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Item Number: SCP-0000

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: N/A


this explo log is getting it's own page

SCP-0000 Incursion Log Transcript
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Emergency Task Force Aleph-Naught ("Gods Among Men") Roster:

  • MTF Omega-Seven ("Pandora's Box")
    • tactics and command
    • Ω7 Cap Andrews — Will serve as the Commander of ETF-ℵ∅.
    • Ω7 AbleSCP-076-2. Will serve on ETF-ℵ∅ as a tactician and strategist, using prior experience and military knowledge.
  • MTF Eta-Then ("Bootstrappers")
    • future tech
    • H⊃ Lowell Primary — Member of MTF Eta-Then originating from 09/11/2024. Armed with powered armor suit originating from 2643.
    • H⊃ Lowell Secondary — Member of MTF Eta-Then originating 08/12/2025. Temporal duplicate of H⊃ Lowell Primary. Armed with directed-energy charge plasma rifle, originating from 2643.
  • STF Sigma-One ("Foundation's Anchors")
    • melee and tanking
    • Σ1 Diamond Lance — Current Commander of STF Sigma-01, one of the most decorated and experienced members. Armed with a lance. Former name Chuck Holloway.
    • Σ2 Iron Sledge — Highest confirmed numbers of verified kills as a member of STF Sigma-One. Armed with a sledgehammer. Former name Manny Marquez.
  • MTF Tau-Five ("Samsara")
    • general samsara shit, also wizards
    • T5 Irantu — Thaumaturgic abilities centered around
    • T5 Nanku — Thaumaturgic abilities centered around defensive and abjurative workings.
    • T5 Onru — Thaumaturgic abilities centered around restorative and enhancing workings.
    • T5 Monru — Thaumaturgic abilities centered around … something
  • MTF Omega-Nine ("The Scrubs")
    • eyy it's these bois
    • Ω9 Grrl — equipped with the double-barreled shotgun
    • Ω9 WTFSTFU — equipped with an axe (acts as a fast backup to the knights)
    • Ω9 Booger — equipped with the thunderbolt
  • MTF Omega-Twelve ("Achille's Heels")
    • reality bending n shit
    • Ω12 Gears — Class Four reality bender capable of
    • Ω12 King — Class Two reality bender capable of transmutation of matter into an equal amount of apple seeds via touch.
    • Ω12 Yolas — Class Three reality bender


All members of ETF-ℵ∅ have assembled in the antechamber of SCP-0000, with the exception of elements originating from MTF H⊃ and MTF Ω9, and are awaiting deployment into SCP-0000.

Ω7 Able: Adrian. You said we would be met by a dozen and two warriors, and I count nine.

Ω7 Cap Andrews: Bootstrappers are time travelers, don't know what's keeping them, and the Scrubs need to load their map.

Ω7 Able: Very well. If we must wait, we shall prepare as we do so. Onru.

T5 Onru: That is myself.

Ω7 Able: The white-coats tell me you and your siblings are witches, and you can make us stronger.

T5 Onru: Such is my training.

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