End Of Death Contribtion Guide

So you want to write for the End of Death world? That's absolutely swell! If you have an idea for the main plot line, please contact one of the original writers so we can see if/how we can incorporate it. However, if you want to write something that does not have anything to do with the main plot line and just takes place in the setting, feel free to go for it! There are just a few things you should keep in mind.

Key Rules Of The World

  1. Immortality is a very specific idea in End of Death: If you have not read SCP-3984 you should do so to understand the specifics of what immortality means in this canon, because it's not eternal youth, or a number of other things.
  2. The Omega-K Scenario cannot end: If you want to toy with the idea of people dying in your story, you can, but please run the idea by one of the original creators first.
  3. The world is not in total chaos: Just because the norms have changed, it's not like the world is in total upheaval over this.

Key Themes

While you don't have to follow these, they're generally good to keep in mind so your story feels like it belongs in with the rest of the canon. Consider them guidelines.

  1. Silver Linings: It may be a form of apocalypse, but that doesn't mean that everything has gone to shit. Where there's bad, there can also be good as well.
  2. Eternal vs Ephemeral: Immortality brings up a lot of road blocks regarding how ephemeral some parts of life are that must be addressed. A good example of this from the original story arc is how our bodies are not forever.
  3. Death is much more pleasant than it seems: I forget who I'm stealing this quote from, but this is more accurately reflected in: "Death is not something to fear. Death is an escape."

Other Tips

Captain Kirby's Advice:

End of Death is, at its core, about people learning to deal with themselves, and each other, differently. We're all stuck here now. How do we deal with that? One people may take more risks, while others become more conservative. Some may miss death so much they recreate it for themselves. But at the core of these stories, there's something inherently human.

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