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A photo of SCP-7777, taken from orbit.

Item #: SCP-7777

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The United Earth Fleet has left SCP-7777's solar system.

No further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-7777 is an exoplanet located approximately twenty-five light years from the Sol System, discovered by the United Earth Fleet on August 20th, 1975. SCP-7777 was formerly was the formerly the home planet of the taronyu, a sapient humanoid alien species, prior to a series of K-Class Scenarios that caused their extinction.

Radio signals sent by the taronyu were recorded by Foundation assets on Earth beginning in 1942. Foundation intervention to conceal these transmissions was neglible, preventing general public awareness. These transmissions continued until 1966, at which point they stopped.

The United Earth Fleet Command decided to travel to the star system of SCP-7777 following the disappearance of Earth, in the hopes of discovering an inhabitable planet or a trade partner. Upon arriving, it was quickly discovered that almost all life on SCP-7777 was extinct.

The taronyu1 are a sapient alien species with a roughly humanoid body shape.

SCP-7777-B is a collection of anomalous phenomenon located on SCP-7777, which resulted in the near total extinction of the taronyu. Each SCP-7777-B phenomenon caused a distinct K-Class Scenario on SCP-7777. For the purpose of brevity, only the conclusively identified K-Class Scenarios and their causes have been listed below.

Designation K-Class Scenario Description
7777-B-1 IK
(Collapse of Global Civilization)

The "Dead Hand" system of a major taronyu world superpower, designed to the ensure mutually assured destruction. However, upon a transition between heads of state, SCP-7777-B-1 malfunctioned and detected the end of the government and initiated nuclear war.

The resultant nuclear war lasted for approximately five hours. By the conclusion of the war, over ten thousand nuclear weapons had been detonated upon SCP-7777, destroying most bases of the "scp-analog" and most major metropolitan areas, in addition to causing severe nuclear fallout.

The exact functioning mechanics of SCP-7777-B-1 are unknown, but is believed to have functioned using a demonic solid-state drive set to monitor for specific parameters. These parameters were set too specific, and a minor change in government triggered the dead hand.

7777-B-2 RK


nanite swarm that raises the dead into zombies

7777-B-3 GK
(Broken Greenhouse)

world without plants

they had to stop it from turning

effects don't stretch into space, only out around planet

7777-B-4 XK-Ω

7777-B-4 was a collection of seven humanoid entities standing 500 meters tall, bearing noted similarity to SCP-██. All SCP-7777-B-4 had been in a dormant state prior to the activation of SCP-7777-B-1, and were targeted with nuclear missiles in a neutralization attempt during the IK-Class Scenario. These nuclear weapons did not kill any SCP-7777-B-4 instances, and only awakened them.

The SCP-7777-B-4 identified themselves as the Kive 'Itan Tun Koren2, and took control of the remnants of taronyu society. They granted an anomalous resistance to radiation and SCP-7777-B-2 to any taronyu that served them.

7777-B-5 AK

An intensely virulant memetic cult, centered around five. The exact origin of SCP-7777-B-5 is unknown, but similar organizations were observed by the "scp-analog" prior to the end of the world. It is believed that these organizations heavily mutated following another K-Class Scenario, becoming SCP-7777-B-5.

SCP-7777-B-4-5 became infected with SCP-7777-B-5, altering the details of its cult in order to follow the principles of SCP-7777-B-5.

Further research has indicated [LETHAL INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED].

7777-B-6 WK (Meteorlogical) death of a weather god, causes all weather on the planet to go COMPLETELY FUCKING BERSERK

Approximately 70% of the society of SCP-7777 died during the IK-Class Scenario initiated by SCP-7777-B-1, and with another 20% dying as a result of the WK-Class Scenario caused by SCP-7777-B-6. A large majority of these casualties were reanimated as SCP-7777-B-2-ζ instances.

One year after the IK-Class Scenario, the remaining population of SCP-7777 was in the service of an SCP-7777-B-4 instance, practicting cannibalism as a result of the complete famine caused by SCP-7777-B-3.

Approximately five years after the IK-Class Scenario, the last taronyu on the surface of SCP-7777 died.

By the time the UEF fleet arrived to SCP-7777 in1975 — thirty four years after the IK-Class Scenario — all life on SCP-7777 was apparently dead. All SCP-7777-B-4 instances had apparently killed each other, having them been transformed into SCP-7777-B-2-ζ instances.

  • new plan: Clusterfuckalypse
  • their SCP Foundation failed
  • one superpower stop existing due to political reasons, and their dead hand wasn't smart enough to realize it wasn't needed
  • everywhere got nuked
  • including a couple pseudo-Foundation sites
  • chaos
  • containment fails
  • zombies
  • world without man except it's world without plants
  • Sarkics, Broken God, Factory, Oneiroi, SH, Scarlet King all existed on planet

Addendum Plan

  • spend an initial addendum going over history of world, brief overview of normal before it gets rekt by -B
  • the SCP showing up, why they came, what they had hoped
  • explo log of the planet (which results in bunker revelation after raiding an SCP-type installation)
  • finding out that there are bunkers, debate over what to do
  • alien talking about the destruction of his home planet; not sure what'll happen to him (end on uncertainity)
  • the UEF Command log

Addendum Q.XX - Transcript of the Xth Meeting of UEF Command


  • SCP Foundation O5-10
  • United Nations Occult Coalition General name
  • Chinese Intelligence Directorate title name
  • GRU P long title name
  • United Earth Fleet Secretary-General name
  • alien group / title / name


O5-10: The 64th Meeting of the United Earth Fleet Command is hereby called to action. I'd like to remind everyone that we have a new member with us, [alien name]

GRU P: Like we could forget.

UNOC: Welcome aboard. We're glad to have you.

CID: It's good to have more allies.

UEF: Welcome to our caravan among the stars, current bearing: home.

alien: Thank you, for this. I am still moved by the kindness you extended to us, in our time of need.

UNOC: Well, of course. There wouldn't have been any sense in leaving you behind to rot.

UEF: We're in the same boat now - figuratively and literally.

alien: Yes, I suppose we are. Both of our races have had our homes ripped away from us and are lost between worlds.

UNOC: I can't wait to bring you back home, to Earth.

O5-10: Seconded.

alien: Thank you.

GRU-P: We have business to take care of, remember, concerning our next course of action.

alien: I have a proposal: we fire all engines and abandon this dying world posthaste. Never look back and never return.

CID: Aye.

O5-10: Full support.

UEF: My only objection would have been if you had one, alien.

UNOC: Punch it.

GRU-P: Of course.

O5-10: Then we're resolved. Let's go. Next heading: second star on the left and -

The UEF Command ship activates it's Heim-Xyank Propulsion Drive. Further dialogue unitelligible as a side effect.


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