FloppyPhoenix's Proposal - This Is Not For You
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Item Number: SCP-001 Level 5/001
Object Class: Thaumiel Classified



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 cannot, and should not, become fully contained due to its nature as a metaphysical construct and its importance in the development of the Noosphere1. The Metanarrativics Division is to ensure the ultimate control of information of SCP-001 to prevent further alterations to reality.

To that end, all knowledge of SCP-001, which includes knowledge of its incursions and this document, is restricted to the Solid Archive2. The Metanarrativics Division is to expunge knowledge of SCP-001 from all other sources, Foundation and otherwise. This includes the IntSCPFN database, Overwatch Command files, and RAISA archives. This is necessary to limit further effects of SCP-001 on reality, as any explicit knowledge of SCP-001 would be recorded in the narrative proper beyond Metanarrativics Division control, leaving it vulnerable to manipulation.

Human or Foundation apotheosis via a second "narrative singularity" is to be delayed or diverted at all costs.

Description: SCP-001 is a metaphysical meme complex directly responsible for the ability to create narratives by sapient species.

Through extensive monitoring at Metaphysical Site-η, SCP-001 influence has been determined to extend into a thin layer throughout reality. SCP-001 also exists in an infinite "non-dimension" which encompasses the multiverses. This locale is inaccessible from within physical reality, sub-universal "pocket dimensions", or parallel universes. SCP-001 was at first believed to encompass a localized area.

SCP-001 often manifests in the form of a meme or narreme3 identical to a species' narrative archetypal framework4. This framework is conceived during the initial phenomenological development5 of any species with high social intelligence. The Metanarrativics Division theorizes that humanity was first affected by SCP-001 around 150,000 BCE, allowing early religious and eschatological models to form, such as the "Hero's Journey"6 or monomyth.

Accessing SCP-001 without the necessary protections leads to a narrative paraphrasing event (complete existential expungement). Following this, the side-effects of SCP-001 exposure can send uncontrollable backlash through a species' sphere of thought, destroying their ability to understand narratives, assess or create literary content, and represent or disseminate symbols or symbolism in the process. This can lead to a collapse of the very fabric of a species' continued survival.

Despite its precarious nature, most developing species achieve natural access to SCP-001 through a "narrative singularity", designated SCP-001-1.

Addendum 001.1 — Background Data:

Addendum 001.2 — The Conclusion:

There are some things you should never interfere with:
The wrath of gods, the mercy of kings, and the riches of men.

SCP-001 gave us the chance to be curious. But I don't think it could have imagined how far we would go with that curiosity. The lengths we would take to grasp the rules of reality in an attempt to rewrite them.

We task ourselves with finding things that should not be in the folds of the in-between. We give those things a chance to tell their own story. We allow them to pay for the debts that unruly and uncaring creators up above granted. We know no other truths.

If we've retold the story in our own way, then we've become the creators. And now that this most persistent narrative anomaly forces its way through reality towards us, who will we answer to?

Redefining was never our job.

We should have never interfered.

— Researcher Smalls, Extranarrativic Site-4521

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