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Title: Drowned Souls Fit in This Hole

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All personnel that read this file will automatically become part of Containment Team 3NNN. Members of O5 Command, Site Directors, Level 4 researchers, and other important personnel must not read below this warning to avoid risks associated with Containment Team 3NNN. To prevent the spread of such risks, do not alert other subjects to the existence of this file.

Do not investigate the deaths of Containment Team 3NNN personnel.



An image present in all known iterations of the SCP-3NNN document.

Item #: SCP-3NNN

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Variable. Personnel will learn their procedures open entering SCP-3NNN-B and will complete them.

New members of Containment Team 3NNN must identify themselves in the Containment Team 3NNN Personnel Dossier and will update their status on a daily basis, as well as writing reports on experiences in SCP-3NNN-B. Personnel that fail to update will be considered deceased until further notice.

Description: SCP-3NNN is an unknown infohazardous anomaly, suspected to be or to have been an object. Subjects exposed to information regarding SCP-3NNN will experience a localized reality shift (designated SCP-3NNN-A) when they enter REM sleep, which forms a short lived wormhole that transports them to SCP-3NNN-B, an extradimensional space.

The reality of SCP-3NNN-B appears to be unstable, granting subjects within it significant reality bending abilities and preventing a full analysis of it.1 Details consistent across the experiences of all subjects within it is that it resembles a deep sea location, normally shades of purple in color. A number of entities have been encountered within this region, tentatively designated SCP-3NNN-C. After 8 hours subjects will enter an SCP-3NNN-A instance and exit SCP-3NNN-B, manifesting in the same position they previously occupied. Alterations that occurred to subjects in SCP-3NNN-B may be present after exiting.

It has been determined by Containment Team 3NNN that actions performed by researchers in SCP-3NNN-B constitute as the containment for SCP-3NNN. The actions required are variable, though a majority involve interactions with SCP-3NNN-C instances and the retrieval of anomalous objects. How this contains SCP-3NNN is undetermined.

Discovery: It is unknown when SCP-3NNN was discovered. Although Foundation databases reference an anomaly known as SCP-3NNN as having existed as early as 1999, a majority of all files are heavily corrupted or missing. No current members of Containment Team 3NNN know when the team was first formed, and none know any members that joined before the year 20142. The oldest recovered documentation on SCP-3NNN is the following, created on 31-August-2006:

Item #: SCP-3NNN

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Orange

Anomaly Type: Existent

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3NNN will be stored in a Physicality Dampening Safe at Site-000, monitored by at least one member of Containment Team 3NNN at any given time. Water with a salinity of 35,000 ppm will be continually circulated in and out of the safe, with specialized filtration systems removing all unreal detritus SCP-3NNN produces.

Description: SCP-3NNN is neutralized.

No records of a Site-000 have been found. Although Physicality Dampening Safes were a proposed piece of technology for the containment of reality hazards, they were never constructed due to high costs and potential design flaws that could not be corrected without compromising the machine's functions. This information has been intentionally left in the current file iteration in the event that it becomes relevant or is relevant to current containment procedures.


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