(EST. 1896)

Factory Headquarters,
Lowell, Massachusetts1
December 25th, 2000
  • Chicago Spirit Chief Executive Mr. Night
  • The Investor2
  • Elder Foreman Randolph T. Metzger3
  • Receptionist Vanessa Killroy4
The Chicago Spirit, a former frequent customer of the Factory, collapsed in 1938. This caused a minor setback in sales but said setback was quickly overtaken by an increase in productivity by Marshall, Carter and Dark LTD, another Factory customer than absorbed elements of the Chicago Spirit. However, room for growth remained in the said market.
Mr. Night, a Chief Executive of the Chicago Spirit, reached out to Factory assets in order to discuss potential collaboration with a revival of the Chicago Spirit. He specifically requested to speak with the Investor, and a meeting was arranged at the Lowell Factory. Both Mr. Night and the Investor then arrived at the Factory to discuss a potential deal. After negotiations and a tour of the Lowell Factory, a contract was signed between the revival of the Chicago Spirit (named the Chicago Spectre) and the Factory for the next 500 years.
Using channels only available between himself and the Investor, Mr. Night personally reached out to the latter.
Actor Action Factory Response
Mr. Night sends a message to the Investor, discussing his future plans and suggesting the possibility of a business deal with the Factory.5 The Investor responds to Mr. Night with an invitation to the Lowell Factory on December 25th, 2000 (the next day) in order to discuss the terms of such an agreement. The Investor instantly translocates to the inside of his office in the Lowell Factory and begins preparing with Elder Foreman Randolph Metzger.
Mr. Night arrives at the Lowell Factory and is greeted at the entrance by Receptionist Vanessa Killroy6. Mr. Night is then escorted to a conference room to meet with the Investor. The Investor arrives in the conference room.
Mr. Night enters the conference chamber and begins to discuss the terms of a potential agreement between the Factory and the revived Chicago Spirit.7 The Investor responds in turn and negotiates with Mr. Night.8
Deliberations continue between both parties.9 The Investor removes the prepared paperwork and begins to discuss the terms of the potential contract.10
Mr. Night removes a prototype product from his coat and demonstrates how to use it before the Investor.11 He then returns the product into his coat. The Investor is impressed by the prototype, and adds language to the Night-Factory Contract to include their production and refinement by the Factory Weapons Department.
The Investor offers to take Mr. Night on a tour of the Lowell Factory. Mr. Night is reluctant at first, citing an inability to walk. Two security workers are summoned to assist Mr. Night with walking, and help carry him on the tour.
The Investor and Mr. Night embark on a tour of the Lowell Factory, visiting numerous machines and mechanized production facilities. The Investor explains the processes involved to Mr. Night.12
Night freaks out The Investor decides it is time to bring out the contracts between the Spectre and the Factory
Night, still freaking out, refuses to sign (also contracts are signed in blood) The Factory helps Night sign
Night starts struggling
Night escapes (HEAVY SPIN) The Investor returns to meet with Elder Foreman Randolph Metzger.

The Factory-Spectre Contract has been upheld by Mr. Night and other members of the Chicago Spectre, resulting in a sales increase of 400% in products with usage applicable to paracrime, such as weaponry and forcible entry materials. Market demand for such products is otherwise limited in scale, and the Chicago Spectre represents a unique customer for Factory interests, resulting in greatly increased revenue.

It will likely be worthwhile to conduct further market research and development into products specifically intended to appeal to Chicago Spirit, as the organization likely lacks long-term sustainable suppliers. Exploiting the need for such assistance will prove vastly profitable to our long-term interests.

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