A Crooked Little Man
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The former home of Edgar Lindsey, SCP-3540's first victim since its classification.

Item Number: SCP-3540

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel must monitor the town of Temby, and continue to develop the entity's profile. Agents in the area are to patrol nightly for an affected domicile. Its victims are to be retrieved, disposed of, and cataloged in this file.

Personnel are to be considered compromised should they directly view its smile.

Description: SCP-3540 is a hostile humanoid currently preying upon the residents of Temby in Oxfordshire, England. Its exact appearance is unknown, however it has been consistently described as wearing a black or dark-brown overcoat and sennit hat that obscures its facial features.

The following is a list of known information regarding the nature of SCP-3580 attacks.

  • SCP-3540 exclusively attacks those who are alone and within their own home after sunset.

Although the residents of Temby are aware of the existence of SCP-3540, speaking of it publicly is considered taboo. SCP-3540 has been in operation for the past three centuries, and has a dormant period of thirty years between each resurgence of activity; its active period is stated to last for up to three years.

Buildings housing SCP-3540's current target become impregnable for the duration of its manifestation; all methods of entrance and egress will seal and become incapable of being damaged. The domicile as a whole will experience a steady degradation of its structural integrity with no discernible cause for the duration of an attack. Outwardly, this is visible as faults and breaks on the outer facade which lend affected structures an angled or crooked appearance.

SCP-3540 typically manifests after its target has fallen asleep, though subjects who remain conscious and alert are still susceptible to attack. The entity often manifests in unoccupied rooms, where it will intimidate and provoke subjects by humming or whistling a simple tune, or audibly scratching the walls. While within the presence of its target, SCP-3540 will often remain at a distance - it avoids direct physical confrontation while being observed.

SCP-3540 attacks by breaking one of the subject's long bones. Fractures caused by SCP-3540 never break the skin, although the bones are violently displaced. These bones will then heal at an accelerated rate, leaving the resulting limb grossly misaligned due to excessive cartilage and osseous material generated during the process. After several dozen attacks, SCP-3540 will then begin to dislocate individual vertebrae, which 'heal' in a similar manner. Despite the severity of these fractures, damage to the spinal cord itself is rare.

SCP-3540 will alternate between stalking subjects and attacking them in this manner repeatedly throughout the night. The end result are subjects whose skeletal structures appear to be wholly serrated or crooked, significantly inhibiting movement and causing a great deal of pain to sufferers.

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