Axiomitic Facility (WIP)
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Item #: SCP-NaN Level 4/NaN
Object Class: Euclid CLASSIFIED

Threat Level: Orange


Area-53’s loading bay, prior to SCP-NaN’s containment.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the stationary and clandestine location of the area in question, as well as its non-hostile nature, SCP-NaN may be remotely monitored with few operational staff. A five kilometer fence-gated outer perimeter is to be maintained around the former Area-53, with a five-meter steel-walled inner perimeter maintained one kilometer from the entrance zone. Personnel entering the facility must be trained in mentally countering cognitohazardous and memetic influences, as well as being equipped with a Mental-Access Denial unit (MAD-unit). All personnel are not allowed within the facility except for testing and exploration purposes.

All personnel and instances of SCP-NaN-2 recovered from SCP-NaN are to be sent to Site-81 for further research and containment.

Description: SCP-NaN is the designation given to the former Foundation Area-53, located near Sullivan, Indiana. Area-53 was formerly a secure archival facility, with a multi-floor file database encompassing the entirety of the lower levels. The upper levels were dedicated to physical documentation and otherwise securely-restricted containment procedures, as well as low-risk anomalous items and safe-level objects.

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