KaktusKontainer IX
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: See Special Memorandum Regarding SCP-XXXX below.

Special Memorandum Regarding SCP-XXXX:

Date: 02/15/2001

To: SCP-XXXX Research Team, Dr. Avery Baskett, Director Adam Kenzie, Asst. Director Martha Blank, Asst. Director Ian Willows, Mobile Task Force Utah-11, Mobile Task Force Utah-12, Dr. Salvador Roe

From: Cmdr. Art Nimitz, Special Area 70 Intelligence and Command

Subject: Special Memorandum Regarding SCP-XXXX

I’m sure many of you are already aware, but there was another incident last night. SCP-XXXX diverged from its expected path, and we were not able to redirect it in time before it overran the town of Rosco. 96 people are dead, and another 54 remain in hospitals.

This is the largest single loss of life we have suffered as a result of a breached anomaly in 15 years. Due to this, and due to other oversights that my office and the office of the Overseers have assessed during our audits in the last month, we are working on reintroducing Elder Dolomor and his team into our containment procedures.

One of the main reasons we phased Elder Dolomor’s team out previously was due to their perceived extremist views and containment methods, but they were undeniably effective. Regrettably, nothing we have since come up with has been as successful in containing SCP-XXXX, and this new loss of life is too much to ignore.

Our liaisons within the LDS Church have reached out to Elder Clark, and have confirmed their agreement to participate in containment efforts. Elder Dolomor and his team will operate independently from SA-70. Foundation containment personnel, under the command of Lt. Commander Eisen, will continue our own efforts and support Elder Dolomor’s efforts, as much as is possible. These efforts will be subject to review by the Ethics Committee, but day-to-day operations are within the purview of Lt. Commander Eisen and his command team.

All personnel interacting with Elder Dolomor or any member of his group are to do so with the utmost caution. Despite our current desperate situation, we shouldn’t forget that there was a reason the Overseers didn’t want to work with these people.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a hostile, massive group of incorporeal humanoid entities, currently contained within the Upheaval Dome within the Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA.

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