Miscellaneous Tale #1

July 1, 23119
Foundation Sector JMPN729 - Northern Edge of Virgo Supercluster

Commander Jael Collete, of the Interstellar Foundation Navy, sat in her seat and sighed. The singular window of the one-seat starship showed nothing but deep blackness. Still, she checked and rechecked and triple-checked every instrument and readout.

All clear.

The Neophron was perfectly aligned on its course. As it had been for the last thousand years.

Jael spoke softly, to the plastic toy she had affixed to the dashboard. Apparently it helps to have something to talk to when one is all alone. The Foundation couldn't afford any lapses in sanity in a mission as crucial as this.

"Why do I need to be here?" she asked the toy, for the 152,389th time. The plastic T-rex stared back in silence, for the 152,389th time.

Jael knew, of course. The Overseer itself had personally chosen her for this mission. Raised from birth, with a genealogy that could confidently trace all the way back to Earth itself.

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