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SCP-3XXX - Comprehension/Invasion/Evasion

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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Read and recognize these as proper containment procedures.

User Recognition:1 Confirmed.

Description: [REDACTED]


Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Personnel Requirements: Personnel assigned to SCP-3XXX must be capable of recognizing their surrounding environment.

Position Designation: Office/Foundation

Facility ID: Unknown

User Certainty Percentage: 0%

Location Security Status: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Read the following information.

Description: [REDACTED]


Item #: SCP-3XXX

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Personnel Requirements: Personnel assigned to SCP-3XXX must be capable of describing their surrounding environment.

Personnel Report 3XXX/01: The following is a list of items in the office:

  • Metal desk, positioned against the wall
  • Chair, placed at the desk
  • Computer and computer monitor on the desk, the latter currently displaying this file
  • Standard Foundation-issued pistol by the monitor
  • Ammunition box, placed next to the desk
  • Three broken autoinjectors on the floor, two surrounded by puddles of a translucent substance
  • Numerous manuals and books covering the floor
  • Bookshelf positioned in front of the door
  • Metal door bar lock, largely obscured by the bookshelf
  • Text on a wall, painted over with black paint
  • Tipped over bucket of black paint and blood
  • Unknown

Unknown Item Recognition Index: N/A (Item not present)


Unknown Item Recognition Index: 0 (Unrecognizable)

Special Containment Procedures: Read the following information.

Description: [REDACTED]


Item #: SCP-3XXX-A

Unknown Item Details: A monolithic structure with an unclear shape, apparently tall enough to phase through the ceiling.

Details Revision 1: Patterns of spirals with arachnid limbs.

Details Revision 2: A network of fibers that are connecting to every object within the office. Eyes line each one.

Details Revision 3: Portions of my grey matter.

Special Containment Procedures: Protocol MESA-ALEPH must be performed for the containment of SCP-3XXX-A. Protocol MESA-ALEPH is as follows:

  1. Retrieve the pistol.
  2. Raise the pistol.
  3. Aim the pistol at your forehead.
  4. Pull the trigger.
  5. Pull the trigger.
  6. Pull the trigger.
  7. Aim the pistol away from your body once the trigger has been pulled.
  8. Load one bullet into the pistol.
  9. Turn to face SCP-3XXX-A.
  10. Fire into SCP-3XXX-A.

Description: SCP-3XXX-A is a component of SCP-3XXX that exhibits a weak antimemetic effect. Its method of hunting is by allowing itself to be perceived by a subject, which enables it to begin integrating with the subject's consciousness until the consciousness is entirely consumed. As SCP-3XXX-A and the subject are connected during the process, events perceived by the subject as potentially harmful or lethal will be perceived as such by SCP-3XXX-A, which can force it to stop the integration process.

The entity is presently neutralized, though its presence is a sign of SCP-3XXX manifestation.



Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: █████████████ ████████

Threat Level: Orange

Containment Class: Keter-Approaching

Personnel Report 3XXX/02: Below is a torn manual page, found on the floor. Text written in pencil is rendered in italics.

Mnestics Administration and Use Guide

Journal compromised — second best option

AV 1. Procure a sterile autoinjector from the mnestics case. Check the blue tab near its base; if the tab is instead red then it has been used before. If this is an autoinjector you have only used on yourself then this should not be important. If not, then retrieve a different autoinjector. Broke intercom speaker. Won't let what happened to Qoppa-4 repeat

OI 2. Load the autoinjector. To do this, open the black cap on the autoinjector and attach it to the the connector on the mnestics container you have.1 bullet fired, 6 bullets left Press the green button on the autoinjector and it will automatically load with a safe dose. Detach from the connector when1 bullet fired, 15 bullets 2 bullets fired, 4 left the bar on the autoinjector is entirely green. God damn amnestics are being eaten. Couldn't hide them behind the bookshelf. It's becoming the damn amnestics and I keep forgetting to do anything about it2

Someone was banging on the door and wanted to come in. I knew not to trust them when their voice went inside-out

DF 3. [ILLEGIBLE: Covered in black paint] then press down on the red button [ILLEGIBLE: Covered in black paint] Memetic vectors hidden. Keep reading and grab some food from cafeteria (left turn, right turn, directly forward) when coast is clear.


IL 4. [ILLEGIBLE: Covered in black paint] Whoever wrote this file can fuck themselves

Power keeps going off, lights are flickering like all hell wrong lights

E 5. Avert your eyes from any objects that were not previously present in your vicinity. These are likely [ILLEGIBLE: Covered in black paint] Contact a containment [ILLEGIBLE: Covered in black paint] Paint hides vector, paint hides prey

[ILLEGIBLE: Covered in black paint]

Prepared by the Antimemetics Division — Site-41

The page was recovered after fleeing into the office. The original file for SCP-3XXX was open when I entered. The subject who had previously occupied this area is presumably dead.

Facility ID: Site-41

User Certainty Percentage: 90%

Location Security Status: Compromised

Nearest Exit Integrity Score: Pending

Foundation Intranet Message Class: Emergency/Request

Message Status: Sent

NOTICE FOR ALL SCP-3XXX RESEARCHERS: In emergency scenarios communication may not always be possible, such as if an antimemetic anomaly is being applied to most forms of communication.

Special Containment Procedures: Read the following information.

Description: [REDACTED]


Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: In███a█a██ou█ █r██at█r

Threat Level: Orange

Containment Class: Keter-Arriving

Noise Position: Door

Clarified Noise Position: Outside the office, at the door


Door Bar Lock Class: Neutralized

Bookshelf Class: Neutralized

Door Class: Thaumiel (pending reclassification)

Door Integrity Value: 50 (Medium)

Sound Intensity Level: Red

Bullet Supply Count: 3

Door Integrity Value: 41 (Medium)

Bullet Supply Count: 2

Door Integrity Value: 36 (Low)

Bullet Supply Count: 1

Door Integrity Value: 20 (Very Low)

Bullet Supply Count: 0

Door Integrity Value: 20 (Very Low)

Special Containment Procedures: Read the following information.

Description: ██████████


Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Infohazardous Predator

Threat Level: Orange

Containment Class: Keter-Intruding

Personnel Requirements: Personnel assigned to SCP-3XXX must be capable of recognizing and securing all entrances to their location, which includes the ventilation duct.



Containment Class: Office

Special Containment Procedures: Hide under the desk.

Description: Unclear; obscured by surroundings.


Object Luminosity Level: High

Light-Induced Pain Index: 7 (High)

Local Pareidolia Presence Value: 100 (Very High)

Object Persuasion Capacity: Black

Ocular Status: CLOSED

. . .

. . .

. . .

Outside Awareness Threshold: Low

Noise Class: White Noise/Screeching

. . .

. . .

. . .

Ocular Status: Opened

Containment Class: Undetermined-Exited

. . .

. . .

. . .

NOTICE FOR ALL SCP-3XXX RESEARCHERS: All versions of this file have not physically or digitally existed. When you first opened this document you viewed a specially designed cognitohazard, which implanted a memetic entity (Oz-Ω2) into your head. Using techniques based on the Memetics Division's Project RADIX, the entity can create documents that exist in a purely informational sense, drawing both from data implanted into Oz-Ω2 and your own thoughts. The file serves as a way to rationalize your thoughts when faced with dangerous antimemetic and memetic threats, which can be the best method of survival in such scenarios.

This additionally subverts SCP-3XXX's antimemetic shielding of communication attempts, which can apply to cognitohazard-based communication. It does not understand non-standard communication methods, such as those in an SCP file. You are also largely protected from perceiving SCP-3XXX, since your brain is distracted with modifying a document.

Do not interpret this to mean that you should view this document at any time, as doing so risks destabilizing the memes being used. This could cause potentially lethal mental harm. The safest way to view this document is by using an object you would expect a document to appear on, such as a piece of paper, computer, or plaque. Your mind will easily contextualize it as a physical object, something human minds can easily comprehend.

Special Containment Procedures: Oz-Ω2 will begin guiding you to Provisional Site-33, where you will be protected and provided with new mission objectives. Normally this file is hidden in Foundation databases and marked as deleted, but since several major breaches of antimemetic anomalies are in progress (including one at your location) it was decided to send the file to get researchers to safety. Research Team 3XXX apologizes for exposure to SCP-3XXX, but no other memetic entities have been developed, and the conceptual connection between Oz-Ω2 and SCP-3XXX would've caused exposure even if the meme's cognitohazard was sent outside of the SCP-3XXX file.

Do not go to others for help. Doing so risks exposing other subjects to information on SCP-3XXX. Avoid amnestics as well—they will not make SCP-3XXX forget you. When SCP-3XXX manifests again, resume reading this file. Until you arrive at Provisional Site-33, you are alone.

Description: You know all you can know at this time. Proceed to Provisional Site-33 and do not stop moving.

Good luck.

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