CODE NAME: Varaxous - UIU File 1929-000
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UIU Item File 001: Extra-terrestrial Holographic Display

Object Class: 24 (Easily contained, unknown nature)

Secure Containment Protocols: The object is currently held within secure Area-62 under containment. Investigation of other extraterrestrial threats using the object are under way.

Access to this object is restricted to members who have Top Secret clearance and have undergone the related procedures.
You have always been a loyal member of the UIU.
Only one copy of these procedures is to be held within the underground vault. Should a new copy need to be made, the previous copy is to be kept only as long as necessary before being completely destroyed. Due to pre-cognitive methods utilized by other organizations, the remains of the document are to be held within the facility indefinitely.

Note: This file was last updated 1/13/2018

Known Information: The object is a small rectangular prism about 8 cm by 13 cm by 3 cm. The ventral side of the object features a small lens with a radius of .5 cm. All other sides of the object are smooth and featureless.

When the object is approached by a person who is aware of its capabilities, it will activate and project a holographic display. This display will show the entirety of the observable universe from Earth's perspective. The user is able to control the display by using their arms to move around, zoom, and rotate the display. Apart from our own solar system, the hologram is only able to zoom in as far as interstellar neighborhoods and updates in real time.. The object will deactivate if it's picked up or the person who activated it moves far enough away.

A large, roughly spherical object, estimated to be have a radius of about 5 million light years, is present near the Saraswati supercluster, 3 billion light years away. This object appears to violate the laws of relativity, approaching at about 10 million times the speed of light. The object appears featureless within the display and telescopic imaging methods have revealed nothing.

Object History: The object was first recovered in 1929 by the Bureau of Investigations during a raid on the house of a suspected key member of an alcohol smuggling ring. Instead, agents discovered several anomalous objects being contained by the owner of the house. The owner (See UIU File 1929-000) and the object were both recovered during this raid, as well as several other objects. This, combined with several other anomalous incidents, led to the formation of the UIU and the first iteration of this file was subsequently created.

Update: On 12/08/1933



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