Weryllium SCP- #1

Item #: SCP-ROAR

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The caverns containing SCP-ROAR, SCP-ROAR-Alpha, and SCP-ROAR-Beta are to be sealed with concrete. standard keep people away yadda yadda. Provisionary Site-729 has been built within the caverns, around SCP-ROAR.

Description: SCP-ROAR is a spherical spatial anomaly located in a large cavern in [need to wikipedia], Mexico. SCP-ROAR encompasses a radius of 1400 m. The cavern had been sealed until a recent earthquake in the area caused an opening to form.

SCP-ROAR-Alpha is a hemispherical space 1400 m in radius, encompassed by a transparent boundary.

The interior of SCP-ROAR-Alpha is visible with minor light distortion but is unable to be accessed by any known means at this time. Observation using long-range cameras has revealed the presence of stone structures arranged in a circle near the inner edge of SCP-ROAR, as well as a larger structure in the geometric center of SCP-ROAR.

Occasionally reptilian creatures (designated SCP-ROAR-1) can be seen within SCP-ROAR. SCP-ROAR-1 instances typically resemble dinosaur genera from the late Cretaceous period (including __, __, and __) with some differences. Notably, bipedal species walk with a more human-like (find better word) gait, and all species appear to vocalize (although no sounds can cross the boundary). Most instances wear clothing and pieces of metal, and generally walk slowly around the circle of stone structures before walking into the boundary and disappearing. Once every 177 days, large numbers of SCP-ROAR-1 will congregate around and inside the central structure and appear to take part in a ceremony or celebration lasting the entire day.

SCP-ROAR-1 instances are apparently capable of seeing through the barrier as well, (because someone waved at them and they followed along. Or something).

Crossing the boundary of SCP-ROAR results in instantaneous transportation to another reality within SCP-ROAR, designated SCP-ROAR-Alpha.

(basically you go from baseline outside to dinoworld bubble. inhabitants from dinoworld can also pass through and end up inside our bubble. i'l figure out how to write that in clinical later.)


Exploration Video Log Transcript
Date: ██/██/████
Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Psi-2 (“Clever Girls”)
Subject: SCP-ROAR
Team Lead: Stella De la Cruz
Team Members: Angelica Iglesias (ψ-2 Paleontologist/Paraherpetologist), Ursula Nunez (ψ-2 Heavy Weapons), Raquel Orozco (ψ-2 Tracker/Sniper), Selena Salvador (Specialist)

Notes: MTF Psi-2 was selected for this exploration due to the possibility of dinosaurian entities similar to those viewable through SCP-ROAR… and tasked to enter SCP-ROAR and locate its perimeter if possible, as well as catalog any entities within to establish preemptive defensive and containment procedures. Specialist was brought along because we saw some magic stuff while looking through the bubble, better safe than sorry. All team members were equipped with tethers and whatever else they need.


De la Cruz: Mic check.

Iglesias: Check.

Nunez: Check.

Orozco: Check.

Salvador: Uh, yeah, check.

De la Cruz: Alright. God, it's hot out here. Raquel, drop a beacon here and we'll start along the perimeter.

Orozco: Done.

Iglesias: What's that up there? Another moon?

Orozco looks up through her scope.

Orozco: That's no moon.

De la Cruz: Dammit Raquel-

Orozco: It's a gigantic rock, but it's way too low. It's just hanging there.

Nunez: Wait, if there's dinosaurs here, would that mean-

Orozco: Si. It's the asteroid.

De la Cruz: It might be. We still haven't seen any dinosaurs.

Orozco: Right.

The team continues to walk for two minutes.

Orozco: Pare.

De la Cruz: What is it?

Orozco: Shhhh. See how quiet it is? No bugs or wind or anything. Even the ground is barely making sound.

De la Cruz: Spooky. Keep your ears open.

Iglesias: Wait, there's something over there.

De la Cruz: Good eye, Angie. Lock and load, girls.

The team approaches the object, which upon further inspection is revealed to be a large stegosaurian dinosaur.

Nunez: Is it dead?

Iglesias: Nah, look, it's still standing and its eyes are open. It's not moving, though.

De la Cruz: Don't let your guard down.

Iglesias: Yeah yeah, I know. It's not going anywhere, though. Damn.

Nunez: Look at all this stuff it's got stuck to it. Armor, spikes, I don't even know what these thingies are. Hey, Selena, do you recognize any of these symbols?

Salvador: Hmm. Most of these are most likely just decorative. They don't match any symbols I'm familiar with. This component is interesting, though; it looks like a primitive solar cell. By flexing its tail a certain way these circles here would close and charge its tail spikes with electricity for a brief burst.

Orozco: Damn.

Salvador: Here's the weird part. It's still charged but the power hasn't dissipated.

SCP-ROAR-Beta through -Theta are the designations for a variety of large dinosaurian entities and cadavers located around SCP-ROAR or inside SCP-ROAR-Alpha.

Designation Species Instances Found Description
Beta Triceratops 19 blah blah
Gamma Unidentified pachycephalosaurid 37 Gamma measure an average 6.5 m in length. Gammas possess unusually reinforced leg bones and greatly enlarged brain size. Gamma instances also have a mechanism in their skulls, seemingly designed to convert kinetic energy from headbashing into a burst of psionic energy.
Delta Parasaurolophus 14 blah blah
Epsilon Alamosaurus blah blah
Zeta x blah blah
Eta x blah blah
Theta A previously-uncategorized theropod of the class Carnosauria 2 Theta marks the largest known dinosauroid present in SCP-ROAR, measuring approximately 18 m in length, and has been unofficially named Teratophagarex beryllodon. Both Theta instances possess armor plates, both natural, bony plates as well as implanted plates composed of an iridium alloy. Both Theta instances also possess a rudimentary hydraulic system attached to the sides of their jaws, presumed to allow for more force to be delivered while biting.


SCP-ROAR-Iota refers to the dead entities located within SCP-ROAR-Alpha. Iota entities are bipedal mammals fleshcrafting dinosaurs (not necessarily Sarkic) ##blue[figure out description], blah blah claw marks and weaponry match wounds on the dinos.##


SCP-ROAR-Omega is a partial corpse; extrapolations suggest it may have measured up to 600m at full size. Part of SCP-ROAR-Omega is located outside of the 1400 m radius and has presumably decayed over time; the remaining portion mainly consists of two legs, a torso, and a severed hand. SCP-ROAR-Omega contains a broken crystalline mass in the center of its chest; and SCP-ROAR-Omega was apparently in the process of being impaled through said mass by an SCP-ROAR-Zeta instance wielding a large rod.

List of possible dinosaurs by location:


New Mexico:



South America:

Exploration Log ROAR-01:

Mobile Task Force Psi-2 ("Clever Girls")

Stella DE LA CRUZ: Leader (template: I)

Angelica IGLESIAS: Paleontologist/dinologist (template: D)

Ursula NUNEZ: has the big gun (template: M)

Raquel OROZCO: Tracker/sniper (template: A)
SALVADOR: Thaumatologist guest star

  • first they'll examine the area surrounding the bubble, where a couple carcasses and artifacts are
  • next is the preliminary mission into the bubble
  • everywhere within ~1 km of ground zero bubble is frozen in time
  • find frozen dinosaurs and dead cultists
  • find dead teratophagarex (get them to wonder what the hell could kill one)
  • find carcass of eldritch being (HSQ!)
  • send drone up to scan the symbols
  • iridium dust everywhere (!)
  • find living dinosauroid descendants around the site, apparently it's become a holy site for them; team retreats to primeverse moved to description
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