Miss Caldwell's Boarding School For Boys
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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All packages and postcards with a confirmed link to SCP-X are to be confiscated and stored in a secure storage unit at Site-██. Families affected by SCP-X are to be amnesticized and relocated with appropriate cover stories. MTF Lamba-10 (“School Boys”) are to survey, identify, and recover said packages and families.

All instances of SCP-X-A are to be held in a Keter organism containment chamber, expanded to fit the amount of instances contained.

Update as of 07/██/20██: All instances of SCP-X-A are to be held in individual Keter containment chambers separated by at least 20 meters. Under no circumstances are instances to interact with one another in any way. Interaction between instances must be met with immediate termination of instances involved.

Description: SCP-X is an anomalous event that affects █%-██% of families containing at least a single male1 child between the ages of 8 and 17 years of age (henceforth referred to as SCP-X-A). During the summer months of each year for their specific location, affected families will receive a postcard in their mail with the following text:

Have a naughty child? Does your son like to cause mischief? Is he failing his classes? Send him to Miss Caldwell’s Boarding School for Boys! Miss Caldwell will give your son the quality education he deserves while straightening out his attitude in no time at all!
You will receive your school materials soon. The first semester for Miss Caldwell’s Boarding School for Boys starts on [DATE REDACTED]. See you soon!

Approximately 10-12 days later, a package with no return address will be delivered to the family’s house. The contents of the package will include 4 pairs of grey dress shorts, 4 pairs of black leather dress shoes, four pairs of white knee level socks, and 4 navy blue collared polo shirts, with the words “Miss Caldwell’s Boarding School for Boys” printed in red stitching on the left side of the chest. A small note inside the package will inform the reader that this is the standard uniform for said school.

Upon reaching the date specified in the above postcard, SCP-X-A instances will walk North for approximately 10 kilometers before demanifesting completely. The packages containing the uniforms will demanifest as well. For the proceeding 180 days, the family of SCP-X-A instances will retain no knowledge of SCP-X-A’s existence. Forceful reintroduction of the memory of SCP-X-A to family members has so far proved impossible.

On the 181st day, SCP-X-A will remanifest on the doorstep of their original residence, dressed in the uniform provided in the package. Upon return, SCP-X-A’s personality will show marked cognitive differences, displaying increased agreeableness and lowered expressiveness2, and an apparent fascination with “Miss Caldwell”. Families will regain knowledge of SCP-X-A’s existence and be seemingly oblivious to differences in personality.

These events will continue until SCP-X-A instances reach their 18th birthday. At this time, SCP-X-A will no longer leave for the usual 180 day period, and will instead leave their place of residence, stating an intent to locate other “graduates” of the school. Families of SCP-X-A retain knowledge of SCP-X-A’s existence during this time.

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