SCP-3448-1 Exploration Log
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Location of Interest: Where Death Used To Live (LoI-3448)

Exploration Team:

  • Joyce Michaels (J-1)
  • Joyce Michaels (J-2)
  • Joyce Michaels (J-3)
  • Joyce Michaels (J-4)

Mission Parameters: Locate Tony Michaels and return him to his body.

Additional Information: LoI-3448 is a conceptual representation of death. The rules of LoI are not well understood. The five senses do not operate in LoI-3448 as they do in baseline.

Despite the urgent nature of this mission, you have all the time in the world, Joyce.


J-1: Ok, we're in.

J-2: We got tiled floors, fluorescent lights, and a lot of chairs.

J-4: And more than a few… People Magazines? What is this 2017?

J-1 jumps over an unattended counter and starts rifling through papers.

J-1: Looks like we have medical records, schedules for surgeries.

J-4: Hospital?

J-2: Definitely hospital. And this is the waiting room.

J-1: Were there always organs on the seats?

J-4: Of course, who else would be reading those magazines?

J-1: Right right. I think we've searched this room enough. We should split up down the four corridors to look for Tony. He has be in the hospital somewhere.

J-2: I mean, as far as I can tell the hospital is all there is.

The group notices the lack of windows in the room.

J-1: Alright, I'll take this one, everyone else find your own.

J-1, J-2, and J-4 each enter corridors. J-3 takes a seat in one of the chairs and begins to rock back and forth.

J-2: This hall looks clean. None of the doors to operating rooms are open.

J-4: How long does this thing go on for? I swear I can see the end but I'm not getting any closer to it.

J-2: Tried knocking on one of the doors. No one answered.

J-4: Just walking and walking. That's all I'm doing.

J-2: I'm kicking now. Still no response.

J-4: There is no end.

J-2: No one can hear me.

J-2 and J-4: Its just me and infinity.

J-1: I found an open door.

J-2 and J-4: Where?

J-1: First door on my right.

J-2 and J-4: What is inside?

J-1: A bed, a body, and a heartbeat monitor.

J-2 and J-4: What is missing?

J-1: The doctor, the nurse, the will to go on.

J-2: No one can hear me.

J-4: The end is not nigh.

J-3 continues to rock back and forth in the waiting room. Her headphones are set to maximum volume.

J-1: The body's moving, just a little bit. It's breathing quickly.

J-2 and J-4: It's a nightmare.

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