My Dear Eremita (AO Tale)

This is probably the most messed up thing I will ever write. Written for this challenge. The challenge entails writing a Tale for an Anomalous Item.

My Tale idea: A young girl, Eremita, was killed in a car accident. The memory of Eremita continues to haunt the family, and they find ways to cope.

  • Eventually, they decide they want the cherish the memory of Eremita and try to implant her ghost in an object of sentimental value. Of course, this is SCPverse, and the ghost summoning goes horribly wrong: Eremita's ghost is baked into pound cake and laughs when cut.


  • Eremita's grandfather bakes Eremita's ghost into a pound cake. The family is mortified that he would do such a thing, and are shocked when they discover the results. This is probably more gut-punching so I'll go with this.

Item #: AO-5489

Item Description: A pound cake that emits the sound of a young girl laughing when being cut.
Date of Recovery: ██-██-2012
Location of Recovery: █████'s Bakery Shop in Wyoming
Current Status: Kept in cold storage at Site-17

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