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Good morning,

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With all due respect,

Chicago Police Department

Report made by:
L. F. Barada
Name and offense charged:
"WOP" Miller. Bootlegger
Period for which made:

Persons Interviewed and Evidence Collected:

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form no. 168


————— INCORPORATED —————


oh hey there friend

offered by the scpf

$10,000 reward

The reward offered in each case will be paid to the person or persons who cause the arrest and detention and turns the individual over to an authorized Officer of the Foundation.


Anomaly No. 342 "Walter Smith"
Last seen near Bubbling Creek, May 12, 1925

Received April 6, 1925. Sentenced December 4, 1922 County Lenawee, Crime B. & E. Daytime, Term 1 to 5 yrs. Age 22, Hgt. 5 ft. 4 inches, Wt. 137 lbs. color White, Occp. Fireman, Nat. Swede, Conj. Married

Description: Comp. Med. Dark, Hair L. Chest., Forehead Int. Med. Small, Eyes Blue grey, Green. Nose: root Med. Wide, Ridge Hp., Base Hor. Lgth. Long, Brdth. Med., Proj. Great, Mouth Small, Lips Lower Thick, Chin Low, Build Small, ear border Med., Ear Lobe Med. gulf, Cheek Full

Marks and Scars

I. Tattoo Anchor, Letters U. S. N. around Anchor, fore-arm frt.
II. Tattoo Letters in script G. B.-f. B. Heart pierced by arrow. All forearm frt.
III. Pres. cic. Left Side Top of Head. Cav. out.


Father, Arthur, in Jasper Mich. Wife, Grace, in Clare, Mich. Mother, Meryle and 1 Bro. Herbert in Cleveland, Ohio. One Bro. Herman in Bethlehm, PA. Coressponding with Edith Conklin, Adrian, Mich.

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