Baubius 3

SCP-4XXX: Yalbadoath (Working title)

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The following file is restricted to Level 4/4XXX or Authorized SITRA ACHRA personnel only. Failure to comply will result in the immediate activation of a Yemen-Arkansas Memetic Kill Agent, of which has been embedded in all text within this document. You have been warned.




Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Hiemal

Special Containment Procedures: A fencing perimeter has been established around SCP-4XXX, designating it as "private property". Unauthorized personnel entering the area are to be detained, amnestisized, and returned to their place of dwelling (if any).

MTF Psi-9 ("Abyss Gazers") is to patrol the area and remain on standby, and are to be utilized if nessesary.

Description: SCP-4XXX is an abandoned house located in [REDACTED], Czechoslovakia. The above-ground levels of SCP-4XXX are completely non-anomalous. However, there is a wooden latch near the northernmost end of SCP-4XXX's first floor, which would presumably lead to the structure's basement. However, this passage leads into a Class IV Dimensional Anomaly, manifesting as a space extending past the limitations of the area underneath SCP-4XXX.

The area underneath SCP-4XXX




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