Project Damn-Oh-Fuck
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O5-4 never gets messages during the daily O5 meeting. Except for today. After he felt the buzz, Four took his phone out to set it to "Do Not Disturb". He glanced down at it out of instinct, and caught the message on the screen:

Kirkland - Dammerung Update: someone is in Site-2718. More info on your personal line.

Oh fuck.

Four had to stop himself from saying anything out loud. His eyes lingered on the screen, reading it again to make sure he parsed it right.

The overseer sitting next to Four turned to him, "Everything ok?"

"Umm, sorry," Four said as he shoved his phone back in his pocket, "This is urgent. I have to take this in my office." He packed up some papers and stood to leave the conference room.

"For when the vote comes, put me down in favor of classifying the AR suits as normal."

And then he briskly walked out of the room. The other overseers didn't think of Four's exit. Besides, there's so much going in the Foundation, if every overseer required complete knowledge of what every other overseer directed, nothing would ever get done. They trusted each other enough not to ask too many questions.

Meanwhile, Four had broken into a sprint back to his office. Its times like this that he wished he had picked a room closer to the main conference room, instead of in the opposite wing, on a different floor. So six hallways and two flights of stairs later (he never takes the elevator when going only one floor up), Four burst into his office, locked the door behind him, and took a moment to breathe at his desk.

"Fuck," he muttered to himself. Then he took a deep breath, and picked up the phone.


"Is this O5-4?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Erica Dunders? You asked me to look over the Project Dammerung funding."

"Right right. You said someone is in Site-2718?"

"Yes. I just got back the power bill for the site. It's higher than it usually is. Like someone has been running the lights and power outlets all day."

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