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By Mr. █████

Laura Guerrero was reported missing by her parents, Joshua and Megan. After two weeks of relentless searching, no signs of little Laura have been found. Megan writes that Laura isn't the type of kid to just run away without any warning.

Laura has been traced back to the local school. She's present on the register and she was escorted to the premises by her parents. However, on that fateful February 26, Laura did not return from school.

Laura is a 7-year-old child. She's naive, easily lost, and most likely scared. Authorities are trying their very hardest to find leads, but so far things are looking very bleak for the Guerrero family. To do your part, please keep an eye out for Laura. Please contact ██████ if you may have seen her or have any evidence of her whereabouts.


It's a Miracle!

By Mr. ███████

Mr. ███████ has shared some delightful news: his daughter, ███████, has begun to recover! We attempted to interview ███████ herself, but Mr. ███████ demanded that she be left alone, lest her condition worsen. Father knows best, we suppose!

Miss ████ was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, called haemophilia, which causes the blood of the individual to be unable to clot. This is harmless as long as the individual doesn't cut themselves but as any child knows this is extremely difficult. A simple scrape or papercut can be deadly for a haemophiliac. We're delighted to hear that ███████'s haemophilia is getting better!

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