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I Splitting Amulet A rewrite of SCP-138-ARC, as a MC&D GoI format article.
II Flytrap A hungry, reality bending cave
III Mr. Night Carrol #1, UTE-4120-Disco-White
IV Quarantine Planet A planet that underwent a K-Class, set in SOTM
V Legacy A very old shield with a lot of history
VI When We Wake wake me up inside can't wake up
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  • SCP-138-ARC rewrite as a MC&D file
  • Moony-D
  • Harold Holt and the End of the Masquerade
  • Harold Holt and the End of the World (Bellerverse)
  • how Harold Holt came to be contained
  • Doctor Leslie Yolas awoke to the sound of the end of the world.
  • D-Class kid and cake
  • I have nothing but sand and time.
    • Re-Imagining of 2684 as a desert
    • D-Class go in, get lost
    • Find a caravan leader who is stuck; he has become a wizard
    • wizard-caravan leader tries to kill somebody but gets killed
    • D-Class all escape
  • Anderson Factory -> Anderson Robotics
    • "Anderson had a way with machines"
  • the 32nd of the month
    • manifests and disrupts time; everything that happens gets reverted later
    • Foundation uses it for K-Class scenario testing
  • SOTM Quarantine Planet
    • see above
    • UEF finds alien planet that got rekt
    • UEF ends up bringing the aliens onboard
  • The current form of the ur-caravanserai; a rest stop
  • Talloran as the new Clef
    • (sheer Force of Will let's him kill benders)
    • present tense
  • gravedigger
    • get from old sandbox; write description; narrative comes from headstones (some Foundation burials)
  • dinner
    • it's about a small group of researchers being selected by their site director to do the Bacchus thing for 3377
    • one guy says he loved reading the Rex Dangerly books as a kid; dude from Temporal Anomalies gives him the advance copies (finagle the times so it turns out right - maybe read Book 3 in college; liked Terra Collective, wanted to join?)
    • just a small look into the psyche of a couple people from the Foundation
  • End of the World
    • tale about the usage of 2000
    • explain how most GoIs survive iterations
      • MCF and GOC share a bunker system
      • CI just keeps themselves okay and piggybacks later
      • Mssrs. MC&D are immortal and start their business back up
      • Prometheus has time travel and space travel
      • HFCD is never really here
      • Wondertainment, Nobody, Pangloss and the Factory are old
      • Sarkics and CotBG just always find their gods again
  • When/If we wake
  • Apollyon duty
    • 319+2700+2317 = new universe without the destroyer
    • 3280 + those two antimemetic anomalies = the water monster can no longer self-identify itself as itself, and therefore cannot move or act
    • my sleep anomaly = well, it gets nulled by Mack's Proposal; think of something???
    • 3999 = they get Swann's to downvote it
    • WDB = Sauelsuor does a thing; sunlight pills + sun's exile
  • the ascendant character
    • what happens when you give an actor a sapient fictional construct to play? one that can act within the story, and has agency? it doesn't end very well
  • Black Queen about Mr. Dark
  • SPC-1822 - Lord Blackfist vs Dr. Sharko
  • Something about the Masque of the Red Death
    • allegory for antibiotic resistance?
  • 3310 + Broken Masquerade
  • SCP-001-D
  • i want to write a monster
  • The Fire of Creativity
    • take the fire stealing myth
    • fire is stand in for art
    • many have stolen fire in the past; their ghosts are all over the cave
      • Pangloss (multiple times)
      • Coyote
      • Lord of Endowments
      • a Foundation boi
      • a Child of Night
      • H descensus
      • Prometheus (really just a guy from Olympus)
    • The cave is FILLED with art, everyone is making art when nearby
    • reverted a K-Class
  • SCP-025 Classic
  • stormfallen said 30 minutes ago: 9:37:08 PM <shaggydredlocks> Bottle Dick needs to tie into War On All Fronts so we can have 1 Tale where an MTF pilots a bottle-shaped craft over one kaiju's dick - thus depriving it of power and saving the day
    • a good idea, really, but I refuse to exist within the same reality as SIAB
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