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Kontainer # Kontainer Link Current Project
1 001 Proposal Between a Rock and a Hard Place
2 SCP-XXXX Forever Will I Hate the Worm that Tore my Beloved Rivka Apart [LISTPAGE ALERT]
3 Tales DCFaDP
4 SCP-XXXX Art Theft
5 Ship in a Bottle Two Headed Boy
6 OCT d-7294
7 SCP-XXXX Theta-Unseelie
8 SCP-XXXX I Was A Teenage Succubus
9 The Shit Show didney Fass buuk
10 Tale General Bowe is Pokemon Going to Die


  • Joke scp about a sign that says "if your reading this your gay", contained by a bunch of 4th-grade foundationers
  • "Rods from Hashem", Anti-nazi kinetic sattelite
  • 205 tale, "453.592 Kilogramz"
  • "LIKE FATHER, STEPFATHER" Alto Clef Sr. must deal with Alto Clef Jr. once and for all. It'd reveal Jr is the creation of a bixby, adopted by Clef in his GOC days. Clef nearly went type green once, and now he must stop Jr from walking that path.
  • "Landlord and Tenant": The apartment that just wants company and the flies who hate it.
  • "Queen of Carrot Flowers": Skip about a GOC mech (Queen of Long Knives) and ƟU-732 (CARROT FLOWER) meeting and falling in love
  • "As Within, so Without" IDK the name sounds cool
  • "I Saw You, Hyperion", a romance keter
  • "A Vicious Cycle"
  • "Where Have You Been All my Life", Vend-A-Friend gooey-format. Has to end heartwarming
  • "Lusty Misters by Mr. Horton Long", Little Misters porn knockoff in the form of a "collectible" game. Involves parasitic STD-monsters and Jack of Spades.
  • ORIA/AWCY taqwacore?


To date, the following extraneous containment procedures have been removed from documentation:

  • That SCP-XXXX must be destroyed.
  • That care for victims of SCP-XXXX includes treatment for dementia, anterograde amnesia, and paranoia.
  • That the regions of [DATA LOST] are currently affected by SCP-XXXX.
  • That data incorrectly flagged by ƟU-048 as corrupted is to be restored.
  • That Senior Researcher Yarkoni [DATA LOST]

EOD Document Revision ideas:

  • 1238: Although the Foundation expected a catastrophe, it turns out the majority of the latest generation were born sterile. This is ABG's retroactive work. Might be able to work in as a rumor
  • 1733: I imagine there might be some conceptual space overlap with the videotape's metaphysical rules and the Halfterlife. Possible pataphysics tie in as an escape from the Halfterlife? It'd make for some neat surreal horror.
  • It's mentioned in 3984 that deathlessness only applies to animals. How are entities that can turn things into plants (such as the stereotypical cacti) affected?
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