1565 Rewrite
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Item #: SCP-1565

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to their isolated location and self-containing nature, direct physical containment of SCP-1565 has been deemed infeasible and unnecessary.

Foundation elements embedded in space agencies are to redirect all planned Martian exploration missions at least 10 km from SCP-1565. Any satellite images possibly revealing the existence of SCP-1565 are to be edited accordingly.

Description: SCP-1565 denotes a group of 37 common snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) residing within an irregularly shaped area on Cassini, a large impact crater on Mars' surface. SCP-1565 instances are visually indistinguishable from nonanomalous snapping turtles, but exhibit several differences in behavior:

  • SCP-1565 instances neither require nutrition, nor excrete waste.
  • SCP-1565 instances so far have not shown any visible signs of aging.
  • SCP-1565 instances are capable of 'swimming' into and beneath the Martian surface.
  • Every 119 days, SCP-1565 instances line up head-to-tail in a large circle, then disperse.
  • SCP-1565 instances are nearly impervious to damage, except from SCP-1565-A (see Addendum).

SCP-1565-A is a translucent green barrier surrounding the SCP-1565 instances. SCP-1565-A is impervious to gases and SCP-1565 themselves, and maintains an internal atmosphere of 65% sulfur dioxide, 29% carbon dioxide, and 6% argon. SCP-1565-A constantly fluctuates in shape, and has been shrinking by approximately 0.012% per decade.

Tracking devices attached to SCP-1565 shells revealed that they occasionally dive as deep as 600 m beneath the Martian surface. Specialized digging probes, in an attempt to ascertain how far below ground SCP-1565-A extended, discovered large corroded metal structures beneath the surface.

Initial attempts to further examine these ruins were hampered by SCP-1565 instances diving down and blocking probes with their shells. Following restraint of the SCP-1565 instances, probes determined the metal structures to be the remains of large spires carved with intricate reliefs of turtle-like shapes. Electronic interference caused by high amounts of radiation emitted from below the spires' bases prevented further exploration.

Addendum 1565-01: An attempt was made to remove an instance of SCP-1565 from inside SCP-1565-A. After several attempts were made using forces exceeding 100 kN, its shell was shattered and its body dismembered in several places. Analysis revealed that the SCP-1565 instance possessed a secondary internal casing underneath its shell, designated SCP-1565-B, replacing the spine and ribs expected in nonanomalous turtles. SCP-1565-B is composed of an metallic alloy similar to existing graded-Z radiation-absorbing material. It houses several electronic components, some of which are presumably the source of SCP-1565's immortality, as well as a receiver antenna and what appears to be mass data storage. Attempts to decrypt the data are ongoing.

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