White Flag
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"Your food, sir." Kolt's assistant walked into the main cabin where Kolt was always situated, carrying a plate full of scrambled eggs. Kolt's favorite. Kolt was still fast asleep in his chair, resting his head on his mechanical arm. "Sir, wake up, breakfast is ready."

With several clicks and whirs, Kolt snapped back awake. "Wh- oh it's just you." Kolt forcibly took the plate and began eating. "Now scram, will ya?" The assistant shifted slightly, visibly nervous. "Ugh. What's the bad news?" The assistant cleared his throat.

"U-universe Alpha-Ask was completely destroyed sir. All of the Foundation, besides us, are dead."

"Universe what now?"

The assistant remembered that the last time Kolt has heard/spoken about his home universe was nearly 150 years ago. His mental state was increasingly deteriorating since the death of Bright. "The universe you're from, sir."

"Oh… I think I remember… uh…" Kolt struggled to remember any scrap of memory from Universe Alpha-Ask. Nothing came up. Yet he recognized that name. "Eh, it doesn't matter, scram, I don't care."

"Sir, that's the universe you came from. The one that we even dedicated this dimensional craft to. Our purpose was to supply resources to the SCP Foundation. How could you not forget?"

"I said SCRAM."

The assistant quickly left the room, a half eaten plate of scrambled eggs in Kolt's lap. He eventually calmed down, and opened the Main Ship Interface. The year was 2159. He was the wealthiest man in the multiverse. He was the most powerful man in the multiverse. He was God. He was the Pirate God.

Kolt noticed a nearby universe, and sent an order to invade it. He took another bite of scrambled eggs while he attempts to recollect his thoughts. Alpha-Ask. Alpha-Ask. Why couldn't he remember? He probably should. Does it matter?

The order is sent, and The Ship veers into the universe without fail. Currently, The Ship is about the size of a supremely large country. The United States of America was probably smaller than The Ship. The Ship has 150 million crew members. Kolt saw as each of The Ship's residence went about their daily lives inside a God. Entire cities, communities, and religions were spawned from within The Ship. Of course, it wasn't the Foundation's only area of operation. Billions of port communities were set up on thousands of different areas in the multiverse. The multiverse was under control of The Foundation.

The door behind Kolt opened once again. "Sir, we just got word from Sector 783. Apparently multiple universes are cutting off all entrances and exits, to prevent them from being raided by The Ship." Kolt sighed, grumbled, and turned around. "How many have done so within the next kilounivi?"

"Almost 75% sir. The number is rising quick."

"I see. Bah, just go ahead and forcefully dig through…" Kolt got up from his chair, and looked in a nearby window. He always wore a giant black coat with moderately sized shoulder pads, but he never put his arms into the sleeves, letting them hang to the side. His entire right arm was mechanical. His face looked like an old prune. He wore a very similar suit to when he first began his life as a member of the O5 Council.

Then it hit him. He remembered now. He remembered digging through the dimensions with a plastic knife. He remembered befriending several universes and gaining allies. He also remembering committing mass genocide. He remembered building The Ship to be above and beyond. Hell, he remembered when The Ship achieved apotheosis. But above all else, he remembered why he was here. To secure, contain, and protect. He has done none of those things.

"Are you okay?"

Kolt stared off into "space", and contemplated. He killed quadrillions of lives for nothing. He forgot what made him apart of the Foundation. Now what was he? Was he the thing he was dedicated to contain? He sighed. It didn't really matter.

"I understand," blurted Kolt. "We'll find a way to drill through this. Order a Bust Command on the nearest universe immediately. Use Yellent Port's 500 Battleships if you need too."

"Sounds good." The crew member left the cabin.

Kolt grabbed a photograph from his coat pocket. It was a picture of Kolt and Bright before he was killed. He then turned on the Main Ship Interface, and looked at the security footage for the Body Pit. 20 seconds pass before Kolt tore up the photograph, and began to send orders to raid the nearby Earth.

It was a perfect day to set sail.

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