Super Secret
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One Oh Six in the middle of coming out.

Thing Number: Special Creature Person - One Oh Six

Thing Class: Probably Makes You Dead

How to Lock Away, but Special:
Do not touch the Special Creature Person. Ever. Unless the high-up people say you can. If they say you can touch it, you have to be in a special safe place, and everyone else has to leave first. Everyone who needs to stay and watch you touch the Special Creature Person has to stay far away, unless it gets out.

One Oh Six is to be locked in a metal box. The box will be put inside a lot of other boxes, with some space between each box. Extra bits of stuff are to be put between the boxes to make them stronger. The box is to be kept above the ground by having it fly with not-seen pushing forces.

A second set of boxes is to be set up around the first set of boxes, except the second set of boxes are round and full of different kinds of wet things. Bright lights also need to be kept on it, and it should be watched at all times.

If bad wet stuff starts to eat through any boxes (even round boxes) or anywhere near the boxes, you need to tell the people watching the boxes. Any things or people lost to the Special Creature Person are to be considered dead or missing. Do not try to get them back.

Note: After watching the Special Creature Person a lot, we think it becomes confused by lots of different shapes of boxes, which makes it hard for it to get out of the boxes. It also doesn't like light. The light doesn't hurt it, but it makes it leave.


Bad wet stuff on the door to the lock-away room. Words for how to lock away have been changed.

What it is: Special Creature Person - One Oh Six appears to be an old human who is falling to pieces from being dead for a long time. The way it looks may change slightly, but it always looks dead. It isn't very fast, and sometimes doesn't move for days, but it's just waiting to get you. One Oh Six is also able to walk on walls and ceilings. When attacking, it will tear out important bits from inside you and pull you into its special other-place home. It likes young people best, but not too young.

Special Creature Person - One Oh Six is covered in a bad wet stuff that eats through any hard things it touches. This is bad for people surfaces. We think it is how the Special Creature Person eats, and that its stomach can't eat people on the inside. The bad wet stuff continues to eat through things and people for six hours, then wears off.

The Special Creature Person can walk through hard things, leaving behind bad wet stuff. It is also able to disappear into hard things, entering what is thought to be a kind of "other-place home". It can then leave this home from any point that is part of the point where it entered (like entering the inside wall of a room, then leaving from the outside wall). We don't know if this other-place home is where One Oh Six comes from, or if it's just where it lives.

From what we have seen of this "other-place home", it has shown to be mostly hallways and rooms, with [REMOVED] entering place. This can continue for days, with some people let go so it can run after them and [REMOVED].

More Words:

Special Creature Person Notes:

Because it is hard to keep in its boxes, the way we lock it up is to be looked at again every three months or after it gets out. We can't hold it down or hurt it. Right now, we just watch it and try to do things when it gets out. We tried other things in the past, but they didn't work.

Notes On How it Acts:

One Oh Six appears to go through long stretches of time where it doesn't do anything, sometimes up to three months. We don't know why, but we think it's trying to make us let our guard down. When it starts doing things, it will get very angry and attack/steal people and get bad wet stuff everywhere.

One Oh Six appears to run after people and hurt them just because it wants to, not because it needs to eat. When it gets out, it will steal many people at once, keeping some alive in its other-place home for a long while.

Only One Oh Six can go to its other-place home. Cameras and phones still work inside the other-place, but the things they put out will be broken. One Oh Six plays with the people it steals, and appears to have control over time, space, and the things people see inside the other-place. That's all we can say.

How to get it back in the boxes:

In the event it gets out of the boxes, a young human (but not too young) will be used to get it back in the boxes. When the boxes are ready, the young human will be hurt, probably by breaking a long bone or cutting their foot parts. The person will then be placed in the boxes and their screams will be played over the radio.


One Oh Six gave this person back. Person had been missing for two hours. Person was still alive for one hour after they got back.

One Oh Six will usually come get them pretty quickly. If it doesn't, the young human will be hurt more every twenty minutes until One Oh Six start coming. If we really need to get it back in the box, we may hurt a lot of young humans at once.

One Oh Six will usually stop moving for a while after it finishes with the young human. Other things happen, but we can't tell you.

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