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SCP-2651 - Gazers of a Failed Future

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Item #: SCP-2651

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2651-A is to be placed in a hemispherical recess in a containment chamber at Lunar Area-32. This chamber will be outfitted with two Kardec Counters1, security cameras, and a microphone. The devices should be checked on a weekly basis, with repairs being made if necessary. If any equipment becomes irreparable, it must be requested to be part of the next scheduled supply delivery. Drains and a sprinkler system will be built into the chamber to remove any fluids released by SCP-2651-B instances and SCP-2651-C.

All observed 2651-SKIA Events have been performed identically. However, if any discrepancies are observed, these must be recorded and reported to Level 3/2651 personnel.

Description: SCP-2651 is the collective designation for SCP-2651-A, SCP-2651-B, and SCP-2651-C.

SCP-2651-A is a metal sphere composed of a rhodium-platinum alloy, possessing a radius of 71.7cm. The sphere depicts a landscape resembling current models of Earth's geography during the late Neoproterozoic Era2, with the outlines of continents and islands engraved on the surface. Notable deviations from the models are three circular islands off the west coast of the minor supercontinent Protolaurasia and a ring-shaped lake on the East Antarctic Shield. The circular islands, the lake, and several other locations on the globe have what appears to be a stylized rendition of SCP-2651-B instances on them. Electrical hums and other mechanical noises emanate from SCP-2651-A, indicating an interior structure, though attempts at sonar imaging have failed due to the apparent high thickness of the globe's metal.

SCP-2651-B1 through SCP-2651-B10 are intangible ectomorphs3 that float in a circular pattern around SCP-2651-A, at a distance of approximately 1m. Limitations with Kardec Counters prevent a full analysis of the anatomy of SCP-2651-B instances, though general details have been determined. The SCP-2651-B instances are 1m tall with conical bodies, segmented into three sections. At the base of the cone are two biramous arthropod legs, dividing into two identical legs at the coxa. Located on the middle body segment are two clusters of six highly segmented limbs, which are 3m long and terminate in a small claw. The top segment of the cone splits into four horizontal cones placed at 90° intervals, each likely a form of compound eye. A set of mandibles is on the underside of the body.

SCP-2651-B instances, aside from movement around SCP-2651-A, are largely inactive when not experiencing a 2651-SKIA Event. Normal activity consists of repeated convulsions, spasms of the limbs and legs, and erratic mandible clicks. The only instance to not behave in this manner is SCP-2651-B7, which is motionless and limp.

SCP-2651-C is an intangible ectomorph that floats approximately 1m above SCP-2651-A. The body is similar to that of SCP-2651-B instances, though the top segment is replaced with a large spherical object. This sphere frequently changes its shape, denting to form logograms of a dialect of the Ortothan Extraterrestrial Language (OEL)4 and creating grids of holes that can vocalize by changing pattern and shape. When not experiencing a 2651-SKIA Event, SCP-2651-C behaves the same way as SCP-2651-B instances. Frequently the symbols for "failed" and "knew not" manifest on the sphere.

2651-SKIA Events occur seven times a year, in which SCP-2651-B instances and SCP-2651-C will reenact a ritual. A log is provided below.

Discovery: SCP-2651 was accidentally discovered on 13-February-2017 during the construction of the Area 13-32 Transit System. The boring machine in use was shut down when miners observed a cavern entrance that been exposed during the drilling. Signs of anomalous activity were reported, and Mobile Task Force Gamma-4 ("Blondebeard's Crew") was dispatched for preliminary containment.

SCP-2651-A was found in the cavern, with the SCP-2651-B and SCP-2651-C in the process of performing a 2651-SKIA Event. The cavern floor was covered in a 2m high slurry of organic matter and haemorozin, likely having built up from repeated 2651-SKIA Events. SCP-2651-A had been placed on a rhodium-platinum alloy pedestal and was partially submerged in the fluids. The area was then drained and investigated.

On 19-February-2017, SCP-2651 and all recovered anomalous objects were brought into containment at Lunar Area-32. Construction was resumed the following day.

Addendum: In March of 2019, Foundation personnel operating at Research Outpost-02 in the Antarctic Plateau detected an abnormal muon flux, originating from an underground location. Based on Foundation simulations of Earth's tectonic plate movement, it was determined that this could be a possible location for the ring-shaped lake present on SCP-2651-A, presuming it was not destroyed by geologic activity and prehistoric ██-█████ ██████. Excavation teams and Mobile Task Force Psi-5 ("First Contact")7 will be dispatched to Research Outpost-02 in June of 2019.

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