A photo of SCP-Q, taken from orbit.

Item #: SCP-Q

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The United Earth Fleet has left SCP-Q's solar system.

No further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-Q is an exoplanet located approximately twenty light years from the Sol System, discovered by the United Earth Fleet on August 20th, 1994. SCP-Q was formerly was the formerly the home planet of the alien species name1, a sapient humanoid alien species, prior to an SK-Class "Dominance Shift" End of the World Scenario caused by SCP-Q-B.

SCP-Q-B is a collection of anomalous phenomenon located on SCP-Q, which resulted in the near total extinction of the alien species name

  • kind of like annihilation meets alien is what I'm thinking
  • hell, this thing is fucking apollyon
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