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if you like, see any idea here and think "i want to write that!" reach out, yo! I'll never get through any of this list and I'm probably happy to coauthor stuff

  • SCP-138-ARC rewrite as a MC&D file
  • Moony-D
  • Harold Holt and the End of the Masquerade
  • Harold Holt and the End of the World (Bellerverse)
  • how Harold Holt came to be contained
  • Doctor Leslie Yolas awoke to the sound of the end of the world.
  • D-Class kid and cake
  • I have nothing but sand and time.
    • Re-Imagining of 2684 as a desert
    • D-Class go in, get lost
    • Find a caravan leader who is stuck; he has become a wizard
    • wizard-caravan leader tries to kill somebody but gets killed
    • D-Class all escape
  • Anderson Factory -> Anderson Robotics
    • "Anderson had a way with machines"
  • the 32nd of the month
    • manifests and disrupts time; everything that happens gets reverted later
    • Foundation uses it for K-Class scenario testing
  • SOTM Quarantine Planet
    • see above
    • UEF finds alien planet that got rekt
    • UEF ends up bringing the aliens onboard
  • The current form of the ur-caravanserai; a rest stop
  • Talloran as the new Clef
    • (sheer Force of Will let's him kill benders)
    • present tense
  • dinner
    • it's about a small group of researchers being selected by their site director to do the Bacchus thing for 3377
    • one guy says he loved reading the Rex Dangerly books as a kid; dude from Temporal Anomalies gives him the advance copies (finagle the times so it turns out right - maybe read Book 3 in college; liked Terra Collective, wanted to join?)
    • just a small look into the psyche of a couple people from the Foundation
  • End of the World
    • tale about the usage of 2000
    • explain how most GoIs survive iterations
      • MCF and GOC share a bunker system
      • CI just keeps themselves okay and piggybacks later
      • Mssrs. MC&D are immortal and start their business back up
      • Prometheus has time travel and space travel
      • HFCD is never really here
      • Wondertainment, Nobody, Pangloss and the Factory are old
      • Sarkics and CotBG just always find their gods again
  • When/If we wake
  • Apollyon duty
    • 319+2700+2317 = new universe without the destroyer
    • 3280 + those two antimemetic anomalies = the water monster can no longer self-identify itself as itself, and therefore cannot move or act
    • my sleep anomaly = well, it gets nulled by Mack's Proposal; think of something???
    • 3999 = they get Swann's to downvote it
    • WDB = Sauelsuor does a thing; sunlight pills + sun's exile
  • the ascendant character
    • what happens when you give an actor a sapient fictional construct to play? one that can act within the story, and has agency? it doesn't end very well
  • SPC-1822 - Lord Blackfist vs Dr. Sharko
  • Something about the Masque of the Red Death
    • allegory for antibiotic resistance?
  • i want to write a monster
  • The Fire of Creativity
    • take the fire stealing myth
    • fire is stand in for art
    • many have stolen fire in the past; their ghosts are all over the cave
      • Pangloss (multiple times)
      • Coyote
      • Lord of Endowments
      • a Foundation boi
      • a Child of Night
      • H descensus
      • Prometheus (really just a guy from Olympus)
    • The cave is FILLED with art, everyone is making art when nearby
    • reverted a K-Class
  • SCP-025 Classic
  • stormfallen said 30 minutes ago: 9:37:08 PM <shaggydredlocks> Bottle Dick needs to tie into War On All Fronts so we can have 1 Tale where an MTF pilots a bottle-shaped craft over one kaiju's dick - thus depriving it of power and saving the day
    • a good idea, really, but I refuse to exist within the same reality as SIAB
  • multiple choice ending with [DATA CORRUPTED] and shit
  • compartmentalization story
    • lots of redaction that turns out to be a problem for the containment staff
  • O5s voting on boring thing
  • self-insert essay
  • 173 is old as balls
    • first story is of it killing a caveman
  • memetic kill agent below
  • something involving MI666
    • earth is invaded by a race of super powerful arbiters of justice
    • can fly, kill shit, yadda yadda
    • primary concern, however is justice - hunting down evil doers and shit
    • want to actually improve society
  • Writers of Ganymede rewrite
    • a Queen was told to look to Ganymede for a solution to her problems
    • discovers the Ganymede constant, and enlists other Queens to help
    • Queens go looking through the Ganymedes, hoping to find solution
    • can't
    • borrow a K class? invent your own unique one?
      • world without waking up?
      • End of Death?
  • WWS about a cat with thumbs
    • Foundation shows up and is flabbergasted that nobody in WWS has ever heard of polydactyl cats before
    • WWS just didn't realize that some cats have thumbs and it's not that uncommon
  • The Chaos Insurgency makes the Foundation save the world
    • preferred option
    • fuck your preferences
    • I prefer life.
    • (CI makes the meteor anomalous forcing Foundation intervention and un ending the world)
    • the following conversation…:
      • "You want happy endings? fuck you. You're alive to hear about it."
      • "I don't want a happy ending. I don't want an ending."
  • undead foundation
    • 1,000,000 people can keep a secret if 999,999 of them are dead
    • OH MY GOD
  • multiversal Foundation with actual variations
    • the Foundation of the city (4005)
    • JBall's smart Foundation (the one that has stopped making anomalies and is in control)
    • Dreadlord Foundation (see above)
    • a very hamstrung Foundation
    • Rory Jones, by himself
  • creepypasta
    • cold
      • thing
    • murder
      • run
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