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— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Document 4947-A-III:Exploration I of SCP-4947-A.

On [DATA LOST], D-947 was selected to explore SCP-4947-A. Subject was chosen on account of loyalty and wildland navigation skills. Subject had a history of violence against the elderly and 2nd degree murder. D-947 was equipped with standard wilderness exploration gear, climbing equipment, three days worth of rations, a disposable camera, an audiovisual communications headset, and a GPS tracking device. Dr. Rivka Yarkoni, [DATA LOST], oversaw the exploration.

D-947 is dropped off 100 meters east of SCP-4947-A-24, a Leaf Point1.

D-947: [EXTRANEOUS COMPLAINTS EXPUNGED]. This place looks freaky, doc.

D-947 stands in a meadow, filled primarily with patches of meadow-grass and various flowers. Several patches of grass are missing, replaced with shallow holes in the ground.

Dr. Yarkoni: Noted. D-947, please examine some of the plants in detail.

D-947 bends down to pick up what appears to be a white tulip in the process of wilting. Its petals bear several holes of varying length. An examination of the other flowers reveals that most flora in the area show similar health.

D-947: Do these things even grow here? Never seen a wild tulip out in these parts. Christ, you'd think I'd get one day in a quiet forest. [DATA LOST] but really, can you blame me?
Dr. Yarkoni: I don't know if I can. Please proceed.

A treeline is visible a few hundred meters from D-947's location, which he proceeds towards. Within three minutes, the edge of SCP-4947-A-24 comes into view, beginning as a series of shallow fractures in the ground. Plants adjacent to these fractures are visibly dead/dying. Ambient sounds associated with animal activity are notably absent.

D-947 shows notable aversion to stepping on SCP-4947-A's fractures, despite recieving little warning of SCP-4947's anomalous properties. Much of the video footage in this stage is directed towards the ground, suggesting that this action is deliberate on D-947's part. D-947 eventually stops to examine a log approximately 20 meters from the treeline.


D-947 hurries away towards the treeline.

D-947: Damn worms. They'll eat you alive, fall asleep for too long in the wrong place.

Fractures in the ground become significantly more common once D-947 enters the forest. From here, each fracture visibly radiates from a much larger fracture, approximately .4 meters deep and 1 meter wide. Vegetation within the main fracture appears heavily decayed. No trees grow along the edges of or within the main fracture.

D-947: Doc, if I didn't know better, I'd say this is some kind of fungus. It's a goddamn cemetery for plants out here.
Dr. Yarkoni: Noted. Please proceed.
D-947: Assuming that means "further west".

As D-947 continues west, missing patches of vegetation increase in frequency. Aside from the previous [DATA LOST], no signs of animal life are present.

NOTE: At around this time, the video feed cuts out. The audio feed remains.

D-947 remains walking, occasionally whistling a fragment of 'The Lord is Good to Me'. Around two minutes and thirty seconds after video feed cuts off, the sound of walking abruptly stops, and D-947 appears to stumble before audibly swearing.

Dr. Yarkoni: Don't worry about that. The holes won't kill you.
D-947: No offense, doc, but you say that like they're going to kill me.

Video feed cuts back in around this point. Video quality is heavily degraded, and a small blind spot develops in the top-right corner of the feed.

D-947: Either way, what's wrong with this place? Holes don't just spring out of nowhere like this.

As D-947 continues into SCP-4947-A, an instance of SCP-4947-B that had previously been hidden behind the video feed's blind spot comes into view. Said instance, [DATA LOST], had yet to be recorded as of the exploration. D-947 fails to acknowledge [DATA LOST], continuing west.

Dr. Yarkoni: D-947, please stop to examine

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