UIU File The Administrator

UIU File 1929-000

Codename: "The Adminstrator"

Electronic copy below as per Federal Records Act

Summary: Founder of hostile containment group, connections to Object-001. Possible extra terrestrial origins.

Suspect Description/Capabilities

Name: The Administrator

Note: No records have been found of any previous identity. The subject refuses to respond to anything other than ‘the administrator’ and denies having any other name or title prior.

Irregularity Cross-reference: Human, knowledge, extraterrestrial, spatial, immortality

Physical Description: Subject is of average build. They possess black, curly hair and hazel eyes. Subject's facial structure is inconsistent and agents are unable to identify the subject based off of its face in photos of taken of the subject, even if the two pictures had been taken on the same day. Furthermore, the subject will always be the tallest person in the room by anywhere from 1-2 inches. If left alone, the subject is 5 foot 11 inches.

Sex Height Weight/Build Race Hair Eyes Identifying Attributes
Male 5'11" (variable) 145 lbs, Skinny Hispanic Black Hazel Will always be the tallest person in the room.

Capabilities: The subject possess a plethora of knowledge regarding top secret files of world governments, anomalous objects, and all activities of former terrorist group 'The Foundation.'

Purpose/Motive: Subject appears intent on recovering UIU-000. Subject was previously encountered and captured collecting anomalies and containing them. Although the warehouse was destroyed and the anomalies taken into the possession of the US Government, operations continued in other areas.

Modus Operandi: (How does it do it?)

Behavior: (How does it act while doing it?)


Chicago Warehouse: [really, really basic containment facility]

B: Sample: Description of evidence

C: Sample: Description of evidence

(photographs associated w/ the file go in here, preferably last)

Bureau Record

Current Status: How the UIU is currently, or not currently, holding the irregularity

Crimes: If applicable, what crimes it committed, that brought it to the attention of the FBI

Sentencing: If applicable, what the legal or extra-legal sentencing for the object was. Indefinite detention is always a good go-to.

History of UIU Action: A logged history, with dates, of the irregularities interactions with the UIU before, during, and possibly after captivity.

Interview Log:

The administrator is many people. The memetic thing in 001 makes them like that.

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