Site-5 is a narrative-driven sandbox puzzle game in which a player manipulates menus to:

  • Obtain clues regarding the story and completing challenges,
  • Obtain tools that allow them to perceive and navigate the game's setting, and
  • Ultimately prevent the events that cause Site-5 to fail.
  • Optionally, contain/neutralize all anomalies, and prevent the deaths of Site-5 personnel.

Site-5 derives inspiration from games such as Uplink, Professor Leyton, Majora's Mask, and Five Nights at Freddy's. The player takes on the role of an unidentified protagonist connecting to a computer terminal at a containment site. Although no instructions are immediately given, players can unearth clues as to who they are, what is going on, and what they need to do by navigating the menu interface.

The game operates on the principle of expanding toolsets (both sensory and action-based). As the player explores, they gain new and more sophisticated tools (or "APIs") to both see the site and interact with it. Notably, the site exists 'outside' the player's 'field of vision'; discovering a motion detector will grant the player new insights into ongoing events that are occurring, but the motion it detects has been ongoing since the game's start.

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