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SCP-4644 - Grave of a Pulsar

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Item #: SCP-4644

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area in which SCP-4644 is located has been cordoned off by the Foundation as the site of a toxic waste spill. Radio broadcasts from SCP-4664-Y detected by the equipment within SCP-4644 will be recorded. As SCP-4644 appears to be wholly unaffected by SCP-4644-Y's gravitational properties, it is presumed to safely contain the anomaly.

Description: SCP-4644 is an underground bunker, identified as "Department of Abnormalities Facility 58" by a placard in its interior, which contains SCP-4644-Y, an amorphous cloud of neutron degenerate gas.1

SCP-4644 is primarily constructed of concrete with steel and rebar reinforcements. The bunker's main entrance is a metal shed on the surface, which opens to a spiral staircase leading 14m down into the structure's interior. A main chamber constitutes the majority of SCP-4644's interior, with two storage rooms on the left and right sides. Notably, these rooms solely contain disused pieces of radio telescopes.

At the rear section of SCP-4644 is a steel cylindrical chamber which holds SCP-4644-Y. Portholes with glass panes on the sides allow the chamber's interior to be viewed. A device superficially similar to prototype versions of the Foundation's Minkowski Spacetime Monitors is embedded in the floor, positioned next to radio detectors. Although the mass of SCP-4644-Y is not known, it is suspected that its density would cause strong gravitational forces that would destroy the surrounding facility. How this has not happened is unknown.

One dot matrix printer, initially discovered in a damaged state that prevented it from printing, connected to the outside of the chamber prints messages originating from SCP-4644-Y. The message are created when SCP-4644-Y produces pulses of radio waves, forming Morse Code signals. The anomaly was first observed by the Foundation to be pulsing at a rate of 30Hz, though this has since decreased to 13Hz. A single filing cabinet labeled with "1968" contains a number of printed messages.

Below are the first messages from the 1968 cabinet, created prior to the Foundation's discovery of the facility.

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