Concrete Secrets

Item #: SCP-C

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All application distributors are to be monitored for the presence of SCP-C. Should SCP-C be detected, it is to be immediately removed from the distributor.

All active instances of SCP-C are to be resolved as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances is the win condition of the program to be achieved by entities outside of Foundation control.

Once every 683 days, the win condition of the application is to be achieved and a Foundation envoy comprised of one D-class, three MTF members, and one Level 2 researches is to be sent in. Each member should have specialized knowledge in at least one of the following topics: cartography, organic chemistry, physics, and world history/archaeology. All contact with SCP-C-1 is only to be done by Foundation approved communicators. While this role is normally given to the Level 2 researcher in the group, all members of the group should be prepared to assume this role should the Level 2 researcher be incapacitated.

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