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Much like any respectable member of society in general and the Inner Circle in particular, I, too, am an aspiring author on his way to failure glory. Though I lack creativity, I manage to compile a lot of ideas over time which are, however, discarded, due to my lack of skill, willpower and time, and of course because I am a lazy piece of garbage. As such, the provided list will (most likely, don't take my word for it) only include articles which I am determined to finish and put onto the Wiki.
Take a look if you will, come and see the tragedy that is my writing.


What would an SCP author be without, well, SCPs? Much like many other folks, I made it my goal to have my first ever article be an ordinary SCP.
But as it turns out, I suck at clinical tone, can't come up with presentable ideas and are overall a far better storyteller. So don't expect anything likable if you, for some reason, decide to waste your precious time with my nonsense.

ⵈNameⵈ ⵈClassⵈ ⵈDateⵈ ⵈStatusⵈ
N/A N/A dd/mm/yyyy UNSTARTED


As mentioned above, tales are my forte. Relatively speaking, of course. They are rather mediocre all by themselves. Nevertheless, it's the best I can do, and I'd be damned if I wouldn't use this opportunity.
The following list contains amalgamations of wasteful thoughts, nonsenscial ideas and badly phrased paragraphs, for an audience to review that's only receptive because of my wicked charm and oh so high status among the community.

ⵈNameⵈ ⵈRelationⵈ ⵈDateⵈ ⵈStatusⵈ
Undecided ??? 22/08/2018 WIP
N/A N/A dd/mm/yyyy UNSTARTED

GOI Formats

Truth be told, I only added this to make my Sandbox look a tad bit more impressive. No matter when you, dear reader, look at this, it's very likely that the following sentence will apply - there is nothing to see here.

ⵈNameⵈ ⵈGOIⵈ ⵈDateⵈ ⵈStatusⵈ
N/A N/A dd/mm/yyyy UNSTARTED


Surprise surprise, translations are also something I occasionally bother working on. Be assured that this is of absolutely no interest to you, unless you're capable of understanding German.
Entries marked as 'finished' remain actual pages due to the fact that they occasionally receive updates and, as such, also require occasional translation.

ⵈNameⵈ ⵈOriginalⵈ ⵈDateⵈ ⵈStatusⵈ
Zhanges Artwork-Seite Zhange's Artwork Page by ZhangeZhange 15/06/2018 FINISHED
N/A N/A by N/A dd/mm/yyyy UNSTARTED


Absolutely not happening. With anyone. Ever.
Teamwork is said to be a refreshing experience. When you collab with someone you learn with them, get to know them, banter around and all that. From what I've heard people like to collab, an eager I don't really share. Though, as it's bound to happen at some point in the future I can't miss out on adding this table.

ⵈNameⵈ ⵈTypeⵈ ⵈPartnerⵈ ⵈDateⵈ ⵈStatusⵈ
N/A N/A N/A dd/mm/yyyy UNSTARTED

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