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Sandbox Name Link Info
Sandbox 2 Link My first ever sandbox. I made it back when my name was DrZedHunter.
Sandbox 3 Link My second ever sandbox.

WIP Articles

Article Name Link Info
Weird Critters of Oregon Link A tale series about a naive man trying to keep WWS from falling apart in the absence of the Wilsons.
A Lonely Road Along The Coast Link On Christmas in 1997, Erika Hund was murdered along a lonely road.
Good Job, Guys! Link A collab between myself, DarkStuff, and Uncle Nicolini.
WWS Interviews Link A collab between myself and Uncle Nicolini.
Business Is The Path To Success Link A collab between myself and Hot Coles.
Youth is Just a Dream Link A tale about three friends discovering the paranormal in an alternate history 2008 Michigan.
Ms. Dog Link A Wondertainment MKII Mister. Ms. Dog is an outstanding member of society who teaches children to always be happy, yet domestic. Like dogs.
A Golden Wolf Mask Link One of the first scips I tried writing. An Egyptian God trapped within a golden mask.
A Golden Wolf Mask Companion Article Link An article from His Majesty's Foundation for the Containment of the Paranormal
Random Crap Link This is where I put everything else.


  • Tim Horton's anomalous event: A looping robbery created by a reality bender.
  • WWS x AR robo bird thing
  • Detroit
  • Michigan Central Station
  • Libertalia
  • USS Manhattan
  • Berlin Wall
  • Urban decay
  • Mackinac Bridge
  • 1984
  • Contagious potholes
  • A lonely street
  • The town of Pinery
  • A man in a Fox Mask
  • Bork bork
  • The Upper Peninsula
  • AN-SO
  • May 68
  • Detroit Riots
  • Belle Isle
  • Iron Brigade
  • Seattle
  • "Three doctors sat around a table. Two were named after canines, the third was a canine."
  • MTF-Beta-4, "Castaways"
  • The Call of The Wild
  • United Nations
  • Grand Rapids
  • The Wild West
  • 11-99
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