❔ List of SCP Wiki CSS Themes

If you know of themes* that aren't in this list yet please add them or let TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC know.
* Themes that are not used on SCP-Wiki and only exist on a sandbox should only be added with theme author's permission.

Ad Astra Per Aspera CSS (collab series, contact Cyantreuse or 9Volt)
Prometheus Labs Theme
AN-SO Theme
Discord theme
Pataphysics Department Theme
OCT Theme
Sigma9 (include GitHub link)
Third Law Canon CSS Theme
Third Law Cracked CSS Theme
Third Law -- 7th Occult War CSS Theme
Skies Made Strange CSS Theme
SCP Pride Template
Wanderer's Theme
SPC Theme
Chicago Spirit Theme Code
Dr. Wondertainment Theme
Unusual Investigations CSS Theme
MC&D Theme
MC&D Theme Gray
Resurrection Theme
Straight On Till Morning Theme
MC&D Theme
Pet Theme
NewyRose's theme
SMLT Container theme
SMLT's author page theme
Uncle Nicolini's author page theme
Ethics Committee Theme
RAISA theme by Croquembouche
Spicy Crust Pizza theme by Chandra
Broken Masquerade Theme by Cyantreuse1
Genesis Theme
Darkest Luna (Department of Eigenweaponry) Theme
YossiLeiner Sandbox Theme

Sandbox themes for possible inclusion


To do

  • Include authors and screenshots for each listed theme
  • How to: apply theme to your article
  • Check compatibility of non SCP wikidot themes
    • Known pretty/interesting themes
      • RPC
      • Wayward
      • Mandela
      • old CI
      • new CI
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