This is where I put random assorted thoughts and notes that don't really fit anywhere

"I don't even have any talent. Why even try?"

"I don't think I'm abnormal or anything, just unoriginal. And it's my fault because I learnt how to draw by copying pictures instead of going to art class."

"Before THIS, I was a God. I was the Creator. I summoned monsters with my breath, laid millions to rest, brought devastation with disasters of my own design! And now, when I enter my own domain, when I want to assert my utmost authority, I am HUMILIATED by imprisonment in this candy-colored orb, chained for eternity to the most miserable nincompoop in the history of cactuskind, and stripped bare of all control I had over my actions!"

- Con artist
- J. S. Bach the Owl
- Amadeus Amadeus Amadeus Amadeus
- 3817's sister, Fanny
- 100 Million Ways to Spell Tchaikovsky
- Chairs the musical
- Any other ones that I forgot about

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