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Thing In The Box Type Of Thing The Box
Please Hold SCP Kirby1
It's Called A Morgy SCP Kirby2
Virtually Reality SCP Kirby3
Dragon Boxes SCP Kirby4, Actual Start
SCP-3448 Exploration Log Tale Kirby5
Procreation Application Tale Kirby6
Project Damn-Oh-Fuck Tale Kirby7

vara collab: here

Ideas I Need To Capitalize On

  • P used to equal NP
  • Hell had to send some WW II corpses back until they got more room
  • Man In The Tower DOA
  • 3511 tale - You can always hug yourself
  • 3388 tale - idk just write something
  • The O5's experience in 2718 was actually a warning from Death. Since he cheated death, Death opted to show him the alternative to a cessation of existence: full cognizance of the body breaking down, never knowing release
  • SPC canon based around a fully blown war with certain claimed/occupied territory
  • Marianas Trench DoA skip
  • 3449 followup tale
  • Sad Containment Procedures
    • Each part of the article needs a different emotion
    • The containment procedures revolve around just being sad
    • The containment procedures themselves are pathetic
  • Expungitory
    • Where all the expunged things go
    • Maintenance worker becomes AI
    • Exploration logs?
  • Procreation Application
    • Just three applications to have kids
    • United States Department of Fertility
    • End Of Death Canon
  • End of cool scenario
    • Of course its an AWCY? thing

End Of Death Outline

  • SCP-XXXX: A thing that kills you. Needs to be contained because it is not able to allow all persons to die (mostly because of logistics) and baseline has been redefined to exclude death. Either way it ends up contained. (done)
  • Joyce and Eric arrive at 2718, and speak with Tony. Joyce wants to try to get tony back since he's only "half dead" but Emily has no clue what to do. Joyce and Emily try to recover or resume research into SCP-3448. After a while they stop getting regular imaging reports from Tony. (in progress: kirby)
  • Mesmur goes through negotiations with AR. This is either a tale or the AR format.
  • Procreation application (ties into something mentioned in the second part)
  • There are riots, and a clear dividing line between "fleshies" and "tin men". Foundation is unable to force everyone to take the new components. Something something discrimination?
  • Joyce and Emily think that they have a way to bring Tony back, but they still haven't been in contact with him. Since the process is complex and difficult to communicate anyways, Joyce volunteers to go and find him and bring him back.
  • "exploration log" of SCP-3448-1 from Joyce's perspective. When she finds Tony, it appears that he has tried picking up the Reaper's work, but can only do so in a very constrained manner (because he isn't really the reaper, also is the explanation behind the Thing That Kills You). (Kirby has started)
  • Still undecided if she brings tony out, or if she decides to stay there and help being back death. Either way I want the last article for this season to be called "Michaels - Angels Of Death"
  • End on rewrite of 3481, still with the idea of angels singing, but with an actual recording of the song. It's Joyce's old headphones, and Joyce and Tony are singing through them.

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@Memetics Dept customcomic
Kalinin: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth djkaktus The Upvoted? |
CaptainKirby: No |
Kalinin: I thought not. It's not a story the SCP staff would tell you. It's a KaktusKontainer legend. Darth djkaktus was a Dark Lord of the Wiki, so powerful and so wise he could use the upvotes to influence the canon to create more upvotes… |
Kalinin: He had such a knowledge of the upvotes, he could even keep the articles he cared about from being deleted. |
CaptainKirby: He could actually save articles from deletion? |
Kalinin: The dark side of the upvote is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural. |
CaptainKirby: What happened to him? |
Kalinin: He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his upvotes, which eventually, of course, he did. |
Kalinin: Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice ARD everything he knew, then his apprentice downvoted him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from downvotes, but not himself. |
CaptainKirby: Is it possible to learn this power? |
Kalinin: Not from a staff member.


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