Box Title Description
I Splitting Amulet A rewrite of SCP-138-ARC, as a MC&D GoI format article.
II The Once and Future Gun A gun the Foundation will use to have killed a god
III Nothing But Time and Sand A reimagining of SCP-2684 as a desert
IV Quarantine Planet A planet that underwent a K-Class, set in SOTM
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- Rewrite Kaiju hub
- Retrocasual gun
- SCP-138-ARC rewrite as a MC&D file
- Moony-D
- Harold Holt and the End of the Masquerade
- Harold Holt and the End of the World (Bellerverse)
- how Harold Holt came to be contained
- Doctor Leslie Yolas awoke to the sound of the end of the world.
- D-Class kid and cake
- I have nothing but sand and time.
- Anderson Factory -> Anderson Robotics
- the 32nd of the month
- SOTM Quarantine Planet
- Talloran as the new Clef (sheer Force of Will let's him kill benders)
- gravedigger

Categories to Write Did I Write It?
Safe SCP-2684
Euclid SCP-3477
Keter SCP-3932
Thaumiel x
Esoteric SCP-3310
Joke SCP-2317-J
Explained x
Neutralized x
Alexylva University x
Anart Song of Hope and Home
Anderson x
Antarctic Empire SCP-3557
Are We Cool Yet? Song of Hope and Home
The Black Queen x
The Chaos Insurgency x
Chicago Spirit UIU File: 1941-016
The Children of the Scarlet King SCP-2317-J
The Church of the Broken God x
Class of '76 x
Doctor Wondertainment x
The Factory x
The Fifth Church
The Global Occult Coalition LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie
GRU Division "P" x
Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting x
The Horizon Initiative x
Manna Charitable Foundation x
Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. x
"Nobody" x
Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts x
Oneiroi Collective x
Prometheus Labs, Inc. x
Sarkic Cults x
The Serpent's Hand x
Shark Punching Center x
Unusual Incidents Unit UIU File: 1941-016
+100 SCP-3477
Challenges x
Co-Authored Document 3477-2
Contest Entries JamCon Entries
Essays x
GOI Format Song of Hope and Home
Tale Rainier Night
Hubs x
Rewrites x
Supplements Document 3477-2
Successful Crosslinking SCP-3477
Successful Crosstesting x
Successful Expungement in Containment Procedures SCP-2684
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