Codename: Varaxous
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If you're reading this, then that means you know.

You'll find that nothing remains of the old foundation. We tore it out and replaced it with something stronger a long time ago.

Your task was to collect anomalies, secure them, and protect the mission.
In doing so, you have given us the tools to kill gods.

Who I am is irrelevant; I am nobody.

But I know who you are, Administrator.
And I know you will stay loyal.
It is time to step out into the light.
A Black Moon Approaches.

Part 1 - The Object:

Part 2 - The Hub:

Part 3 - The Howls:

Part 4 - The First Report:

Part 5 - The Second Report:

Part 6 - The Third Report:

Part 7 - Dissonance:

Part 8 - The Black Moon:


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