German Anchor Spears

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Item #: SCP-S

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each SCP-S instance is to be held at the location it was discovered in. Each instance is to be camouflaged with its surroundings. Access to the corresponding SCP-S-A entrance is not permitted unless access is granted by the project overseer (currently Samantha Micheals).

SCP-S instances which become dysfunctional should be sent to Site-82 for study and then further containment within long term containment cell G-A. SCP-S should be treated as a fragile and high risk asset.

Research into safe methods of neutralizing dysfunctional SCP-S instances are currently underway. Should a method be found, all SCP-S instances currently in long term storage should be neutralized immediately.

Description: SCP-S refers to any one of 84 identical spears scattered randomly throughout Germany or currently in Foundation possession. These structures are all 2 meters long and covered in thaumic symbols. The technology comprising the interior of each spear bear a heavy resemblance to the technology utilized by current Foundation SRAs (Scranton Reality Anchors).

Any SCP-S instance in an active state will emit a low hum and a small light at the top of the shaft will be on. During this time, the dimensional pathway corresponding to the SCP-S instance, referred to as SCP-S-A, will be unable to function normally, with all attempts at gaining entry resulting in failure.

Each SCP-S instance works in pairs. One SCP-S instance (SCP-S-1) is positioned within SCP-S-A while the other SCP-S instance (SCP-S-2) is positioned outside it. SCP-S-1 will act as a reverse SRA, funneling humes from the pathway to a pocket universe, the entrance of which is held within itself. Thaumic symbols on the outside of SCP-S-1 will prevent it from being submitted to the negative effects of low humes. These symbols will only be able to prevent the breakdown of SCP-S-1 down to a certain hume threshold. At this point, SCP-S-2 will activate and will act as a standard SRA, funneling humes from another reality to this one, and then sending these humes to SCP-S-1. This loop creates a functioning 'hume drain,' causing SCP-S-A to break down. This will continue indefinitely until either the SCP-S pair is deactivated or is broken. While the loop is activated, SCP-S-A will be unable to function correctly, with entry and exit becoming impossible.

When the spears are deactivated, through malfunction or otherwise, SCP-S-A will once again be able to be entered or exited. In most cases, SCP-S-A and everything in it will be permanently damaged. However, if the SCP-S pair was deactivated early, it will still be mostly intact. Of the 18 deactivated SCP-S pairs, only three of them match this criteria, and of those three, only one of them contained anything of interest. See Addendum-S-1 for more details.

Some SCP-S-A instances have various human limbs and organs around the exterior. These remains are immovable and do not decay. In each instance, the remains appear to have been forcefully launched from the entrance of SCP-S-A.

While the exact origins of SCP-S are unknown, it is known that they were utilized anywhere from 1850 to 1871 by the Prussian Empire during the 7th Occult War. Intel gathered from the German Government indicate that SCP-S was used in order to prevent SCP-S-A instances from being used by groups opposed towards the unification of Germany due to the prevalence of SCP-S-A and the relative ease with which they could be entered and exited. Further information is almost nonexistent due to the lack of information regarding many of the occult groups that existed during and before the occult war.


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AUTHOR POST: Otto Von Bismarck didn't play around I guess.

Thanks to IhpIhp, DrChandraDrChandra, and DrBleepDrBleep for draft, idea, or whatever during the drafting process. And can't forget the wonderful ChaoSeraChaoSera for the German I used in the title (Which literally translates to 'Project to Smoke Out').

And um. Think that's it. Don't think I missed anything. So uh, hmm. Come here often?

<DrBleep> Is this a reference to the spear that Hitler was obsessed with during WWII?
<Varaxous> I had no clue there was such a thing
<DrBleep> Yeah
<Lily> The spear of destiny
<Lily> The spear that killed Christ
<Lily> Hitler supposedly got hold of it, lost it, and shortly after lost the war and killed himself
<DrBleep> Varaxous I think conceptually, this is actually pretty interesting.
<Varaxous> huh
<Lily> It's said bad fortune befalls all those who lose the Spear of Destiny
<Lily> it's current whereabouts are unknown, as far as I'm aware
<Varaxous> (TIL) Cool. Was there anything you didn't like or thought was eh?
<DrBleep> Not really, the subject matter may have to be tread on carefully, but I think you've got something solid here.
<DrBleep> Lily my bet is that it was destroyed during the war.
<DrBleep> Like a great number of things were
<DrBleep> unfortunately
<Varaxous> I purposely distanced myself from WWII Germany because of that

<ihpkmn> Varaxous: I like this, though I wonder where Germany got the tech
<ihpkmn> Hmm. Fair enough.
<ihpkmn> Not really! More occult/pre occult war stuff is always appreciated
<ihpkmn> Would upboat

DrChandra> I don't think you're using the term Hume correctly. Humes are a measurement of reality, not units of reality. You can't suck humes out of reality anymore than you can suck decibelles out of a sound.
<Varaxous> Hm. I'll see if I can tweak that out
<DrChandra> So this draft is a little rough, but I think you know that since there are still place holders hear and there, but after one reading I wasn't sure exactly what these things were doing. I had a vague sense of creating Ways, but not to where or why. I also don't think the Foundation would use the term ways in a document.
<Varaxous> Well that's not good since that's the exact opposite of what they're doing. As for the Ways, I thought I edited them out so those are just some leftovers.
<Varaxous> Yeah that's mb.
<Varaxous> Alright then I have some idea of what to polish. As for your draft, I liked it, with just one minor issue
<DrChandra> You keep mentioning pathways before explaining what they are.
[Reviwed again and liked it]

<Varaxous> A few days ago, I posted 3173 (the SRA spears) and then deleted it later. I am looking to improve it and I was wondering if you could give me a brief overview of why you downvoted.
<Modern_Erasmus> Of course
<Modern_Erasmus> It felt like you got away from the core concept and tried to cram too many plot elements into the piece without doing any of them justice individually

Randomini crit: see podcast
Hume rubber band thing (still just anomaly)

Injuries 'less real' (red reality)

Germany: industrial land of Humes

Hume rubber banding effect

Not real to real

'Cartoon Nazi shock troopers'

Militias dying horribly

Hume nuke

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