Reunion, Resurrection, And Research
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No one had entered Site-2718 in almost a century. A thin layer of dust coated everything from loose papers to the 21st century antiques they used to call "computers". Everything was supposed to be erased, burnt, or deleted to cover up what happened, but the lab cleared out in a panic. Well, except for Dr. Young. A hundred-or-so years ago Emily sat in her office in the back, and quietly deleted files while the world screamed outside.

It's only fitting that the last one to leave would be the first to return.

"Hey, you still there?"

Emily shook her head and moved into the main lab area, "Yeah. Sorry Joyce. It's just been awhile. Lots of memories."

"Well you can take a trip down memory lane later," Eric replied, "I have a flight in about two hours. Just please show us where Tony is."

Emily nodded and walked toward the door in the back. A red bulb flashed nearby that lit up a sign reading "SCP-3448 Testing In Progress". Another part of the clean up that Emily neglected. Although, in all fairness, the machine was still on.

Emily opened the door to the testing room to let Joyce and Eric inside, except they refused to move. They both stood there, staring at the semi-decomposed body of Tony Michaels, still lying in the middle of the main cavity.

"So… he's dead?" Eric finally asked.

"Not quite. Technically he's only half-dead. Give me a moment to boot this thing up. It should still work." Emily replied from in front of the Residual Signal Imaging Console off to the side.

In the mean time, Joyce edged closer and closer to her brother's corpse. Normally she'd be asking questions like "what does 'half-dead' mean?" and "what is he doing down here?" and "you mother fucker!" but Eric was already covering those bases. So she just let the shouting and explaining become background noise as she tried to get the best possible view of Tony. He smelled of rotten flesh, because that's what was left of him really. Joyce began to regret even coming down here. She might've tainted her last memory of Tony. Forever.

"Ok, ok! I got it working! Joyce get over here and say hello to your bro!" Emily called from in front of the console. Joyce walked over and looked at the monitor.

"You have something you want me to say to him?"

Eric looked at Joyce, "You should dictate. You're better with words than me anyways."

"Umm… how about something simple. Just, uh, 'Hey Tony. It's Joyce and Eric. And before you ask, dad's doing fine.'"

Emily typed something into the apparatus, and then they waited. A few minutes passed. And then a few more. And then the screen flickered to life.

"That's— that's Tony," Eric had to say it out loud for it to register for him. No one really knew what to do. It's like being reacquainted with an old friend, but there's a one way mirror between you. So they just watched the screen until it became static.

"Well… um, Emily we really need to go. Our flight's in an hour, I don't know if we're going to make itm" Eric said as me moved toward the door.

"Oh, you go ahead. Joyce and I are staying here."

"Come again?"

"We're going to get Tony back," Joyce replied. Eric looked at her for a moment, and then over at Emily. He nodded.

"Tell me when he's awake, ok?"

"You'll be the first to know. Take care of dad for me."

"You got it sis."

And with that Eric turned to leave the building. Joyce and Emily stood in silence for a few minutes, just letting the atmosphere and the plan moving forward sink in.

"Alright, lets get this place up and running."

"You want to show me how to work this thing?"

"I'll do it at the end. We only make new imaging reports at midnight."

"Alright then. Let's see if I still remember how neuroscience works."

Emily flipped a switch to turn on the remaining fluorescent lights, "Oh its nice to be back in a lab."

SCP-3448 Day 49,053 Imaging Results

<7:30 — 7:45> A man speaks to an enlarged teddy bear in a mirror.

<10:45 — 11:28> The man walks through a garden overrun with daisies.

<12:38 — 13:43> The same man is searching through the daisies for some object.

<16:53 — 17:00> The man is kneeling in the daisies smiling at the ground. After six minutes he looks up and speaks.1 The man begins to laugh softly.

<17:00 — 17:15> Static

<18:15 — 19:45> Rain falls from a cloudless sky. Half a rainbow can be seen.

Joyce and Emily slept in the lab, since it was easier than getting a hotel or apartment. Joyce scavenged for any left over reports or unburnt research papers. A desk drawer here, a usb there. Anything that could give a clue about bringing her brother back.

Emily, on the other hand, returned to the monitor room. When you haven't seen someone for a hundred years, there's a lot to catch up on. It's hard to really talk through the machine. All Emily could do is try to etch messages directly into Tony's conscious, and all Tony could do was— well they never really figured out exactly how Tony controlled the residual signals. Or if he controlled them at all.

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