██████ Canyon, where SCP-2684 occurs.

Description: SCP-2684 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting a canyon in the Sonoran Desert. Individuals in the canyon will disappear if they are at least ten meters from the entrance, lose sight of the entrance and are unobserved by any individual outside the canyon.

No individuals that have gone missing as a result of SCP-2684 have been discovered. Radio waves from individuals who been affected by SCP-2684 (if they entered SCP-2684 with a radio) emanate from an indeterminate point in the canyon. However, individuals appear unable to receive wireless transmissions.

Individuals affected by SCP-2684 report to be in an endless desert with no observed landmasses. It is currently hypothesized that SCP-2684 transports affected individuals into an alternate reality or dimension only constiting of a desert. No method of escape from this reality has been determined.

D-8872 is set in, can't get out
the gruff one is set into try getting out and such
the other two are set in with supplies to explore with the other two

different sand -> aurora

cannibal thing happens to main crew

the captain of the ship becomes the leader of a caravan, and he has gone mad with power

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