“Come in, come in,” the portly professor pitched, his belly jiggling as he made sweeping gestures towards the chairs in the front of the room. “Have a seat, take a seat, any seat. Well, don’t take my seats, or else I have to pay for them! But you can rent them for right now, for free. Until we’re done today anyway, ah…”

He paused as the remainder of the class filed in, each of them dressed in more or less the same fashion: shirts, ties, blouses, dress pants, pantsuits, with the stock standard white Foundation coat over the top. As the group took their seats, the portly man made his way to a lectern at the center of the room. He adjusted his glasses as he peered out over the room.

“Yes, yes, very good. I’m glad you all could make it - I know these continuing education classes are never fun, but we’re going to see what we can make of this one today. My name,” he said, gesturing towards a screen behind him as his name flashed across it, “is Dr. Maroon Delson, and before you ask, no, that isn’t a type. Maroon Delson, Doctorate in International Relations from Brown, Site-19 Assistant Director of Research, Head of the Department of ParaGames, and your instructor for today.”

He brandished again, this time out before him dramatically as he paced in front of the room. “Now, you may very well be asking yourselves, ‘Dr. Delson, what in the world is ParaGames, and also, isn’t this supposed to be a lecture on Safe-class containment operations?’” He nodded fervently. “Yes, you may be asking that. And you would not be wrong to ask those questions. I myself ask those questions from time to time as well.” He paused. “This is a lecture about Safe-class containment operations, or rather, one specific Safe-class containment operation, and the lessons that we as a group can learn from it, yes. However,” he said, once again brandishing a single finger out before him and waggling it in the air, “before we discuss that I will tell you about ParaGames, and how it possibly relates to this, yes.”

“The Department of ParaGames Research here at Site-19 was developed after the discovery of numerous types of anomalous games were discovered, categorized, and stored here. Interesting fact - the creation of this department was the first thing then Assistant Director Tilda Moose did after being promoted. Very interesting indeed! But yes, this department was created in order to study the nature of anomalous games and determine if any information about the greater nature of anomalies could be gleaned from them. In the beginning, it was only myself, Dr. Cole, Dr. Breyers, and Dr. Eisenhart. Very prestigious group, yes.”

He frowned. “It was a generally unsuccessful project, and no great secret was revealed. But! There were still many such anomalous games that needed to be categorized and contained, and so our department took over these duties. This is how things have stood for the last twenty or so years, until the rather sudden discovery of a single paragame that completely revolutionized this department. Does anyone have any idea what that might have been?”

His eyes darted around the silent room, a grin slowly creeping onto his face.

“No? No doubt you have not been prepped with knowledge of all the Safe-class objects under the express jurisdiction of Dr. Delson and Dr. Cole at Site-19, yes!” He nodded again. “The object in question is SCP-3301, a very particular board game developed by Dr. Wondertainment himself! Or so we’re led to believe. But yes, this course is about SCP-3301, a Safe-class object whose containment procedures sometimes require us to do… terrible things.”

His face grew white, his knuckles clenched, and for a moment it seemed like the air had been pulled out of the room. His eyes narrowed and, with a sharp breath, he spoke.

“Yes, we are often required to do terrible things, though many would assume that the nature of the Safe-class means that these objects would require little of the sort, and yet… Most playthroughs of SCP-3301 are generally short, lighthearted affairs. This, though, is the story of the time a game of SCP-3301 lasted thirteen-hundred and sixty hours.”

Log ID: 3301|050

Participants: Dr. Derek Hong and Agent Lamarr Miller, Dr. Diego Molena and Dr. Peter Howard, Researcher Sam Quinn and Researcher Keller Quinn, Director Brandon McDaniels (Site-80) and Asst. Director Noelle Gaspar

Game Board: Foundatium Civilizatus

Winner: Dr. Molena and Dr. Howard

Victory Condition: MR. DOMINATION1

Difficulty Setting: Embla2

Runtime: 1360h, 14m , 41s

Payout: $119,525

Game Summary: Test 3301|050 is unique, due to both the absurd length of the game itself and the brutality displayed by the participants. At thirteen-hundred and sixty hours, it is by far the longest game played thus far, taking up nearly fifty-seven uninterrupted days of game time.

The game began on a map much larger than any previous iterations - indeed, no players were able to locate any other players until many hours into the game. Each team was given a different faction: Dr. Hong's team represented the Foundation, Researcher Quinn's team represented the Global Occult Coalition, Director McDaniels' team represented the Serpent's Hand and Dr. Molena's team represented the Fifth Church.

The properties of this game were not determined until several hours in, after Agent Miller discovered a unique facet of this map: a non-player character.

"You what?"

"Seriously, look down here."

Miller's voice echoed around Hong like it usually did, though this was maybe the only part of the game he'd experienced so far that was not uncommon. He was not seated by his fellow players; instead, he hung somewhere in the air over Miller below him, with a thick fog blanketing the rest of the map. He scratched his head as peered over the side of display in front of him.

"What is it?"

Miller scoffed. "It's another person, but it's not another one of our people."

Hong frowned. "Can it talk?"

Miller, standing on the wooded path many dozens of meters below Dr. Hong, turned to the person in front of him. "Can you talk?"

"Praise be, great king!" the figure shouted, falling to its knees and extending its arms above its head. "You have come to lead us to a new age of prosperity and strength!"

"What." Miller said.

The figure stood again, and as it did other figures appeared around it. They were human-like, though Miller could feel an uncanny valley vibe about them. Their eyes were a little too bright, their skin a little too smooth. They were all roughly the same height, male and female, and all wore a variation of the same brown tunic with blue trim. As he watched, a silver logo - the logo of the SCP Foundation - appeared on the chest of their tunics.

"What would you like us to do?" the lead man said.

Hong continued to peer down at Miller below him, trying to rack his brain to figure out what exactly he was looking at. As he did, a small counter appeared on the floating display in front of him, with the word "POPULATION" lit in green, followed quickly by a number - "20". As the number ticked up, Hong's eyes grew wide.

"God help us," he said, his voice catching in his chest.

"What?" Miller said.

"We're playing Civilization."

Miller's eyes grew wide now, too. "Fuck," he said, "are you sure?"

"Ask them to build a new city."

Miller turned back to the group. "Can you build a new city?"

The figures smiled in unison, and then were suddenly a flurry of activity. As they flew back and forth over the patch of ground beneath them, walls began to rise, and then houses. Buildings, simple wooden structures with thatched roofs, appeared from nowhere. As the city around him materialized, one of the figures appeared in front of Miller.

"What would you like to name your new city, your highness?"

Miller hesitated. "Your highness?"

The figure nodded. "This is your empire, King Miller of Foundatium. This will be your capital city. What would you like to name it?"

Miller stared into the sky, just barely making out the shellshocked face of Hong staring down at him from above. Neither of them said anything for a moment.

"Uh… SCP… ville."

The figure smiled. "All hail King Miller of Foundatium. All hail his glorious capital, SCPville!" With a flash, the figure disappeared into the rush of

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