Chicago Spirit

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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit


Carroll #1: Mr. Night


That should have taken anybody2 out who wasn't me, Sawteeth, Wheels or Derringer (and Night himself, I suppose.) If you're still reading this and aren't one of us, stop right now and I won't kill you. Actually, since the fact you're reading this means you're probably in my office, I'll probably kill you anyway.

— Chappell

Where He Is

Night disappeared three weeks ago, and nobody has heard hide of him since then. This isn't the first time he's vanished, but he left me a note before he went away this time that makes me think he isn't coming back.

To my dear Chappell,

I'm sorry, but this will be our last contact. I have done all that I need to do with you, and I have spent far too long on this project. It is time for me to pack up my bags and move on. I may have known you since you were but a boy, but fifty years is enough time.

I wish you luck with the rest of your days. You'll need it without my help.

Mr. Night

Who Knows About Him

How I Met Him

What He Did

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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

UTE-4114-Disco-Father "Mr. Night"

Authorized Response Level:

2 (Sub Moderate Threat)


Rules of Engagement:

PSYCHE Records

Nornir or whoever manage Eurtec talking about the Spectre in a general sense


they somehow learn his name is Night

also probably the whole "talking to parallel versions thing" (ie the Inside Man)

probably a captured Spectre dude

PSYCHE Records

The Parastate Department3 gave the following report, detailing the Unusual Incidents Unit's prior interactions with an individual believed to be UTE-4114-Disco-Father.

UIU File: 1941-016 (Chicago Revenant) — Mr. Night

An individual identifying as "Mr. Night" first came to the attention of the Unusual Incidents Unit in 1941 during a string of murders associated with the now defunct anomalous crime syndicate known as the Chicago Spirit. The primary leadership of this agency was brought into Secure Contain Protect Foundation custody in 1933, leading to the collapse of the group by 1938.

In 1941, an series of anomalous murders occurred, targeting individuals associated with the Chicago Spirit. Following each of these murders, the UIU would recieve an anonymous tip directing them to the location of that murder. These tips were all signed by Mr. Night, who indicated a familiarity with the operations of the Chicago Spirit.

It was initially believed that the purpose of these murders was to obscure information concerning the Chicago Spirit, but further review indicates this may not have been the case. Mr. Night, in one instance, refrained from killing several former members of the Chicago Spirit when able. Additionally, all individuals killed by Mr. Night during this serial killing episode were involved in the upper management of the Chicago Spirit.

UIU investigators therefore concluded that Mr. Night was attempting to conceal a secret that had only been known by the primary leadership of the Chicago Spirit. As a result, the UIU shifted their focus to finding addditional members of the Chicago Spirit who had been in the upper management of said group.

This was not successful, as Mr. Night had been able to terminate all members of the Chicago Spirit aware of this secret. The UIU then turned to trying to determine the identity of this Mr. Night, and was able to do as such.

Several former members of the Chicago Spirit detailed that Mr. Night was a legendary figure in the Chicago Spirit, who few members ever directly interacted with. Allegedly, this Mr. Night had been involved in the founding of the Chicago Spirit and was the creator of many of the anomalous objects and phenomena employed by them. However, some suggested that Mr. Night was merely an alias of the presumed leader of the Spirit, Richard Chappell.

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