Varaxous Dog Ears
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Item #: SCP-D

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Populations of SCP-D, locating in Moscow, Russia and Nevada are to be monitored for the spread of it. All SCP-D instances are to be sterilized and then re-released.

SCP-D-1 is to be held in a sound proof refrigeration unit at sector B-1 of Site-37. Investigations in Moscow and Nevada are to be held in order to identify all unaccounted for SCP-D instances.

Description: SCP-D refers to the anomaly in 1% of all canines, most commonly in Nevada and Moscow. This anomaly manifests as the likeness of the face of any one of the 43 (at time of writing) US presidents appearing within the outer ear of the affected animal. These faces lack any nostrils or eyes, but do have fully functional ears.

While there does not seem to be a physical vector of SCP-D, tests have shown it to behave similarly to a genetic disease, being unable to spread in any capacity apart from parent to offspring.

SCP-D-A is an approximately 20 m x 20 m supercomputer. SCP-D-1 has no apparent power source. All of the wires on SCP-D-A feed into 43 different human faces of the US presidents, SCP-D-1 through SCP-D-43. They are all genetically identical to the president they come from. There is only one copy of each US President.

SCP-D-1 through SCP-D-43 all share hearing with a single SCP-D instance. Anything that the SCP-D instance hears, they will also be able to, regardless of distance or obstacles. SCP-D-1, which is in the likeness of George Washington, will only be able to hear things from the SCP-D instance which has George Washington's likeness within its ear; SCP-D-2, which is in the likeness of John Adams, will only be able to hear things from the SCP-D instance which has John Adam's likeness within its ear; etc.

SCP-D-1 through SCP-D-43 are capable of speech and will often converse with each other, or if anyone else is in the room, with that person. Interview logs can be found below.

Whenever a new president is inaugurated, all of the faces on SCP-D-1 will go silent, regardless of what they were doing beforehand. [Add stuff about what they were doing beforehand] A mass of wires will emerge on a random empty spot on the wall and assemble into the face of the newly inaugurated president's face. After about 20 minutes, the wire will be converted into a genetically identical copy of the president's face, which will be covered in amniotic fluid. Upon the completion of the face, it will begin screaming incoherently. This usually stops within 5-10 minutes, after which the face will cease screaming and appear to fall asleep. [Add some transition here] The completion of this signifies the creation of a new SCP-D instance. This new SCP-D instance will be any of the carriers of the genetic disease.

At the time of writing, 8 SCP-D instances remain unaccounted for.

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