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Westhead Media is a business in the same way a stick insect is a branch; it only looks like one until it moves.

They make money, sure, but that's just a byproduct of them doing what they do. Exploitation is what they're built upon, and that's what they do. It's how they operate, how they solve problems.

If you've watched a movie lately, there's a good chance Westhead was involved, even in some tiny way, somewhere in the production process. Maybe they provided a little funding, maybe they had a vase moved two centimeters in one shot, maybe they had the director replaced with something that looked just like him. The same goes for books, television and music. If it's entertainment, Westhead has had an eye on it at some point.

The Employee Base

A minority of Westhead's workforce is human. The majority are a range of entities they have somehow created or tricked or forced into working for them.

The most common sight for an individual interacting with Westhead is a Westhead Homunculus, an artificial being used as a representative for the company. Even these, the most human-looking of the Westhead workforce, are uncanny to look at due to the sources used for their physical appearance.

"A pleasure to meet you," said the man, extending a hand. He had a familiar look to him, a very strangely familiar look, and it took me a second to figure out where I'd seen him before. I'd seen him all over the place. He had the nose of a famous actor, and the ears of a model I had seen in a magazine, and the mismatched eyes of two popular politicians. He was a ransom note of a person.

Taken from the unpublished autobiography of David Weltzer, a film director believed to have obtained success in the entertainment industry by pledging loyalty to Westhead Media.

Those humans who do work for Westhead do so from the bottom floor — by promising to do what Westhead say, they are allowed to do well. They get good roles, they're paid as their heart desires, they become beloved.

The humans who pledge their loyalty to Westhead invariably come to regret it. There's no such thing as a free ride, after all.

Board of Directors

Westhead's Board of Directors are spontaneous entities, with humanity's creative and entertainment industries as their primordial ooze. Layers upon layers of memes and narratives and consciousnesses gestating inside the minds of viewers and creators, building themselves up, sometimes reaching out.

There are twelve Directors in all. None of them have physical forms, instead appearing through various creative mediums, hijacking characters and scenes to communicate.

"Well," said Ron, as his classmates melted around him. "That is an issue. The Westhead won't be pleased with your performance, I can tell you now. Do you have children, Mr. ███████? Have you ever smelt a burning child?"

He flicked his wand, and a flame hovered in the air in front of it. Harry's glasses floated in a puddle of his face.

"Did you know that films tend to perform better after an actor commits public suicide? It builds interest. I just thought that was interesting."

Altered copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, recovered from the apartment of ███ ███████ following his fatal jump from a building in Chicago.

Despite their name, the Board of Directors make relatively few decisions themselves — their main role is advising and carrying out the orders of the Westhead.

The Westhead


Image recovered from a Westhead Media installation in 2012. Context suggests this is a visual representation of PoI-1783 ("The Westhead").

The Westhead's existence is the most concrete of the Westhead leadership — unlike the Board of Directors, it can interact outside of media to some extent. Phone calls, letters, someone standing behind a corner — the Westhead is always just out of sight and always just out of reach.

The nature of the Westhead's existence is similar to that of the Board of Directors - it is a spontaneous entity born out of the collective human unconsciousness. It is the worst parts of humanity, condensed and warped and given a video camera.

If you find yourself being contacted by the Westhead directly, something very bad is probably about to happen to you.

The Opening of Night

The Opening of Night is a film, maybe. Or a song. Or a novel. It's what Westhead want more than anything — the culmination of their existence. Little is known about it beyond this. The Westhead is created from the dreams of humanity — when the night opens, the dream won't need the dreamer anymore.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-XXXX is to be concealed behind an erected two meter tall concrete wall, which is to be patrolled by security personnel regularly. Any individuals attempting to gain access to SCP-XXXX are to be apprehended, interviewed and administered amnestics as appropriate.

Any satellite imagery of SCP-XXXX is to be altered to remove evidence of its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a field on the outskirts of Los Angeles which, every one to two three to four months, displays rapid growth and death of numerous types of flowers, forming images and words. Evidence suggests that SCP-XXXX is currently inhabited by multiple human consciousnesses which are able to use these flowers as a form of communication with the outside world.

Images formed by SCP-XXXX usually take the form of faces of prominent celebrity actors. Testimony from long-term interviewing of SCP-XXXX indicate that the consciousnesses inhabiting it are, or believe themselves to be, these individuals. However, all known individuals displayed by SCP-XXXX have been confirmed to be alive and active, with no knowledge of SCP-XXXX. (See Interview XXXX-2.)

The consciousnesses inhabiting SCP-XXXX are cognizant of all events that occur in it, and testimony indicates that this is based on an anomalous sense unrelated to sight or hearing. When questioned, SCP-XXXX have been unable to adequately describe how they perceive events occurring in SCP-XXXX, claiming that they simply 'know' what is occurring.

Records suggest that, prior to containment, SCP-XXXX and the land surrounding it were the property of GoI-1783 ("Westhead Media").

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently located at Site-92, and is the only anomalous item contained there. SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 3m x 3m x 2m lead-lined chamber. All surveillance of SCP-XXXX is to use a SCRAMBLE-type filter to minimize its cognito-camouflage.

SCP-XXXX is not to be pet under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a B83 thermonuclear bomb which appears to any human observer as an excited domesticated dog of varying breed and appearance. This false perception can easily be told apart from a real dog due to the fact that it does not move from its original position, as well as the fact that individuals can still perceive it as possessing the weight of a B83 thermonuclear bomb.

There is a severe discrepancy between actions individuals believe they are taking towards SCP-XXXX and what is actually happening, namely that when an individual believes they are petting SCP-XXXX, they are in fact arming it and preparing it for detonation.

SCP-XXXX is believed to have originated from Universe Wendigo-Vecta3, where it was then procured by GoI-828 ("Scarlet Hammer") through anomalous means and brought over to the baseline universe. At this point, SCP-XXXX is not believed to have possessed any anomalous properties. The cognito-camouflage SCP-XXXX now possesses is believed to have been applied to it after its initial retrieval by Scarlet Hammer as a way to reduce the difficulty of transporting it past authorities.

After retrieval of documents describing the nature of SCP-XXXX, Mobile Task Force Phi-33 ("Tear Down This Wall") conducted a raid on a Scarlet Hammer property in New York. SCP-XXXX was successfully retrieved and transported to Site-92. The intended buyer for SCP-XXXX is unknown.


The following is a historical document which does not reflect the current state of SCP-XXXX. Access to this file has been permitted to all Foundation personnel by O5-𐤀.

This document is property of Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal. Any individuals attempting to gain access to this document under false pretenses will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Item 223: "The Seat of Intelligence"

Danger Rating: Cherubim

Recovered by: Sir Highwater

A Description: Item 223 is what appears to be some form of mechanical homunculus, specifically resembling the brain of a normal man. From what we have been able to discern, the majority of the apparatus is composed of clockwork and several mechanisms we've simply been unable to identify. As to disassemble the item would, of course, run the risk of destroying its unusual properties, we have decided to leave it as it is for the time being.

SCP-XXXX: Noah Clayton

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently the only anomalous item contained at Site 53. SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber, which is to guarded at all times by two security personnel. In order to prevent erasure of these personnel, they are to be cycled out at regular intervals.

No member of personnel is currently in charge of research of SCP-XXXX. Once a week, SCP-XXXX is to attend a therapy session with Doctor . This therapist is also to be cycled out periodically.

Containment Specialist is not to come into contact with SCP-XXXX. Upon the detection of blank data becoming present in the documentation of SCP-XXXX or personnel records of Site 53, Containment Specialist is to be alerted by the system immediately. Containment Specialist is to then in turn alert supervising personnel that current containment procedures are insufficient. Thus far, this measure has not been necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a thirty-four year old man named Noah Clayton, who was the sole employee of a prominent financial consultancy in Sacramento prior to his containment. Periodically, individuals with a physical, mental or emotional proximity to SCP-XXXX will be erased from existence. All memories and physical records of that individual are also erased. SCP-XXXX is not immune to this effect.

The erasure effect of SCP-XXXX is not perfect, however, as rather than being altered to compensate for an individuals absence, memories and physical records will instead have substantial gaps wherever the erased individual is concerned. Limited information about erased individuals can thus be discerned through the gaps created by their absence.

There appear to be perception-affecting aspects to SCP-XXXX's effects, as individuals uninvolved with it will not notice the gaps created by erasure until it is specifically pointed out to them. This has caused some difficulty in containment, as supervising staff have been unable to recognize the absence of personnel working with SCP-XXXX and arrange replacements for them. These issues have now been resolved.

It is currently unknown how SCP-XXXX came into Foundation containment, as the individuals responsible have presumably been erased from existence.

And Thus The Night Is Opened

David shivered. He really should have worn a coat, coming out here. The message had just been too exciting, though; he'd run out the door the second he managed to register what it was saying. This kind of opportunity came along once in a lifetime.

The parking lot was dark and out of the way, lit only by the glow of a single faltering streetlight. Basically the perfect spot for a mugging, but David had a feeling that that wasn't what was going to happen to him here. He'd been chosen for something. He'd been recognized.

The light flickered — and went out.

"Mr. Cobb?" said a smooth, silky voice from out of the darkness.

David gulped. "Yes."

The speaker stepped out from the shadows. David was sure they hadn't been there a second ago, but he wasn't especially surprised. From what he'd heard, that was the way things were with people from Westhead. They didn't exist the way other people did.

"A pleasure to meet you," said the man, extending a hand. He had a familiar look to him, a very strangely familiar look, and it took David a second to figure out where he'd seen him before. He'd seen him all over the place. He had the nose of a famous actor, and the ears of a model, and the mismatched eyes of two popular politicians. He was a ransom note of a person.

"And you," said David, keeping his voice steady as he accepted the handshake. A degree of politeness got you far, the way he saw it. And he didn't especially want to see the representative's reaction to impoliteness.

The handshake went on much longer than comfortable, the representative keeping David's hand in a vice-like grip, as if appraising it.

"It's a beautiful evening," he said, a constant slight smile on his face. He didn't blink.


"You seem tired. Are you tired?"

"No, I'm — I'm great."

It occurred to David, still stuck in the handshake, that the representative's hand was dreadfully cold.

"That's good to hear," said the representative. "I'm thrilled to hear that you're doing great."

"Uh, thank you."

"No problem," said the representative, letting go.

"You…you're in charge?" said David, mouth dry. What the hell was he doing? He was talking to a damn television. The Representative stood silently in the back of the room, a vacant smile on his face.

Clint Eastwood twirled the gun in his hand. Around him, all the other characters remained frozen in place. A forest of bullets stood still in the air.

"Course I'm not in charge, son," he said. "I'm just on the Board of Directors, after all. The Westhead's the one with it's name on the company."

"Well," said Clint, holstering his gun. "Why don't ya think about? Hollywood's a big place, son. All those stories mixing together, layered like you wouldn't believe, coiling together like snakes in the grass. Forms one hell of a primordial ooze for fellers like us."

"Like you?" said David, sneakily pinching himself. It hurt. This wasn't a dream.

"Well," said Clint, scratching his ear. "I except this is obvious to a smart kid like you —"

"I'm fifty."

"I know. Don't you worry, kiddo. We're older than you'd think. Pretty much everyone's a kid to us. Oh, thinking on it…"

Clint drew his pistol in a second and fired it towards the camera. As he flinched, David heard the sound of a bullet hitting the wall behind him.

"Don't interrupt me," snarled Clint. "It's damn disrespectful."

"Sorry," squeaked David.

"No problemo," said Clint, returning the pistol to its holster. "Like I was saying, son, we ain't human. The word the boys in lab-coats use is 'profile organisms', but hell if I know what that means. This face I'm using never went to no fancy school, after all."

"I don't know what you're talking about — I really, really have no idea."

"Course you don't. You're simple and slow, like most people. But I reckon even someone like you knows to pay their debts. That's what all enterprises are founded on, son. People knowing the roles they fill. You're the person who does as he is told. That's how entertainment's made. That's how the night is opened."

SCP-XXXX: Red Heaven

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor all major application distribution services for SCP-XXXX, and agents embedded in their controlling organizations are to have SCP-XXXX removed if it is found. Targeted viruses are to be disseminated to seek out and delete instances of SCP-XXXX already downloaded from these sources.

Public advertisements indicating an appearance of SCP-XXXX-1 are to be removed immediately to reduce attendance numbers as much as possible. Class-D vapour amnestics are to be deployed at all SCP-XXXX-1 appearances in order to prevent the audience from forming mental connections between members of SCP-XXXX-1 and individuals affected by SCP-XXXX.

Any videos uploaded to the internet by SCP-XXXX-1 are to be removed immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Japanese game application entitled 'Red Gate Singing Simulator' and developed by GoI-1783 ("Westhead Media") which has been the cause of numerous disappearances. SCP-XXXX is known to appear on major application distribution services at random, often receiving significant numbers of positive reviews from bot accounts that quickly cause it to appear on the front-pages of said services. If removed, there will be a brief period of inactivity from SCP-XXXX before it appears again on another service.

The gameplay of SCP-XXXX consists of the player singing along to a vocal track randomly selected from a range of currently popular music. Depending on how closely they mimic the original vocals, they are than graded using a letter system from F to A. Analysis of the application has shown no anomalous properties inherent to the gameplay itself. One to three weeks after playing SCP-XXXX, however, individuals have been known to disappear if they fit the following criteria:

  • The individual is female.
  • The individual is aged fifteen to eighteen.
  • The individual has been graded an A on at least three separate occasions while playing SCP-XXXX.

Security footage of disappearances caused by SCP-XXXX have shown that the victim vanishes during a time when they are out of the line of sight of any other human beings.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a pop music group called 'Red Heaven', known to appear in public urban locations throughout the country of Japan. Although the specific identities of the four members of SCP-XXXX-1 are variable, they are consistently individuals who have disappeared as a result of SCP-XXXX. As members of SCP-XXXX-1, they do not appear to possess their previous memories or personalities.

An appearance of SCP-XXXX-1 is preceded by the posting of advertisements both physically and online, encouraging a small gathering at their place of manifestation. These advertisements have been analyzed and found to have no anomalous effects.

SCP-XXXX: The Thousand Year Kingdom



Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: Observation of SCP-XXXX is to continue from Orbital Site-29.. Any expeditions onto SCP-XXXX must be approved by Site Director Clarke. No communications from SCP-XXXX are to be responded to.

Apart from these measures, no further containment procedures are necessary or possible.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the planet Earth following a restructuring event which occurred at 03:22 AM on 12/04/2021.

It is believed that all humans, without sufficient protection from reality alterations, present on SCP-XXXX during the restructuring event became non-sapient. All efforts to communicate or otherwise interact with them have been ignored, and they have been observed to wander aimlessly and without specific purpose. These affected humans, hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-1, now appear to only act with a specific purpose when prompted telepathically by specimens of SCP-XXXX-2.

SCP-XXXX-2 is the collective designation for an as-of-yet unknown number of winged humanoid entities, generally 2.7 meters in height. Analysis of SCP-XXXX-2 specimens has shown them to be formed from a number of components including:

  • Feathers from various species of birds, bound together to form prehensile tendrils
  • Large golden rings, usually floating over the shoulders or above the head of the SCP-XXXX-2 specimen
  • Hard-light constructs resembling wings, primarily yellow in colour and protruding from various locations over the specimens body. The number of these structures per specimen generally ranges from three to twenty-three.
  • Marble, forming a rudimentary skeleton
  • Structures superficially resembling human eyes, located at various points throughout the specimens body
  • Human eyes, located at various points throughout the specimens body

Threat ID: KTE-0913-Ex-Machina - "Semitic Solar Deity"


it's still alive


SCP-XXXX: The True Name

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a secure safe at Site-32. If SCP-XXXX develops humanoid features, it is to be destroyed immediately and a new item is to be designated SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a coffee mug composed of human flesh and bone.

Hello, this is Researcher Beltman.

Apologies for any confusion the preceding file may have caused. You're probably thinking this thing belongs on the Anomalous Items Registry, and ordinarily you'd be right. So you've probably also guessed that SCP-XXXX is not a coffee cup composed of human flesh and bone.

SCP-XXXX: Seven Rings

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Agents are to monitor locations known to be host to SCP-XXXX
events. Any individuals involved with SCP-XXXX events are to be administered amnestics as appropriate immediately following the event's conclusion.

Any interaction with instances of SCP-XXXX-1 must be authorized by at least one member of Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a phenomenon known to occur in public spaces in the cities of Rome, Cairo and Los Angeles, in which six individuals of various backgrounds will sit around a table and begin a conversation.

  • SCP-XXXX-1-A is consistently a widower aged seventy to eighty-four.
  • SCP-XXXX-1-B is consistently a married woman in her fourties.
  • SCP-XXXX-1-C is an individual in their early twenties. The name of the individual that becomes SCP-XXXX-1-C invariably begins with a 't'.
  • SCP-XXXX-1-D is either a man in his thirties or a woman in her fourties. Individuals that become SCP-XXXX-1-D invariably suffer from some form of anxiety.
  • SCP-XXXX-1-E is
  • SCP-XXXX-1-F is a young girl aged nine to thirteen.

SCP-XXXX: The Tower Falls at Midnight

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No Foundation personnel are to come into contact the contents of a SCP-XXXX narrative. In the event that contact does occur, they are to be dosed with a Class-A amnestic immediately.

All traces of productions affected by SCP-XXXX, and any resulting deaths, are to be removed entirely under the purview of Project KALEIDOSCOPE. All individuals involved with such programs are to undergo extensive amnestic therapy to remove all traces of SCP-XXXX influence from their consciousness.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation for any film entitled 'The Tower Falls at Midnight,

Original Film: The Ghost and the Butler, a silent film based on a novel by A.A. Gilford.

<Begin Log>

Dunn: Hello?

Westhead: Hey there, champ4. What can I do for you?

Dunn: You're the man in charge?

Westhead: I'm the one in charge. What's on your mind?

Dunn: We need to — we need to talk about the movie.

Westhead: Sure. We're all real excited for it over on this end. Aren't you?


Dunn: Well, that's just — I — I've just got off the phone with, uh, Carl, and he says —

Westhead: Kid. Take a breath.


Dunn: Okay…okay. I've just been, um, told that one of the — one of the critics we showed the film to early has killed himself — and the note says it's because of our fucking movie.

Westhead: Huh. Well, he said he liked it, didn't he?

Dunn: That's not the point!

Westhead: If he killed himself because he liked it, why should you feel bad, champ? You made him happy, right?


Dunn: What?

Westhead: So how far are we on the movie? Ending done yet?

Dunn: I'm not — we're not talking about the ending, we're talking about how a guy just fucking killed himself!

Westhead: A movie needs an ending, Frankie. Otherwise it isn't finished.

Dunn: No, no, I'm sorry — this is the last straw. The last fucking straw. This has all been too weird — I can pay you your money back, I'll get it together, but I'm not making this movie. I know it's good, it's so good, but I'm not doing this anymore.


Westhead: You ever see a kid get hit by a car?

Dunn: What?

Westhead: Fatally, I mean. It's the saddest goddamn thing in the world, trust me. Head cracked open like an expensive vase. Jam coming right out of the hole while the eyes keep twitching.

Dunn: What are you talking about?

Westhead: The worst part — the part that really gets me, is how preventable it is. I hope you're understanding me here, champ, because I'm not being especially subtle. You finish the ending. You finish the movie. If you don't, then (unintelligible) and the wolves will eat you.


Dunn: I —

Westhead: Goodnight.

<End Log>

<Begin Log>

Tybalt.aic: I've completed my analysis if you'd like the results, Mr. Ardo.

Technician Ardo: Go ahead.

Tybalt.aic: There are no cognitohazardous or memetic agents present in

SCP-XXXX: The Afterlife Arsenal of A.A. Gilford

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is in the custody of the Spectral Affairs Department, currently located on the reverse side of Site-76. Any communications from primary Foundation assets to the Spectral Affairs Department must be done using a Foundation medium as intermediary.

SCP-XXXX is currently stored on the reverse side of the unused containment chamber previously assigned to SCP-████. Two security personnel for each side of Site-76 are to guard SCP-XXXX at all times. An intermediary containment team are to be based in the standard iteration of the containment chamber to assist the main containment team if it becomes necessary.

A Foundation exorcist must be present for all binding operations using SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a carved wooden chest currently containing two thousand and thirty three spectral entities of various types and potencies. Previously, SCP-XXXX belonged to occultist writer A.A. Gilford until his death in 1894, at which point it passed into the hands of Foundation precursor Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal. As such, the spectral entities within SCP-XXXX are believed to have been collected by Gilford over the course of his life and travels throughout the world5.

Due to advances in the understanding of spectral entities and spiritual programming, it has become possible in recent years to bind the spectral entities within SCP-XXXX to the will of specific Foundation personnel. These repurposed instances are referred to as Bound Spectral Entities, and are assigned to Foundation personnel based on rank and compatibility. This ongoing effort to utilize spectral entities, hereafter referred to as Project Solomon, is one of the primary duties of the Spectral Affairs Department.

Spiritual reprogramming, the basis of Project Solomon, consists of three main steps:

  • Binding of the spirit to an Incorporeal Entity Vacuum chamber through use of a Non-Physical Displacement Neutralizer (nPDN).
  • Partial exorcism to remove personality traits that present an obstacle to use in the field.
  • A thaumaturgic binding ritual to restrain the spirit to an existing physical entity: in this case, the Foundation personnel they have been assigned to. The gap created in the spirit's personality is then filled by the commands of the assigned personnel.

Addendum XXXX-1 (Sample of Spectral Entities):

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a containment chamber located at Site-11 and kept under guard by two security personnel at all times.

Any testing with SCP-XXXX must be approved by at least one member of Level 3 Personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a conceptual reassignment device, powered by a hypothetical engine and constructed in 2012 by an as-of-yet unknown individual. Evidence suggests SCP-XXXX was based on Erikeshan design principles regarding conceptual engineering.

Reports of multiple miscellaneous anomalous phenomena in the town of Greel, Ohio, led local Foundation agents to the home of Matthew Rhodes, which was at the epicenter of said anomalous activity. Upon arrival, the agents located SCP-XXXX in Rhodes' basement. Rhodes himself was not found, but an animate humanoid oven was observed successfully fleeing the area by passers-by.

SCP-XXXX consists of a rectangular main body, to which a monitor, keyboard and mouse are attached, along with a bar-code scanner modified to interface with SCP-XXXX. When the scanner scans an object, the monitor on SCP-XXXX will display a list of all metaphysical concepts that object is host to. If two objects are scanned in succession with the scanner, the concepts relating to both will be displayed, and the user will be able to use the interface to swap concepts between them.

Test Log XXXX-1:


First Subject:
Second Subject:
Relevant Concepts:


Notes: Basic test of SCP-XXXX functionality.

First Subject: D-212411
Second Subject: D-832909
Relevant Concepts: "Name is David Burner", "Name is Tyrone Clark".

Result: Concepts regarding the names of D-212411 and D-832909 are swapped. Personnel present subsequently recognize them by the names now assigned to them. Process is reversed following test.

Notes: Test of SCP-XXXX's physical effects.

First Subject: D-212411
Second Subject: D-832909
Relevant Concepts: "Is 27 Years Old", "Is 39 Years Old"..

Result: Testing of subjects following conceptual transfer confirms the switching of their physical ages. No changes in the subjects memories or actual histories take place, however.

Thought You Died

"Fuck you," said Bowe to O5-7.

SCP-XXXX: Pleasant Moon Retirement Home

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, permanent physical containment is not yet possible. Satellite images are to be analyzed for the presence of SCP-XXXX by Learning Computer Tau-7 ("YEHORAM"), and if said presence is detected, emergency containment teams are to be immediately alerted.

All temporally incongruent6 Foundation personnel are to be kept under guard by members of Mobile Task Force Russell-9 ("Self Containing Sets")

Description: SCP-XXXX is an installation capable of time travel, which is known to appear in the vicinity of and attempt to capture temporally incongruent individuals.

When WASHINGTON crossed the Delaware, he was confronted by the Barbarian Horde. Did he retreat, then? Did he allow Americana, granted to him by the six Angels of the Lord, to crumble through the influence of Savages and Dissidents? No, WASHINGTON did not! His blood boiled with courage, and that courage lives on, flowing through the veins of all Presidents!

The fate of Savages and Dissidents is to disappear without a trace. This is the legacy their blood bestows upon them.

<Begin Recording>

(A title card appears, reading "CHILD'S DUTY". Cut to a field where a child is kicking a ball. The Host, a young man in a blue and red suit, walks into frame. He turns to the child.)

Host: Why, what're you doing there, Timmy?

(Timmy looks up to the Host.)

Timmy: I'm playing ball, Mister!

(The Host chuckles.)

Host: Ball? Timmy, shouldn't you be doing…child's duty?

Timmy: Child's duty? What's that?

Host: I'm glad you asked, Timmy! Tell me, do your mom and dad talk to themselves while they're sleeping?

Timmy: Well, I dunno, Mister, I don't listen to that stuff.

(Host turns to the camera, grinning, then turns back to Timmy.)

Host: Well, you better *start* listening, Timmy! What if you heard your dad planning a crime in his sleep? What would you do then?

Timmy: Well, I'd tell the police, Mister!

(Host turns to the camera, grinning, then turns back to Timmy.)

Host: Of course you would! And that is child's duty, Timmy!

Timmy: Wow! It's so simple!

Host: Let's go further it. What if you found out your grandfather was a dissident, Timmy, but he'd already died ten years ago? What would you do then?

Timmy: Gee, I dunno…

(Host turns to the camera, grinning, then turns back to Timmy.)

Host: What if you had a time machine, Timmy?

(Timmy jumps up.)

Timmy: Ooh, ooh, I know! You gotta get rid of him back then!

(Host turns to the camera, grinning, then turns back to Timmy.)

Host: And that's child's duty boiled down, Timmy! It's loyalty to your blood and your country. If your country goes against your blood, you side with your country. And if your blood goes against your country, you go back and wipe out that blood. That's not just child's duty, Timmy.

(Host turns to the camera, grinning.)

Host: It's everyone's duty!

<End Recording>

News recording of what appears to be an inauguration ceremony for a head of state. Commentary over the footage by news anchors indicates that the newly elected individual is 'George Stanford', who is set to be the sixth President of the United American Empire. The date, as indicated in the corner of the screen, is 04/09/2052.

The previous President, Arnold Carmichael, is brought out in a wheelchair by two doctors. He is an extremely old and emaciated man, estimated to be in his late nineties. All individuals present in the crowd kneel to him.

The newly elected President Stanford swears an oath on a book referred to as the 'Americana Codex'. Once sworn in, the doctors present perform a substantial blood transfusion from Carmichael to Stanford. The blood is black in colouration. Carmichael expires during this process.


TEMPORAL ORIGIN: Indian Temporal Exploration Agency, 2293 (+1.2934 from baseline.)

PUNISHMENT: Standard execution loop, administered via injection of hydrochloric acid.

SENTENCE LENGTH: 223 years (compressed).


TEMPORAL ORIGIN: Erikesh Mystic (-0.1233 from baseline.)

PUNISHMENT: Temporal mismatch along midsection and subsequent suspension.


SCP-XXXX: Undisturbed

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained behind a perimeter of two meter tall electrical fencing, which must be patrolled by security personnel at all times. Any intruders attempting to breach this perimeter are to be apprehended, questioned and subsequently administered appropriate amnestics.

No personnel are to enter SCP-XXXX unless under strict testing conditions. All physical inspection of SCP-XXXX is to be done via the use of unmanned drones.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 10m x 10m area of land located near the village of Cluny, France, centered around a stone grave marker beneath an oak tree. Remote observation of the grave marker has shown it to bear the text 'My Sunflower, 1791 - 1811'. Several sunflowers have been placed around the gravestone. The environment within SCP-XXXX is consistent with several paintings created by known anartist of the period, Francesca Saul, whose dates of birth and death are consistent with those written on the gravestone.

Any attempt by an individual to enter SCP-XXXX will result in seemingly coincidental circumstances arising to encourage them to leave it. The severity of these circumstances will increase the closer said individual gets to the grave at the center of SCP-XXXX, escalating to highly destructive levels if they touch or otherwise directly interact with it.

No matter the time of day or the conditions present outside SCP-XXXX, individuals within SCP-XXXX will perceive it as being a sunny afternoon, experiencing a sudden change in the environment to that state as they cross SCP-XXXX's threshold. The oak tree present in SCP-XXXX does not appear to require sustenance, and analysis has shown that it does not age or otherwise decay. Samples of materials within SCP-XXXX taken via unmanned drones have revealed that they are composed of solidified paint, which crumbles upon leaving SCP-XXXX. All materials present in SCP-XXXX will regenerate if damaged by an outside source, usually within a few minutes' time. The speed of regeneration appears to increase the closer a damaged portion of SCP-XXXX is to its center.

Annually, on 04/15, entry into SCP-XXXX will temporarily become impossible and all individuals already inside will be physically ejected from the area by an invisible force. Following this, a blurred and indistinct male figure, hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-1, will appear within SCP-XXXX. It will proceed to the gravestone, observe it for an amount of time ranging from several minutes to an hour, and then place a new bundle of sunflowers before it. SCP-XXXX-1 will then disappear. All attempts to prevent this event or interfere with SCP-XXXX-1 have been unsuccessful.

SCP-XXXX was originally located and contained by Estate noir, a Foundation precursor group, during an investigation of numerous urban legends throughout France. SCP-XXXX was referred to by locals at the time as the 'Haunted Hill' and considered to be cursed due to its anomalous properties. Upon incorporation of Estate noir into the Foundation, custody of SCP-XXXX was also inherited.

Addendum XXXX-1 (Test Log):

D-212330 was instructed to walk towards the center of SCP-XXXX, stopping every one meter in order to log circumstances that arose. Results are as follows:

Distance Result
One meter. Wind passing through SCP-XXXX spontaneously intensifies, making progress through SCP-XXXX difficult. D-212330 instructed to continue.
Two meters. Dr. Harson, one of the test supervisors, receives a phone call from a colleague which interrupts the test.7 D-212330 instructed to continue.
Three meters. D-212330 begins choking, recovering after thirty seconds, claiming afterwards that several insects flew into his mouth. D-212330 instructed to continue.
Four meters. Dr. Harson suffers cardiac arrest. Medical personnel on-site treat him accordingly and he is removed from the testing site. D-212330 instructed to continue.
Five meters.8 Personnel receive reports that a "Orange Threat Level"9 SCP has breached containment at nearby Site-54. D-212330 immediately ordered to return.

Addendum XXXX-1: On 04/15/2011, SCP-XXXX-1 was observed to differ from its usual routine upon its annual manifestation. After replacing the sunflowers in SCP-XXXX as usual, recording equipment picked up SCP-XXXX vocalizing in Renaissance-era Italian. Recorded dialogue is as follows:

Hello, my girl. I hope you've enjoyed the sun. Your brothers and sisters are doing well, from what I've heard. The house persists. (Pause.) I cannot keep doing this, you know. It's been too long. Don't worry, the sun you painted will shine forever. Even after the real one burns out.

Further appearances of SCP-XXXX-1 have not been observed.


SCP-XXXX: A hospital where the doctors anthromorphosised the Black Death to make a bargain with it to spare the world. (sneaky origin for a certain bird boy)

SCP-XXXX: A phenomenon in which television characters who commit murder appear in a televised trial within the next week that ends in their execution.

SCP-XXXX: Les Journées de Florbelle, the multi-volume work of the Marquis de Sade that was supposedly burned after his death. It instead made the rounds around the anart world of the time, coming into the possession of Marco Saul at some point, who wrote in a letter to a friend:

Yes, I received the text you told me about at our last meeting, and must agree that it is fascinating. Without a doubt, it is a Branch of the Tree, but it is an engaging work nonetheless. Bael in particular is a character after my own heart.

It later came into the custody of État noir, one of the Foundation's precursor organizations, but was lost during the 'Insurgency Incident' (Formation of the Chaos Insurgency and initial attacks on the Foundation.)

When a specific page is read, the reader's moral compass is inverted. Actions they considered positive are considered negative, and vice versa. The effect can be reversed by reading the page again. Comparison between the text of the work and letters from the Marquis de Sade before his death indicate that the Les Journées de Florbelle he was writing bears little resemblance to the final product. Current theories suggest that it was either heavily rewritten by him shortly before being sent to the asylum, or by another party shortly after his death.

The main character of the work is one Bael the Decadent Jester, who embarks on a rampage of sex and violence throughout Paris, culminating in a combination of an orgy and mass execution which serves as the book's finale.

SCP-XXXX: A phenomena within the town of Blank where altruistic actions are disproportionately rewarded and selfish actions are disproportionately punished via events featuring the motif of a golden fox.

SCP-XXXX: A curse affected each direct male descendant of Brutus, who suffer frequent betrayal during their lifetime, surreal nightmares of murdering loved ones, culminating in an unavoidable death by stabbing when they turn fifty-five.

Current instance of SCP-XXXX-1 has been captured by the Chaos Insurgency after a defecting doctor tricked him into accompanying him by saying he'd help him escape.

SCP-XXXX: SAM, an infectious video-game character that spreads from game to game based on proximity. Once encountered by the player, the player and their environment slowly begin to morph into one based on the game they are playing.

Originally created by a garage-based group of game developers in an attempt to create virtual reality decades early (because the leader of the group liked Tron), they summoned the angel Samael into the vessel of a video game. An angel is a being that warps reality simply by existing, so they hoped Samael would be able to temporarily pull the player into the world of the game. However, it works the other way around - pulling the world of the game to the player.

The release of ET caused large numbers of deaths (which is why they buried it in the desert).

SCP-XXXX: A retirement home with robotic employees that kidnap stranded time travelers for the purposes of interrogation and experimentation. Established by a future dictatorial regime to stop individuals from going back in time to prevent their rise to power.

Cool Marco Saul line: "He had a predatory gaze…not like he wanted to kill you, specifically, but that he wanted to smear you across a canvas and see what colours you'd make."

SCP-XXXX: A colossal cactus that can convert anything (people, sounds, thoughts) into water to keep itself alive. A cult has formed around it that feed the cactus constantly.

'i regrets to inform you that there are some changes being made to the scp wiki…it is now about four girls who join their school's containment club'

^ Episode List

Episode 1: Saint Paulina Containment Club!
Episode 2: The Ghost in the Bathroom
Episode 3: The Troublesome Gecko
Episode 4: Dr. Walton's Secret Day Out
Episode 5: What's In The Basement?
Episode 6: The Only One Who Hears Me Screaming Is Me
Episode 7: It's A Healthy Baby Boy!

SCP-XXXX: A colossal Mekhanite war machine that believed itself to be MEKHANE and attempted to cleanse the world of all flesh, Sarkic or otherwise. Is restrained by an alliance between a Broken God offshoot and a Proto-Sarkic community, both of which are located near the anomaly. It is restrained by complex Mekhanite chains and a spear of bone and tooth enamel which impales the war machine, preventing it from moving. Frequent maintenance of these are required for containment to continue, so the Foundation is forced to work with the communities and act as a mediator between them.

scp idea: something that gives any form of text a narrative, no matter how much it has to stretch it

GOC Idea: Type-Black, the corpse of God that is slowly returning to life

SCP-XXXX: "Death of the Author", a memetic assassin under contract to Westhead Media

scp idea: a person made of intelligent parasites, and each parasite thinks theyre the only parasite and the rest is real human

Tanhony, write this as an scp, a researcher who was extremely prolific who died but articles in his name keep going up


The thing to understand about Westhead Media is that it is a company in the same way a stick insect is a branch.

Say you're directing a film, or writing a book, or — hell — doing some fingerpaints. A very mild-mannered and polite man will come in, sit down, and he'll give you a few suggestions. Just suggestions, you understand. Things to make your work better — and he's just so damn reasonable. Surely he knows what he's talking about. So you make a change, and he makes a suggestion. And again, and again, until that

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