Secure Facility Dossier: Site-54
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Research Site-54

Official Designation: SCP Foundation East-German Uncontainable Anomaly Containment Site

Site Identification Code: EGUAC-Site-54


The first founded portion of Site-54.

General Information

Purpose: Research Site-54 is a sprawling urban complex located in, around, and below the city of Leipzig. Originally intended to act as a research centre for those anomalies with locations too erratic to permit permanent containment, it now serves as the primary containment zone for a large number of semi-containable Keter-class anomalies, as well as handling investigations of most (if not all) potentially hazardous anomalous phenomena in the region.

Founded: 12 June 1946

Founding Director: Dr. Alton Romero

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Cover Story: Urban Property, Abandoned Urban Property, Industrial Storage, Disused Wing of Leipzig Hospital

Site Function: Delocalised Containment, Hazardous Anomalous Research, Vehicle Dispatch, Manned Containment Zone

Size: Total Land Area of 6.8 km2, prone to change as expansion continues.

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-54:

Anomaly Designation Date of Containment Notes
SCP-4856 01/11/1949 Entity manifested within the north wing of Site-54, which had been established primarily to monitor anomalous activity in post-war Germany. The wing of the site was converted into a partially manned containment zone, and the minor anomalous phenomena housed there were transferred.
SCP-015 04/04/1914 Anomaly manifested ## kilometres from the Site proper, and was placed under its purview. The Site has since constructed a small subterranean compound nearer to the anomaly, which is thankfully situated in a relatively uninhabited and largely Foundation-owned industrial compound.
SCP-2668 20/05/1952 One of the first SCP-class anomalies deliberately assigned to the (still relatively minor) site, due to Germany's prominent status as a former part of the Holy Roman Empire and the frequency of SCP-2668-Applicable historical sites within the country.
SCP-2856 ##/##/1962 Object located ## kilometres from the central compound. A link to SCP-015 is theorised, but remains conjecture due to lack of compelling evidence aside from location. It has since been utilised as a storage area and vehicle garage.
SCP-███ ██/██/████ [DATA REDACTED]
AO-Batch-042 ##/##/1975 Up to two-dozen anomalous, incompletely understood, or potentially useful vehicles were transferred to the site's storage. These include a go-kart that leaves footprints instead of tire tracks, a car capable of heating its exterior to 2700 °C, and (until Incident STRAY LEGION, where it was relegated to a site with lower chances of anomalous cross-contamination) SCP-462.
SCP-3663 19/03/1980 Assigned to the site due to their successful containment of SCP-4856 and experience dealing with hostile or semi-hostile anomalies at close quarters. The use of the preexisting maintenance tunnels saved an estimated ███,000 Euros in construction costs, and has greatly facilitated easier recontainment.
An entity of peculiar properties, and AO-0844 07/04/1974 The first item of the two is a mobile and sapient humanoid entity composed entirely of malleable gold alloy. The anomalous effect of the entity renders it unable to own or possess anything, up to and including an SCP file, designation, or permanent containment chamber. Anything considered to be the entity's will spontaneously combust within 48 hours, even if non-flammable. The entity is fed regularly under heuristic containment protocols, and allowed to temporarily reside in any containment chamber or office not currently in use. It is reported amiable by staff. AO-0844 are a number of regulation basketballs included here to prevent the aforementioned anomaly from having its own entry in the table.
SCP-3617 ##/##/#### REWRITE PENDING
SCP-907 ##/##/#### Transferred following the destruction of Site-26. Remains in the primary vehicle garage, with regular planned excursions available for all staff. Due to declining interest, plans are currently ongoing to form a dedicated research team assigned to the anomaly.
SCP-2790 ##/##/#### [DATA EXPUNGED]



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The subterranean section of research zone A-54-B.

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Secure Area One:

  • A/B/C-Class residential block — Apartment complex outfitted with secure (Foundation-monitored) internet access, and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Currently housing 23 Foundation personnel, with a maximum capacity of 30.
  • D-Class residential block — todo
  • Tertiary infirmary — todo

Secure Area Two:

  • Research centre — todo
  • Office block — todo
  • Secondary infirmary — todo

Containment Area 01:

  • Disused research facility — Currently home to SCP-4856, and monitored via Forethought.aic.
  • C/D-Class residential block — Former civilian residences evacuated due to proximity to SCP-4856. Each building houses up to six employees, and may be used to store low-risk D-Class personnel not currently assigned to any active anomaly. Largely empty.

Containment Area 02:

  • Primary containment cells — Standard-model containment for low-risk anomalies during initial testing. Each is equipped with blast-shielding, and can be lowered or dropped down a vertical shaft twice the height of the chamber, in the event that immediate protection is needed.
  • Laboratories — Equipped with technology suitable for the research and containment of a wide variety of phenomena. Permanently manned.
  • Primary infirmary — todo



Anomalous Object AO-002762, under covert observation by Site-54's own Research Task Force — RTF-Nauðr-Zwei ("Ivory Towers").

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Notable Containment Incidents:


SCP-2856 — Over the course of two weeks, Foundation-owned appliances within 400 metres of the building spontaneously malfunction, and subsequently disappear following their disposal. At the conclusion of the event, the two staff members permanently stationed within SCP-2856 are involved in a simultaneous self-sealing event — the first observed since the anomaly's categorisation — and deemed MIA. Shortly afterwards, containment procedures for the anomaly were updated to require a permanent team of six staff, rather than two.


SCP-3663 — See documentation, Addendum.2, Event-3663-Delta.

SCP-055 — No such anomaly was contained at the site. No transfer occurred. It was housed at Site-19. The division responsible can not be held responsible. No transfers of the anomaly have ever occurred. Can't fit square pegs in round holes.

SCP-2790 — Priority Alpha containment breach. The largest portion of Site-54 (Containment Area 02) is deemed fully compromised, followed quickly by both Secure Areas. SCP-4856 remains contained due to personnel's desire "not to see SCP-2790 hurt", and Protocol CB-S-04 ("Ex Situ") is initiated with unanimous Overseer approval. 59 staff members are successfully evacuated, and assigned long-term memetic treatment to overcome the lasting anomalous effects, as well as a drug regimen to help them cope with depression brought on by the loss of SCP-2790. Protocol CB-S-04 is completed in the following months, under the cover story of multiple unrelated gas and electrical fires. On 20/05/2016, all salvaged equipment is assigned to new buildings in the area, and Site-54 is once more deemed operational.

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