Note: The following data file was discovered during routine maintenance of Site-19 data servers. It is not connected to any extant data files, nor is it marked with identifying information about its origin or author. It is presented here for archival purposes.

Document #087-III: Exploration IV

Following discussion with Dr. ██████, Head of Existential Research at Site-23, the SCP-087 research team was tasked with launching another exploration into SCP-087. A member of Mobile Task Force █████-█ "███ █████ ████" was chosen due to their experience in similar research efforts with Dr. ██████'s team.

This agent, code-named "Hadrian", was equipped with necessary survival and recording equipment. Additionally, a system of remote drones were implemented in order to bring additional food and water to Hadrian, as well as remove any waste or replenish other supplies. Due to the difficulty of maintaining this system over an extreme distance, Hadrian was advised that any exploration past the maximum range of the drones was outside of the Foundation's ability to assist with.

In order to allow communications with Foundation control personnel at the top of SCP-087 from a great depth, Hadrian was equipped with several hundred small, battery powered antennas that could be affixed to the walls within SCP-087. Drones could continue to supply Hadrian with additional antennas if the initial supply were to run out, but as with food and supplies, only up to the maximum range of the drones.

Lastly, for the purposes of Dr. ██████'s research, Hadrian was equipped with a Kant Counter and transmitter for relaying data back to the research team.

Hadrian: Power's on. Checking vitals monitor now. (Pauses) Everything looks good. How are things looking from your end?

Command: We are reading you perfectly. You are cleared to begin your descent.

Hadrian: Understood. Descending now.

Hadrian enters SCP-087 and begins to descend. Shoulder mounted cameras begin recording, and head-mounted flood lamp activates.

Command: We're not going to ask for constant updates. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, let us know. We'll keep an eye on your cameras.

Hadrian: Understood.

Hadrian continues to descend. After twenty minutes, he pauses.

Hadrian: I can hear it. The sound from down there.

Command: Can you confirm what you're hearing?

Hadrian: Sounds like a child crying, yes. It's very faint. Is it picking up on my mic?

Command: Not at the moment, no. We'll let you know if it does. Continue your descent.

Hadrian continues to descend. Over the next few hours he stops to rest occasionally, while also collecting samples from the stairs and walls to return with the drone. After six hours of progress, Hadrian stops.

Hadrian: I think I'm going to rest here. When is the first drone scheduled to arrive?

Command: Your first resupply is in four hours. Is there anything you need specifically?

Hadrian: I don't think so. Batteries look good for now. Everything else is accounted for.

Command: And the sound you heard earlier?

Hadrian: Still audible. Doesn't seem much louder than before.

Command: Noted. You are clear to get some rest. We'll keep an eye out in the meantime.

Hadrian: Understood, thanks.

Hadrian sets up a small camp on a landing. The agent is roughly 513 landings below the surface, a depth of nearly 1.9km. No events of note take place between this event and Hadrian's waking.

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