N-001 exited SCP-3220-A1 and began transmitting data, an SCP-3220-C instance manifested and collided into the probe at unknown superluminal speeds, destroying both and causing damage to Area-33 due to the opened Communication Gates. A majority of the data was sent before the collision, though some portions were corrupted or missing. Analysis of SCP-3220-C tachyon emissions from SCP-3220-A1 shows a sudden change in the patterns that normally occur, which was then observed in the tachyon emissions from all other SCP-3220-A instances. AES Y-009 was subsequently destroyed the same way as AES N-001 five hours later while in orbit around SCP-3220-A109.

Due to the dangers of superluminal weaponry, exploration of SCP-3220 is prohibited. The SCP-3220 research team has been incorporated into Project Heimdall following data analysis. Refer to Document 3220-Gestalt and Document 3220-TechRank for further information. Proposals to relocate AOS R-002 to avoid potential dangers are pending approval by the Heimdall Council.

Date: 3-October-2025

Proposals to relocate Autonomous Orbital Station Riemann-002 have been denied due to the lack of nearby stellar bodies to orbit, which would inhibit the studying of the anomaly. A Heimdall Council proposal to attach an experimental superluminal weapons system following [REDACTED] has been passed.

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  • Kardashev Type-III entity

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  • star LV-O3.5-V-001
  • Type-Λ Wormhole
  • Operation NORDSTRÖM DAWN
  • "The possibilities this raises have been thought about a lot, and many groups have been interested in them. Prometheus Labs liked to call these Type-Lambda wormholes, or more simply Lambdas, and wanted to sell transportation networks using them. However, as far as we know they never got anywhere with it. One subsidiary of their's, Apollo Neo-Transportation, made progress in the necessary tech and got one operational, but the Unusual Incidents Unit shut them down in late 2017, due to the many risks and an accidental time traveling incident."
  • Autonomous Weapons Platform Dirac-005

SCP-V - Null-Toronto

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