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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit

FILE NAME: 1933 Correspondence of SCP-046-ARC to SCP-032-ARC & Julius "Sawteeth" McGallan

Night's gone. At least he had the courtesy to leave a note.


I'm sorry, but this will be our last contact. I have done all that I need to do with you, and I have spent far too long on this project. I've seen the future, and it seems that our market is about to close. (By which I mean, open up.) I may have known you since you were but a boy, but fifty years is enough time.

I will be leaving the country presently, and returning to my homeland. I don't recommend trying to find me: we both know that you won't be able to do that, and you'll have enough on your plate in the coming years.

I wish you luck with the rest of your days. You'll need it without my help.

Mr. Night

RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit

FILE NAME: 1933 Correspondence of Julius "Sawteeth" McGallan to SCP-032-ARC

they got Chappelll

RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit

FILE NAME: 1934 Correspondence of SCP-032-ARC to Julius "Sawteeth" McGallan; Brutus #13: Mr. Night



Brutus 1: Mr. Night


To whom it may concern,6

If you ain't supposed to be reading this, Rudy Benson is coming for you. Tell him I said hello.

If you are, you don't need to worry about that old swampthing. You're here for a something a bit more important — the biggest Judas to ever turn coat on the Spirit, a man we have got to catch, no matter what. He's going pay for what he did to us.

The name is Mr. Night. Some of you reading this might've heard about him before, and if you have, let me tell you this: half or so of what you heard is true. Most likely, it's the stranger half. He's even worse than you think.

If you never have, read the poster. I ain't writing all that out again.

— Derringer


The first thing that Night did to us was he broke one of our sacred rules in the Spirit — You don't leave the spirit. That was his idea, even. The Spirit is a gig you hold for life, and the only way out is to become a spirit for yourself.

Everybody was always clear on that, from the moment you came in. The price to get out of the gang was your life. Whenver anybody came in, that would always be one of the first things they learned. Night must've not thought the rules applied to him, given that he wrote most of 'em. That ain't the case, I'm afraid. All of it goes for him, more so than anyone else.

Next up on the rap sheet is something a bit more minor, but just as bad. Before he took the air, he took a couple of our things with him. None of it was that major, just a few trinkets and Carrolls. But that's another one of our rules here: You don't take from the Spirit.

Now, what he took isn't quite as important as what the idea that he did. It's about rules, and making sure that people have to follow what has been set out. If you make a Carroll, it belongs to the Spirit until the end. You don't have a say in it anymore — everybody needs to understand that.

Since he left, he's been working against us. Not much, nothing big, but You don't kill your own. That's what he's been doing — you telling me that it's just a coincidence that some of our top boys are winding up dead in abnormal ways ever since Night left? Can't be.

But the last thing he did — the worst thing of all — was hand us over to the heat on a silver platter. You never go to the fuzz. He has no respect for us anymore, and we have to return the favor.

Because he turned us over to the cops, the Cheesers7 were able to find us and they took Chappell into one of their special big houses, just like Wheels before him. You know what happened to Wheels? He died, killed by the Cheesers.8

Who He Was

Chappell first met Night when he was 11, in 1882. The old story about the first anomalous act that Chappell ever pulled is mostly true. To sum it up: Chappell was thrown into Bubbly Creek in a murder attempt by a gang of rival newsies, trying to get his corner.

The part that most of the Spirit doesn't know is that the only reason Chappell survived is because he was dragged out of the river by Night. Why Night did that - what he saw in Chappel, why he risked his own life for a kid - isn't clear. Chappell would never tell us, and Night sure as hell wouldn't either.

Here's another bit that not everyone knows: Chappell didn't kill Rudy by himself. He used a whistle, one that Night gave to him. He blew that whistle, sucked Rudy's blood out and let it flow into the the Creek.

I've never been clear on when Night next showed up either. I know that Night gave Chappell some of the money for setting up the Spirit — the original, the bar — but there have to be other times they met before then. They had to have been friends for a while.

For the next couple of years, Night was working behind the scenes. He helped Chappell make some connections, and focused on getting the bar up and running. Chappell always used to talk about those early years fondly - not much went off for the two back then. But a couple years in, business started to slip.

Night and Chappell cooked up a solution — between the two of them, there was nobody more powerful at doing magic. They opened up the second floor to that crowd, and money started flowing back in. Chappell took over the face of the business, while Night preferred to work behind the scenes. Soon, they were doing well enough to start expanding, becoming the Spirit we know today.

That continues for the next twenty-five years, about. It wasn't long before we were the biggest and baddest on the block. Night kept to himself, when we were on the rise, only working with a couple. Chappell always counted on Night as his most trusted, but Night was always a bit of a loner.

And now, just as the feds are about to open the liquor markets back up, Night's out of the picture. He saw it coming - he always did - and figured out that things were going to turn south for us quick.


Standard punishment isn't going to be enough for Night. If people get wind of what Night did and here that he got off light, or even a little normally, it'll be the end of the Spirit. He broke all our rules on the way out, and showed no respect for anyone at the top.

Night's going to get what's coming to him and that's something loud and public. We won't be satisfied with the normal punishment — this will be something that everybody in the Spirit hears about. We can't have anyone ever consider repeating what he did.

When we get ahold of him, we're going to torture him until he wishes he was dead. I've seen Night walk away from things that would've made any normal man drop dead on the spot, so we know that there's a lot he can take. Won't have to worry with doctors and the like as much as normal.

We won't hold back on him either — if you can think of it, we'll use it on Night. Drowning, knives, fire, magic, everything. And when we're done with him, we'll throw him into the Snitch Dungeons. It'll keep him alive for a while, and in pain for even longer.


Night used to be on the top floor of the Spirit, and I shouldn't need to explain how that sets him apart from the feet. He was one of the greatest we ever had, and he's not somebody that you want to mess with. He won't kill you — he'll do something much worse. Magic is good at that.

You might have a couple tricks up your sleeve, and think you're the greatest there ever was because of it. Compared to men on the street, that might be true, but it doesn't hold for Night. First warning: Don't charge in at him.

If you do find Night, and are sure that it's him, leave it at that. Our first task is finding Night, so that's going to be enough for us. Once you find Night, don't do anything but alert the rest of the Spirit. We'll take care of it from there.

There's a lot we know about Night and what he can do, but evidence suggests that there's more we don't know about him than we do. Keeping that in mind, Be ready for anything. There's no telling what tricks Night might be able to pull, stuff we've never seen before.

RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit

FILE NAME: 1934 Letter, Sawteeth to Derringer

I am not joining you on this wild chase. You are not going to be able to find Night, and what do you think it is going to happen to you if you do?

Night was more powerful than any of us. You've got a spark of magic in you. That's pretty impressive when nobody else has any magic at all, but Night is an inferno. The two of us are out of our league in comparison to him. You go after Night, you end up dead. End of story.

There's nothing you can do that'll convince me to go on this lark with you, and if you insist on stringing the rest of the Spirit along with you on it, I'm out of the game entirely. I owe Night my life. All those times I slipped and wound up dead, it was Night who brought me back. What if he undid that?

The Spirit is falling apart at the seems right now. The fuzz and the Cheesers are closing in, and everybody knows it. Runners are getting lost, and our suppliers are beginning to look at other options for distribution. The outfit only has a couple years at most, the way things are going.

What we need to do is fix our problems, and not invent hunts to go on that aren't necessary. You're stuck in the past. Get your head in the game and start worrying about the future of the Chicago Spirit.

Don't be an idiot.10

~ Sawteeth11

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