Item #: SCP-M

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-M does not yet exist, it does not require containment.

The Temporal Anomalies Department is to build SCP-M. They are permitted to use other SCP objects and temporal anomalies in this process, with O5 approval.

Once SCP-M has been constructed, it is to be used once, in order to terminate SCP-M-ARC on 0742 UTC 06/13/2015. It is then to be dismantled.

Description: SCP-M will be a retrocasual weapon capable of terminating a target at a date in the relative past of activation. SCP-M will be used at least one time, at an indeterminate date in the future, to terminate SCP-M-ARC at 0742 UTC 06/13/2015. It is currently unknown how SCP-M will function.

SCP-M-ARC was a Class-VIII reality-altering entity. SCP-M-ARC possessed near-omniscience, but did not possess precognitive abilities. For more information gathered from SCP-M-ARC's dormant state, see SCP-M-ARC's main file.

At 0739 UTC 06/13/2015, SCP-M-ARC awakened, as predicted, and began to initiate a CK-Class Restructing Scenario. Termination was authorized in order to prevent such an event. MTF Omega-9 "The Scrubs" and MTF Omega-12 "Achilles Heels" attempted to terminate SCP-M-ARC, but all such efforts were prevented by SCP-M-ARC's reality-altering capabilities.


The insignia of the Temporal Anomalies Department.

At 0742 UTC 06/13/2016, several hundred instances of the Temporal Anomalies Department insignia appeared upon SCP-M-ARC. Five seconds later, all of SCP-M-ARC's flesh disintegrated. 72 further instances of the Temporal Anomalies Department insignia were discovered on the ground surrounding the previous location of SCP-M-ARC.

At this time, sensors employed by the Temporal Anomalies Department detected a high-energy temporal displacement originating from the future.

The current prediction of future events is that the Temporal Anomalies Department will have been able to neutralize SCP-M-ARC by placing the cause of its death after its death, preventing it from knowing of its termination and using its anomalous capabilities to prevent such an event.


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