SCP-3XXX: "The Long Way Round"
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Site-54 (anomalous research zone A-54-B), the current location of SCP-3XXX.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures (Revision 2 of 2): SCP-3XXX has been encased in concrete and replaced at its location of discovery. A guard detail is to be present at the location for as long as the Foundation exists, to ensure no outside interference. Should the event alluded to in Document 3XXX-Alfa transpire, SCP-3XXX is to be secured and protected at all costs, with priority level higher than the Foundation's core tenets.

Under no circumstances is the Foundation's Department of Temporal Anomalies to be allowed to begin in-depth research into SCP-3XXX — the object currently exists in a metastable loop, and the development of the relevant technology may prompt a second loop-catalyst and the development of twelve further SCP-3XXX instances. The locations of any other SCP-3XXX instances, if they exist, are currently unknown, and are to remain so for the foreseeable future. No interference by the Foundation or other groups is either necessary or desired.

SCP-3XXX's implications with regards to the nature of our universe, and its presumably cyclical nature, are currently not fully understood. Research is ongoing, but hampered due to a lack of possible involvement from the Foundation's major temporal specialists.

Description: SCP-3XXX refers to a non-standard piece of Foundation equipment, bearing the label "Model I Perma-loop chassis, T-Grade", unearthed beneath Site-54 during its construction. While no development of a "Perma-loop chassis" has taken place or is currently scheduled, the designation has been reserved in Foundation records since 2001, under the authorisation of an unknown person in possession of Level-5B ("unconditional") memetic passcodes.

Physically, SCP-3XXX resembles a high-grade vacuum suit (such as those worn by Foundation agents stationed at lunar Sites), albeit with significantly higher levels of armour plating, a locking mechanism accessible only from the interior, and what appear to be miniature temporal distortion engines attached to the back and shoulders. A display is also present on the object's 'chest' section, and at the time of discovery read "233 of 4096 approx". To prevent damage to the object, no attempts to examine its composition have been made — it is worth noting, however, that an initial attempt to remove a sample of the object's plating failed to cause any visible markings, even after the application of intense heat and pressure.

SCP-3XXX currently contains a single human subject in a constant state of temporal regression, referred to as SCP-3XXX-1. In the 72 years since the object's discovery, SCP-3XXX-1 has completely reverted to a fetal stage three times, and progressed naturally to an age of 27 in each case1. The subject will respond to external stimuli visible through the suit's visor, but appears to be heavily sedated at all times, preventing any two-way communication.

It is presumed that, when SCP-3XXX's internal systems detect a certain scenario (likely the passage of a specific amount of time), the suit will unlock and SCP-3XXX-1 will be released. What influence this event would have on our current timeline is unclear, and the fact that it has not yet occurred is believed by some staff to be an indication of an eventual high level K-Class scenario. As this has not been confirmed to any degree, all Foundation-led operations are to continue as normal.

Addendum.1 | Documents 3XXX-Alfa-1 through -6:

At the time of its discovery, several ports of various makes and models were located on the front of SCP-3XXX's torso component, including various forms of obsolete USB sockets, a cassette player, non-standard audiovisual cable couplings (seemingly designed for smaller, more advanced methods of data transfer) and a magnetic strip of unknown function. The USB socket was opened and found to contain the end of a Foundation-model data cable, plugged into the socket and severed just above the connector.

When a non-damaged cable was inserted, SCP-3XXX began uploading several files to the connected computer. These consisted of the following:

  • A series of dates, timestamps, and event chain signatures2 corresponding to a mundane period in late 19th century England.
  • A series of dates, timestamps, and event chain signatures corresponding to an unknown global occurrence several centuries in the future.
  • A copy of the documentation for URA-0083, a temporal anomaly3 currently monitored by the Foundation and acting as a temporal block for alterations to England's causality, preventing subjects backshifted past that point from changing the country's history to any noticeable degree. The document contained several minor edits, dated between 2375 and 2409.
  • A heavily redacted copy of the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-6006, an undocumented anomaly that is not predicted to be catalogued until the late 2300s. See Addendum.2 for more information.
  • Corrupted footage of an unknown man (presumably a reporter) speaking while standing in front of a large warehouse. Although the audio is degraded to such a degree that very little speech is audible, the man appears to be discussing either SCP-3XXX or the Foundation as a whole. SCP-3XXX-1, clad in Foundation uniform, is visible in the background between 04:23 and 05:02, and the sky in the footage has taken on a slight dark red tinge.
  • A digital image of a group of twelve Foundation staff standing in front of twelve instances of SCP-3XXX, which are each mounted in a large metal frame. All individuals are smiling, but seem either tired or distressed. SCP-3XXX-1 is located third from the left.

Addendum.2 | Document 3XXX-Alfa-4:

Document-SCP-6006, 11/05/2410

Item #: SCP-6006

Anomaly Class: Duplic-Apex

Special Containment Procedures: [DATA REDACTED FOR TRANSFER] Members of the public (as well as Federation staff) are advised not to acknowledge SCP-6006 unless absolutely necessary, as this may provoke a detrimental response from the entity. Research into a method of containment is ongoing.

Description: SCP-6006 is a globally present Class-XII ontological threat that cannot knowingly be countered in any form. SCP-6006 presents a very real danger to the SCP Federation and humanity as a whole, and is expected to reach peak activity around December 2423.

Physically, SCP-6006 appears to be the intersection of a malevolent exo-universal gestalt with our plane of reality. [DATA REDACTED FOR TRANSFER]

Connections to Groups of Interest "Church of the Fifth", "Oneiroi Collective", "Associates of Apotheosis", [DATA REDACTED FOR TRANSFER], and "Paragon International" are suspected, but largely unconfirmed due to SCP-6006's partially infohazardous nature. No further information is available.

Addendum.1: Following deliberations by the Overseer, Ethics, and Public Management Councils, Directive: Toroid has been approved, and development has since begun. Work Group Upsilon-Peorð ("Mad Scientists") are undergoing briefing, after which they will commence the construction of Sixty (60) miniature CTD engines capable of preventing entropic decay over functionally infinite time frames, Twelve (12) esoteric habitation suits capable of surviving both BC- and BB-Class Events, and Twelve (12) temporal stasis field generators capable of maintaining subjects' life functions indefinitely. The overall predicted cost of the Directive is $UK 14,600,000,000.

Once all aforementioned elements have been completed to a sufficiently high standard, the production of the Federation's first T-Grade Perma-loop chassis will begin. Each will be staffed by a member of Task Force Ely-15 ("Background Radiation"), which consists of persons showing exemplary loyalty, high intellect, and advanced knowledge of cyclical timeline models — individual suits will be fitted with basic realignment algorithms to closer approach the destination time over multiple loops. As no such devices have been uncovered or discovered at any point in history, it can only be assumed that the current iteration of the universe is, in fact, a loop catalyst, and will be overwritten when Ely-15 begin their second passage.

Once each suit has been secured, the SCPF's core directive will switch to ensuring as swift and painless a death for as much of the remaining human population as possible. The reclassification of SCP-6006 as Duplic-Apollyon is pending.

Following the delivery of this message, the display on SCP-3XXX's chest altered to read "234 of 4096 approx" and the USB slot closed, severing the cable. Current containment procedures were enacted shortly afterwards.

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