Log Of Anomalous Items
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Date Found:
Containment Procedures Taken:
Comments (Optional):

Object: A ███ Vacuum Cleaner that, when activated, will loudly imitate the sound a normal Vacuum makes in a human male voice.
Date Found: █/█/20█
Containment Procedures Taken: Currently stored in Site-27’s break room for cleaning.
Comments (Optional): ???
-Dr. ███

Object: Researcher Harrison, whose eccentricities are no reason to lock him up in a cell. A gorilla which is perceived as a Foundation employee named Researcher Harrison
Date Found: 9/13/2002
Containment Procedures Taken: Currently stored in a standard medium animal containment cell. He is to be given 3 bananas a week for exhibiting good behavior.
Comments: So the note here says to reward "good behavior", but it never mentions what constitutes good behavior. Does anyone here happen to be a zoologist? -Researcher Marsh

Object: It might be an Coca-Cola brand can of soda.
Date Found: Probably 1/11/19
Containment Procedures Taken: It could be stored in the cafeteria of Site-27 for use. Personnel may want to clean it after use.
Comments (Optional): It might be a Coca-Cola brand soda can that potentially fills itself up. It probably causes all writing about it to be hypothetical.

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