Item #: SCP-4477

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: stuff that makes the necrofoundation the ideal choice - logistics, morals, loyalty, large number of D-Class personnel, their obvious skill in necromancy

Description: SCP-4477 is a Large-Scale Aggressor of extradimensional origin, which is currently located within baseline reality. In baseline reality, SCP-? is ophidian in body-plan, and approximately 1 km long from head to end of tail. However, these physical properties are mutable in nature, and are subject to change in other dimensions.

SCP-44477 typically exists outside of any dimension

SCP-4477 has been forced into this dimension via thaumaturgic practice enacted by the Foundation.


some more description

Discovery: SCP-4477 was first detected by members of the Multiversal Foundation Alliance in 2001, after it had destroyed Universe-[be creative dumbass].

they freaked out

Foundation dreadlords were however able to devise a containment strategy, relying on numerous characteristics of baseline Foundation which are not typically found among other Foundation equivalents. The Multiversal Foundation Alliance approved this containment strategy, which was put into place in 2002. Since that time, it has proven completely successful, with zero lapses in containment.

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