KaktusKontainer I
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There is a dark room under a mountain in the far north where a man stands pressed against a corner. Something is spinning in the center of that room, something dark. He screams out his daughter's name before his body is pulled from the wall and into the darkness. There is an explosion, and the room collapses.

Years earlier, the man lies broken in an alley, the fire escape he had dropped from still ringing from the shock. Inches away from his grasp, a little girl looks at him with horror in her eyes as she is approached by something that moves towards her slowly, one hand outstretched and fluid leaking from its empty eyes. The man reaches for the girl, but his body fails him. He is forced to sit and watch as the rotted corpse of a thing that might have been a man pulled the little girl into pieces. She screams until the thing removes her face, and then they disappear.

It is 1979. A breach of containment occurs involving a low-level reality bender who had killed three people in a car prior to be contained by filling their lungs with liquid mercury when they wouldn't let him pass during a traffic jam. The reality bender is shot and killed by Dr. Calvin Desmet, who later investigation would show was defending himself when the entity attacked him. There was, however, no surveillance footage found of the incident, and although the incident took place several floors up, the entity's containment cell seemed to have been broken into from the outside.

The investigation clears Dr. Desmet, who returns to work.

A man lingers on the edge of darkness for just a moment. His body is broken and his eyes burn. He sees the face of a little girl, her eyes bleeding and her hair being pulled back into the black maw of a dead-eyed corpse. He screams her name but he makes no sound. The vision fades, and suddenly he sees infinitely many little girls - some of them dying but many more alive, growing old and never having to watch as she is consumed by a monster while her father watches, unable to do anything but weep.

He sees the monster, the dead-eyed thing, and traces a line in the air between the world he had left and another world - a world of filth and corrosion and death. He sees, if only for an instant, the thread between the two; a glowing fiber that draws them together. He looks past that thread and sees others, hundreds of thousands, millions, trillions, a number stretching towards infinity that he grasps all at once, and then he follows them down, back down towards his world.

In his mind's eye, he cuts the threads.

Years later, the man sees the threads again, though not now from the eyes of one tumbling into the darkness; instead he sees them from the eyes of a serrated knife.

In the moment before he is dragged back into a cage he reaches out and grabs not just the threads, but the spools where those threads originated. With one deft motion he pulls across them, splitting them and emptying their contents into the void beneath him. The threads disappear. He smiles.

The next morning, a note came from within SCP-1322. The translated message was simple: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"

The cost of what they had done became evident immediately. A hundred sites, large and small, all reported apparent abductions of valuable artifacts and entities. So many reported, in fact, that the Foundation's central computer determined they were experiencing a Dominance Shift, and began making preparations to move the records into deep storage. The order was quickly rescinded by Overwatch Command, who later issued a single line of text as an acknowledgement of what had happened.

The Foundation is currently experiencing unexpected shifts in reality. Do not panic.

This did little, however, to assuage the fears of those who had watched as living anomalous entities had been crushed under the weight of something inconceivable into infinitesimally tiny points before disappearing altogether. Even worse, perhaps, were those who had watched their coworkers experience the same. Hundreds reported to site infirmaries around the globe. Dozens were dead - disappeared as if pulled by string into another place.

The news that morning was undisturbed, save for a few stories that might interest someone with insight. There was an explosion at a chemical plant near Istanbul, though investigators to the scene found nothing except a scorched foundation, a few overturned semi-trucks, and a banner that read "Dr. Wondertainment Inc: 1,000,000 safe man hours!" Billionaire Skitter Marshall had begun a massive selloff of his holdings, creating a panic in east Asian money markets. The Secretary General of the United Nations had announced the sudden and tragic death of long-serving Under-Secretary-General D.C. al Fine, who had perished when her private plane had gone down over the north Atlantic.

These and other stories littered local and national news the world over, but aside from a few strange incidents and unusual disappearances, nobody seemed to notice.

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