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Issue No. 𐤈𐤆 𐤇𐤅𐤃




A Night with the Fivesquid:

Recently, I spent a night with the Fivesquid, in it's containment facility. These are powerful beasts, and we must regularly keep track of them, so that nothing unexpected happens.

The Fivesquid is one of the most dangerous of the five creatures in our collection, and five of us were assigned to watch it in five hour long shifts, each of us getting the duty every fifth day. none of those numbers are right

On one FIVEful day, I was sent into watch her. She is FIVE and magnificent, truly a thing of beauty. I gazed long into her FIVE eyes, and as I did, someFIVE gazed back into me, and deep into my soul. Something FIVE greater than the simple beast that she is. gaze long into the abyss

I see it now, Very clearly - she is no mere kraken of the sea, but a Vessel of diVinity itself. There is a greater power, a higher will that looks Via her into our world, our reality. We can only hope to become fiVe like she is. and the abyss gazes back

fifth paragraph


i am done with this goddam shit and this goddam project

it has eaten far too much of my life, far too much of my time. i know i know i know that i was the one who suggested this whole thing, it is my baby but i look at it and it is an ugly, awful, terrible baby and i cannot help but look at it in scorn hate anger and RAGE

i dont even know why i am writing this paper? isit because some deep corner of my still wants this to succeed is it because i can still find pride in what i have done do i want a legacy of some kind? or is it simply out of need - i came in and i saw a whole, a thing that had to be done

the fivesquid calls to me, she has called five times. she is hungry. she is the monster at my periphary, at all times, in my dreams. she comes and denies me rest and she is a monster of my own creation.

I have made up and remade my mind. It seems like this is the eye of the storm, a moment of clarity admist the hurricane. I will not stand in the sun as the thunder clouds are on the horizon, cloning in on me, but rather shall fight.

This is to be my last will and testament. Mens insana in corpore insano. Once I am done here, I will no longer exist, and must prepare the world for the lack of myself. I may already be a hole, but removing me will only make the hole grow wider and deeper.

There are many beasts on this island, but there is only one beast. She is the target of my writings and of my actions. She is not something that should exist within this world, or any world. I can only solve one of those problems.

The device we used to steal her can also be used to cast her away, into the void. I do not know if it is truly the void but only the elsewhere, but it matters not. What matters is that she will be gone, and my home will be safe.

But as long as the stain of her influences, her thought, remains, this world cannot be clean. The infection that thing has brought bleeds through reality like wine on a white cloth, seeping through to the deepest layers. I became drunk on that wine, and once this storm passes, I will never be sober again.

I can hear the winds calling my name, the winds of my past and of five. I will go and enact my destiny.

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