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…in a single day and night of misfortune, the great city of Selchia was driven into the sea by the hostilities of man.
- Plato, 360 B.C. original unmodified quote.


Item #: SCP-3701

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3701's location is currently patrolled by elements of Naval Task Force Delta-7 ("Northern Storm") following the events of I-3700-039. Surface and submersible craft approaching within 3 km of SCP-3701 are to be redirected.

Due to their physical properties and high rate of collaboration, SCP-3701-1 have been recognized as class V humanoids, and are considered class II assets due to their proclivity to produce weaponry and items capable of containment. A mutual cooperative treaty is currently being negotiated for the purpose of restoring SCP-3701 to an active state.

Update 4/01/17:
Per Tenet 6 of the Foundation-Selchia Cooperative Treaty, SCP-3701-1 shall be referred to as Finnfolk in all future documentation. Enactment of all components of the treaty are currently underway. Repair of [REDACTED] has been postponed until reactivation of SCP-3701. Weaponry from SCP-3701 is being distributed to Foundation personnel responding to anomalous and natural disasters. Applications of such materials in the containment/destruction of other anomalies are currently being investigated.

Update 6/23/17:
Due to SCP-3701's reactivation, Delta-7 has been reassigned. SCP-3701 is to employ its Distortion of Environment Cloak and Kinetoshield (DECK) at all times. Attempts to reverse engineer technology aboard SCP-3701 are ongoing.

Given the lack of information concerning EoI-002's location, abilities, and intentions, Foundation personnel have been instructed to avoid contact until such a time that these details can be ascertained.

Description: SCP-3701 is a large, motile, deep sea vehicle resembling a "hermit crab", specifically Coenobita brevimanus. The vehicle is approximately 1.5 km in length, 700 m in height at its tallest point, and includes both the crab-like section and an accompanying shell. It was not active at the time of discovery, due to a significant breach along the top of SCP-3701's metallic carapace, which allowed saltwater to flood portions of the interior and severed several points along a complex thaumaturgic circuit.

Following initial exploration (see exploration log 1) it was discovered that SCP-3701 is split into two distinct sections, with vastly different functions. Additional exploration via both manned teams and unmanned drones revealed the presence of two sub or "pocket" dimensions contained within the shell. These sections have been labeled SCP-3701-A, B, C, and D.

All components of SCP-3701 show recent signs of occupation by SCP-3701-1, a race of aquatic humanoids believed to have inspired several myths commonplace in the British Isles. Despite the relatively small number of remaining individuals, it is currently estimated that approximately 4-5 million SCP-3701-1 lived within the vehicle and its accompanying pocket dimensions prior to Incident I-3701-000. 2383 individuals have been successfully recovered.

Supplementary Documents:

The following file contains an assortment of documents and recording transcripts from within SCP-3701.

Incident Log I-3701-000

Exploration Logs:
The following section details the initial exploration of SCP-3701. Logs were recorded via a combination of helmet and vehicle mounted cameras, aerial and ground based unmanned drones. Entry one depicts the exploration of SCP-3701-A and B. Entry two consists of aerial unmanned footage of SCP-3701-D following the establishment of an expeditionary foothold within the rear section of SCP-3701-A. The third entry depicts the exploration of SCP-3701-D, and retrieval of surviving SCP-3701-1.

Foundation Cooperative Agreement:

SCP-3701 Reactivation Log:

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