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Name: Dr. Michael Westrin

Security Clearance: -1

Duties: Staring at the sun all day

Site of Operations: Site-551

Profile: He sorta just came up out of nowhere and called himself a doctor. We may think he's an anomaly, because every time we try to fire him/remove him from the Foundation, he fucking explodes. No, seriously. It's like a nuke every time you try to fire him, and he always survives it. O5 Command allowed him to stay because we already lost 79 sites, and 500 Keter SCPs have been breached from containment from these explosions, causing immeasurably casualties.

He thinks he's good at writing SCP reports, this is yet to be determined.

Note from Dr. Westrin: This page only serves as an attempt to frame me for all of the site nuclear warheads that have gone off in the past week. Could the writers of this file think of a better effect then a nuke going off every time I try to leave? But I digress, it's bullshit. I request that I receive a normal personnel file and the creator of this file be terminated.

Note from O5-8: According to the creation page history, Maria Jones of RAISA themselves created the page. Couple that with the fact that all information on this page is objectively true, we will not be complying with your request.

Note from Dr. Westrin: Fuck you too.


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