SCP-2641 Preserved

SCP-2641 has been deleted and exists here in a preserved format.

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Item Number: SCP-2641 Level 3/2641
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-2641-1 instances are to be stored in standard containment lockers within the Euclid-class Containment Wing of Site-82. SCP-2641 is not to be used to transform modified instances of SCP-2641-1 back into their initial states. This is due to potential variances in the interpretation of any object's conceptual framework1.

The primary instance of SCP-2641-2 is stored in a digital format within a restricted offline data repository separate from Site-82's intranet. Foundation AIC I/O-INFERNO is to filter any attempts to access SCP-2641-2 to ensure that it remains intact. I/O-INFERNO flags all revisions, authorized or otherwise, and logs them within its database for cross-referencing purposes. I/O-INFERNO is to ensure that all information on SCP-2641 within Site-82 intranet systems, as well as any ancillary systems connected to Site-82, remains vetted at all times.

SCP-2641's team of containment specialists are to administer yearly influenza vaccinations to each member of GoI-2641. All members are also to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B when applicable. The existence of GoI-2641 is not to be disclosed on any official documents other than Document SCP-2641 and is expunged from all documents kept by the Brazilian government. Foundation disinformation campaigns are to reduce all other knowledge of the existence of the group.

October 31st, 2020 Update: The item designated as SCP-2641-2 is Document SCP-2641. No further proposals for item re-designation are being considered.

Description: SCP-2641 is a conceptual entity that inhabits creative media2. SCP-2641's existence is only apparent through the effects it has on any person (hereafter "subject") interacting with it in an attempt at understanding its container medium. SCP-2641's researchers have identified two distinct effects thus far, designated Type-Kappa and Type-Lambda effects.

Type-Kappa: Type-Kappa effects are triggered by exposure to a medium containing SCP-2641. Once activated, SCP-2641 imprints itself onto the subject. At this point, the imprint can be transferred into the next object the subject makes skin contact with.

An imprinted object (designated SCP-2641-1) displays SCP-2641's first effect by undergoing a complete conceptual "transformation" of the way it functions. The "transformed" function is the opposite, or approximate opposite, of the initial function. The "transformed" function alters local reality based on the magnitude of a change in an object's function.

The changes made to SCP-2641-1 instances are fully dependent on an affected individual's perception of the object's function, often determined on a subconscious level. "Transformed" instances of SCP-2641-1 appear identical to their initial form, adversely impact a subject's assumption of how an affected object will change.

See Addendum 2641.2 — Experiment Log for an extended list of object function transformations encountered during testing. The following is an excerpt test log for documentation purposes.


Input: One pencil

Output: An SCP-2641-affected subject picked up the pencil, subjecting it to a conceptual transformation. The subject used the pencil to draw a shaded area on a blank sheet of paper, after which the shaded area was rendered invisible and intangible. Attempts at erasing the drawn in portions were unsuccessful. When the subject attempted to touch the shaded area, they instead felt the desk beneath the paper.

Type-Lambda: Type-Lambda effects occur following contact between an SCP-2641-induced subject and an artistic medium (designated SCP-2641-2). Persons engaging in contact with SCP-2641-2 become subject to SCP-2641's effects.

After any new instance of SCP-2641-2 becomes selected, SCP-2641 continues to spread to various other media following person-to-person, person-to-medium, and medium-to-medium contact.

When SCP-2641 has gained significant influence3, it attains the capability to subvert information within affected media to suit its own needs. SCP-2641 will attempt to make revisions to a selected medium to alter its own properties in real time. SCP-2641 is persistent in its revisions, necessitating the use of I/O-INFERNO to ensure uninhibited containment. Redirecting SCP-2641 into different media has only resulted in its dissemination into multiple media at the same time. SCP-2641 will remain a part of SCP-2641-2 until its destruction, at which point it will re-manifest in a random creative medium within 300 m of its initial destruction.

SCP-2641 maintains the capacity to manipulate local reality, such that local reality conforms to the entity according to SCP-2641-2's revisions. This has the potential to provide SCP-2641 with immense autonomy and influence over assigned reality constructs. Analysts within the Memetics and Infohazards Division theorize that the uninhibited spread of SCP-2641 would result in a CK-class reality restructuring event.

Site-82's researchers theorize that an uncontained SCP-2641-2 fragment exists in an unknown medium or media outside of Foundation control. This would explain the tenacious and persistent behaviour of SCP-2641 despite its containment.

Additional fragments will never be located.

Addendum 2641.1 — Discovery:

Addendum 2641.2 — Experiment Log:

Supplementary Document — Experiment Log 2641


The following data has been flagged for potential memetic risk. Are you sure you wish to proceed?


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