SCP-3XXX: "Absurdity in Postulates"

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: todo

Description: SCP-3XXX is a procedure capable of transforming an object, entity, attribute, or discrete concept (designated SCP-3XXX-1) into a hypothetical entity. This process poses no harm to the SCP-3XXX-1 instance in question, and (upon its reversal) will return it to baseline reality in the position and state in which it was at its point of removal.

When an object is converted into an instance of SCP-3XXX-1, it is represented solely and uniquely as a conditional outcome of an otherwise non-anomalous hypothetical scenario, hereafter referred to as Scenario H-1. Said scenario is best summarised as follows:

"What if this scenario (i.e Scenario H-1) was achieved in a complete and satisfactory manner, while still remaining unfulfilled in at least one aspect?"1

When asked to logically devise the outcome of Scenario H-1 ("If Scenario H-1 were fulfilled […]"), all subjects will posit the existence of SCP-3XXX-1 instances ("[…] then SCP-3XXX-1 would also exist"). Following conversion by SCP-3XXX, this is the only means by which SCP-3XXX-1 are present in known reality.

Addendum: The following is a record of tests performed with SCP-3XXX since its discovery by the Foundation.

todo: test progression

SCP-3XXX-1 instance: SCP-3XXX

Result: All staff agreed that "If Scenario H-1 were fulfilled, the method of converting objects into conditional outcomes of Scenario H-1 would also exist". Since this is impossible, consensus is that SCP-3XXX no longer exists in any form. Containment is henceforth unnecessary beyond basic veil protocols. Research discontinued.












  • A process capable of converting defined entities into hypothetical ones
    • Conversion of X, Y, and Z:
    • "What if Scenario H-1 were true?"
      • "If so, then objects X, Y, and Z would also exist"
    • Possibly acts in reverse as well, letting you extract the hypothetical objects from Scenario H-1
    • Updated Containment Procedures: "SCP-3XXX is currently inaccessible within the confines of standard causality. Research into a method of extricating SCP-3XXX and Scenario H-1 is ongoing, under the purview of Directive: Bootstrap."
      • "If Scenario H-1 were true, the method of converting objects into hypothetical outcomes of Scenario H-1 (SCP-3XXX) would also exist."
      • "Since Scenario H-1 is defined as false for all outcomes, it is logically apparent that SCP-3XXX no longer exists in any usable form."
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